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RUSH: A little pop quiz. What do you call a politician who is pro-life? What do you call a politician who is for lower taxes? What do you call a politician who is for a strong national defense? What do you call a president who is a proud nationalist, proud to be an American? What do you call that person?

That is John Fitzgerald Kennedy. That is who JFK was. And that is the second attempted Drive-By Media Democrat Party distraction today. Although there’s a little bit more justification for spending time on the 50th anniversary of that assassination than there is on this nuclear option business. Let me tell you how ridiculous this is getting. You and I all know, Warren report, whatever, we all know that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy. (interruption) I know. I can hear right now people throwing things at the radio, shouting things at the radio. We know that Lee Harvey Oswald fired on the president, okay? We know this, and we know what about Lee Harvey Oswald?

Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist. We know that a leftist, a communist assassinated JFK. That is the official Warren report conclusion. And yet the media cannot let go of the fact that because there were a lot of white Republican businessmen in Dallas, that it was a climate of hate, a climate of fear, a climate of extremism in Dallas that led to Kennedy’s death. Every conspiracy theory that you have heard that makes you think Lee Harvey Oswald was not the assassin was started by the Democrats. Every one.

You go back and look at these wacko movies that they made with all the focus in New Orleans and you will find wacko leftist filmmakers who started all of these conspiracy theories. And the reason why is that the Democrat Party and the American left at the time were flabbergasted. They were shocked. They were stunned. They were just in a state of massive disbelief. At the time, ladies and gentlemen — I can show you the documentation — at the time the Democrat Party and the American left, just like today, felt that the right wing, people like Reagan and Goldwater, posed a much greater threat to America than Soviet or ChiCom communism. There’s no mistake about it. It’s not arguable.

That’s why they were so discombobulated over the fact that a communist killed JFK, a communist killed and wiped out Camelot, which, by the way, didn’t even exist while Kennedy was alive. Camelot was created as a massive public relations scheme by Jackie O. Well, she wasn’t Jackie O yet. She was still Jackie Kennedy. Massive PR scheme. Last night, I think it was last night. Maybe it hasn’t aired. I read a little blurb promoting a piece that Bob Costas is doing on some NBC cable network on the Kennedy assassination and what it was like to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys that year. The shame, the embarrassment of being from Dallas.

And the blurb on this program — now, get this — the blurb on this program that I read said that one of the Cowboys from that year, 1963, to be interviewed by Bob Costas on the NBC cable special was tight end Pettis Norman, and in the blurb that I read promoting this Bob Costas show on NBC, some cable network, Pettis Norman is quoted as saying, “We were all worried that some right-winger was gonna kill the president.” Really? We’re being asked to believe that the Dallas Cowboys had a player or players prior to Kennedy’s trip to Dallas that were worried the right wing was going to assassinate JFK? The blurb that I read — and I’ve not seen the show. I don’t know where to find this cable network. I haven’t looked very hard, but some of you may have seen the show. The blurb that I read said that Pettis Norman, a receiver for the Cowboys, actually said this.

That’s an example of how just off the rails this is, and the attempt to totally change the narrative. Folks, a right-winger didn’t kill Kennedy! A right-winger didn’t even get a gun and get camped out to kill Kennedy. A left-winger, a communist, killed President Kennedy. And the left still can’t accept that. They still have to indict Dallas, the Dallas of the day. (interruption) Even though who was from New Orleans? Well, Oswald, he was from New Orleans but he lived in Dallas. But he was from Moscow! Oswald was from Moscow.

He came back from Moscow, from Soviet-sponsored training for this. He was working with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. I mean, really on a sports show? You know, the Cowboys went into Cleveland and played the Cleveland Browns. What they’re also trying to do is history revision. Every sports network and website is now saying that that weekend is the darkest weekend in the history of the NFL, because Alvin “Pete” Rozelle, the commissioner of the day, made the decision to play the games.

Now everybody still alive that was in the NFL in those days is now saying, “We now Pete not to do it. We told Pete not to play the games. Nobody wants to play,” and Pete Rozelle was on an island, apparently, that weekend. He was the only guy now that wanted to play. I mean, this is revisionist history. This is just over the top. I don’t know Pettis Norman, and I firmly believe that the media can create people thinking this kind of thing.

I’m sure Pettis Norman, if he says, “Yeah, we were worried some right-winger was gonna come in and kill Kennedy,” that’s probably the result of the media since the assassination that has put the notion in everybody’s mind that Dallas was a hotbed of what? Right-wing assassins! I just don’t believe it. I don’t believe in the Cowboys locker room that week were all worried that Kennedy was coming to town and some right-winger’s gonna kill him.

