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RUSH: From Mother Jones, the well-known leftist radical publication. “Morning-After Pill Doesn’t Work for Women Over 176 Pounds.” That’s right. Plan B. You cannot morning-after your mistakes if you weigh over 176 pounds. You’re cooked. You’re done. “The European manufacturer of an emergency contraceptive pill identical to Plan B, also known as the morning-after pill, will warn women that the drug is completely ineffective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds and begins to lose effectiveness in women who weigh more than 165 pounds.”

It says here, “This development has implications for American women. …

“Weight data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that, at 166 pounds, the average American woman is too heavy to use these pills effectively.” So European women can get away with it up to 176 pounds for some reason, but American women can’t. The lack of effectiveness kicks in at 166 pounds. So American women are discriminated against by the Plan B pill by 10 pounds. So you go to the doctor and the doctor’s gonna say, “You know what? You’re not only fat, you’re pregnant, and Plan B won’t work for you,” and then you’re gonna be directed to Michelle’s (My Belle’s) Let’s Move program.

So I’m sorry to bring this news to you hefty American women, but it may not even be a factor. Who knows?


RUSH: What is the percentage…? Let’s just use anecdotal evidence, ’cause it’s all we got here. I want you to put your mind to something. You’re walking around. Let’s say you’re in a mall, let’s say you’re at the bowling alley, let’s say you’re at the grocery store, let’s say you are the movies. You’re anywhere out there in public. Just as best as you recall, when you gaze at the people that you see, how many of the people that you see are overweight?

Now, let’s narrow that.

How many of the women do you see that are overweight?

I’m not asking for anybody to admit this in public. You know in your mind what the answer is. When you’re out there and you’re looking around wherever you happen to be, gazing upon the average American crowd, there’s a lot of overweight out there, right? There’s a lot of females overweight — and then if you wanted to go ethnic you could ask yourself, “Okay, how does it break down by demographic group?” which is how the Democrats want us all to see each other.
So then you hear the news that the morning-after pill, Plan B — a guaranteed promise in Obamacare, by the way (everybody has to buy it for you) — won’t work if you’re overweight.


RUSH: Well, now we have learned that American women, 166 pounds and up, Plan B pill doesn’t work. What will their option be? A170-pound woman gets pregnant. She wants to go in and get her morning-after pill, and then she’s told, “Sorry, you’re too big. You’re too heavy. It won’t work.” What are her options? Well, she can either go on a diet, or she can get an abortion. So what are the possibilities that Planned Parenthood injected some kind of a germ into these pills to make ’em not work on women over 166 pounds?

I like putting my own conspiracy theories out there just to toy with people. But Planned Parenthood’s gonna be a clear beneficiary here of this little factoid about Plan B not working in women over 166 pounds. Just a little thought. (interruption) Why can’t they just take two pills if they’re 166 pounds? Oh, because the policy doesn’t cover that. I don’t know.

I still like my conspiracy theory: Planned Parenthood put this into the pills so they would not go out of business. I mean, Plan B, the morning after pill, that’s not good for Planned Parenthood. That’s not good for people that make their money off abortion. Why would anybody want Plan B to be taken by anybody, if you’re in the abortion business?

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