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RUSH: This reminds me of a sound bite I’ve got here. I don’t even remember which one it is, but I’ll find it. Hang on, folks. Let me find this. Oh, it’s about Christie. Do I have it here? Chris Christie, Chris Christie, Chris Christie. (muttering) Yeah, grab 19 and 20. (interruption)

Well, that talk about moderate/conservative Republicans reminded me that Governor Christie basically last night in Washington, at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Forum, said that he feels sorry for Obama, that we just elected him and now we’re shoving him out the door, but he is a failure and everything. Here’s how it went. We have two sound bites. Here’s number one.

CHRISTIE: We’re three years away from the presidential election, you know? I mean, in this sense, I feel badly for President Obama. He just won a year ago and everybody’s like, “So, who’s next?” You know, I mean, there is work to be done in this country, and, as we shove him out the door, we minimize his ability to be an effective executive. We shouldn’t do that.

RUSH: That’s right. We need bipartisanship, and Governor Christie — I kid you not. He just said it. All right. Play it again. Play it again, ’cause there’s a point to be made here. (replaying of sound bite) You know, this is why I ask, “Is there not a Republican that wants to beat Democrats?” Governor Christie today… A friend of mine passes notes back and forth, like high school, and this guy says to me, “Ah, Christie’s out there on the warpath again today telling everybody what we need is bipartisanship, that’s what the…”

I wrote him back. I said, “You know, I don’t understand something. Do these people in the Republican Party in the Northeast who keep talking about being able to cross the aisle and work with Democrats and be bipartisan, do they not understand they’re losing doing this? Do they not understand the tactic isn’t working?” I’m being serious with the question. Since 2000… Well, even prior, but in 2008, McCain — well, hell, even 2000 McCain – said, “I can cross the aisle. I can work with the other side.”

We’re obsessed. These Republican establishment types are obsessed. They still live in this dream world where they think parliament who are the deciding factors in presidential elections believe in this bipartisan working together, and every time we nominate a candidate who lays claim to being able to do it, they get skunked. Isn’t the evidence clear the tactic doesn’t work? So why keep going for it when the tactic doesn’t work?

You look at this Washington Post story that says if the election were held today that Romney would win by the same margin Obama won — Romney would win the election today with everybody knowing what they know now — and there’s not one word about bipartisan or Hispanics or anything the Republicans think they’ve gotta do to win. It’s all because of Obama. It’s not because Romney has all of a sudden become loved and adored. It’s because people have finally seen the truth about Obama.
Well, that could have been hastened and helped if we had a party that would have told people the truth about Obama, but they didn’t. Now here’s Governor Christie lamenting the fact that we shouldn’t minimize Obama’s ability to be an executive. Well I’m, like you, stupefied. Sometimes you know what I think? I’m gonna catch heck for this. I’m just… Maybe I ought to reserve this ’til later. Sometimes I think some people are just caught up in being celebrities, and whatever that takes is it.

The celebrity for life, you know? Sometimes I wonder. No, I’m not talking about anybody in particular. It’s just this cross the aisle, bipartisan, work-together tactic doesn’t work. The Republicans are not winning presidential elections with that, and yet we keep hyping it. Here’s the next sound bite Governor Christie. In the next breath, he says that Obamacare is and always was a failure and won’t succeed. Somebody said that way back in 2009. I forget who.

CHRISTIE: Obamacare is a failure, it’s always been a failure, and it will not succeed. It just won’t. Obamacare is wrong. It’s a failure. It’s the most extraordinary overreach of government power in the history of our country. And, it’s being run by people who’ve never run anything. So why are we surprised it’s failing?

RUSH: Obama is the one who’s failing. It’s Obamacare, always was gonna be a failure. Somebody said that back in 2009, in January, January 16th. I remember only one person said it; that’s right. But how do you go from — we’re shoving him out the door, we minimize his ability to be chief, we shouldn’t do that. That is a play for this mythical group of people who believe in bipartisanship and working together and all that, so you get that out of the way and then you come lower the hammer, because the second thing Christie said, it would be an idiot to then go back and work with Obama after having described Obama and Obamacare that way, as a failure, always was gonna be a failure, can’t work, run by people who’ve never run anything, are we surprised it’s failing. But let’s work with him anyway?

Maybe I just listen too closely. I’m just not supposed to hear everything that’s said.

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