But that is what he’s quoted as saying — and he apparently does say it, so who am I? It’s just out of this world. Kennedy was not assassinated by anybody right winger from Dallas. These conspiracy theories — many of them, I kid you not. Soviet specialists who’ve analyzed a lot of these have concluded that the KGB funded a lot of the conspiracy theories. You remember one of the great conspiracy theories — I say “great,” but one — was by a guy named Mark Lane.

He was probably the first conspiracy theorist funded by the KGB, whether he knew it or not. Mark Lane wrote the first conspiracy book on the Kennedy assassin. It was called Rush to Judgment. That’s before anybody knew who I was. That’s a sign of the power I was yet to acquire. Rush to Judgment. It was the first to attack the Warren Commission. It came out before the Warren Commission Report. Lee Harvey Oswald lived in Dallas for a few months, all told.

He was from Moscow by way of New Orleans, and according to former KGB officer Vasili Mitrokhin in his 1990 book The Sword and the Shield, the KGB helped finance Mark Lane’s research on Rush to Judgment without Mark Lane’s knowledge. The KGB allegedly used an intermediary, a friend of Lane who was a KGB contact. I mean, all of this conspiracy crap back then was leftist conjured. The conspiracies were of leftists.

The real conspiracies that held water were that leftists had permeated, communists had infiltrated the US government. Yet the history revision is just amazing. It’s a great illustration of how the media gets on to something and it becomes a project, if you will, and they don’t let go of it, and the project is somehow to make everybody think that, “Yeah, Lee Harvey Oswald pulled the trigger, but that doesn’t matter. Dallas did it!

“H. L. Hunt — you know, all these rich industrialists in Dallas, these rich Republican guys, friends of Joe McCarthy! Dallas was a hotbed of right-wing extremism.” I have a New York Times story from yesterday, written by a guy named Manny Fernandez. Now, I don’t know, but I’m gonna guess that Manny Fernandez wasn’t even alive during the Kennedy assassination. “Dallas — When President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade left the airport here shortly before noon on Nov. 22, 1963, the man seated in the lead car was the county sheriff, Bill Decker, 65, a storied Texas lawman who led the hunt for Bonnie and Clyde.

“Fifty years later, the badge belongs to Lupe Valdez, 66, the daughter of Mexican migrant farmworkers. She is the only sheriff in America who is an openly gay Hispanic woman. Voters re-elected Sheriff Valdez, a Democrat, to a third term last year.” What in the name of Sam Hill does that have to do with the Kennedy assassination? That the old sheriff is some beat up, broken down right-winger by the name of Bill Decker and that the current sheriff is Lupe Valdez, the daughter of Mexican migrants?

This is designed to show how enlightened Texas has become. This is designed to show how modern Texas is. This opening paragraph is designed to show how backwards Texas was. Yeah, there was 65-year-old broken down, gun-slinging, longtime sheriff named Decker who brought down Bonnie and Clyde, but now somebody who really knows their business — Lupe Valdez, the daughter of migrant Mexican farm workers who’s gay and Hispanic — is there.

“Dealey Plaza — where the darkest day in Dallas history unfolded 40 minutes after the motorcade began — looks eerily similar to what it was then, the sixth-floor corner window of the former Texas School Book Depository still cracked open slightly. But Dallas itself is almost as different as Bill Decker is from Lupe Valdez.” Lupe Valdez, by the way, is not related to Juan Valdez of Folger’s Coffee fame. Juan Valdez might just be a made-up figure.

“And the tension between past and present has unleashed a wave of citywide self-reflection a half-century later in a distinctly American place that is part Dallas Cowboys, part Texas excess and part urban melting pot, where the public school students come from homes where 70 languages are spoken. Painful, embarrassing memories of the angry anti-Washington culture that flourished here 50 years ago — and now seems a permanent part of the national mood — have resurfaced, confronting Dallasites daily.”

This is absolute BS.

This is absolute, 100% hogwash.

This is just excrement, folks, the first three paragraphs of a New York Times story yesterday on Dallas.

So you see how they’re continuing here to try to portray Dallas as responsible then, and it’s still nothing to write home about. But then there is this: “In 1963, Dallas was the 14th-largest city in the country, with a majority-white population of nearly 700,000, a provincial place whose mostly white, mostly male establishment set the agenda.” That sounds exactly like the New York Times today, to me! It has a majority white population, provincial place, mostly white, mostly male establishment sets the agenda. Mr. Fernandez, in describing Dallas, has also described the New York Times.


RUSH: Pettis Norman, the Dallas Cowboys, says the team was very, very worried that some stupid conservative right-winger was gonna kill the president when he came to town. I guarantee you, before this all said and done, it was the Tea Party that did it. Before it’s all said and done, before they finish with this, the Tea Party will actually be said to have had its roots in Dallas in 1963 and that the madcap, extremist, right-wing lunaticism is actually the spawning place of the modern day Tea Party.

Don’t doubt me.

Look, even when I make jokes about these people I end up being right about ’em, so don’t discount that.

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