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RUSH: A lot of phone calls today about the first day of the book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. Now, I spent the first half hour of the program explaining everything about the book. I’m not gonna go through that again because time here is precious. But I do want to remind you that you could check it at RushLimbaugh.com to relive it, ’cause there’s a profound purpose.

By the way, one thing I haven’t said. Every aspect of this book, the writing, the assembling of the illustrations, the pictures, the formatting, choice of paper, none of this was farmed out, folks. There’s not one aspect of: “Somebody write a book over there about the Pilgrims and put Limbaugh’s name on it.” There was none of that. This has been a labor of love from the very beginning, and we’ve had total control over every aspect of the project. No farming anything out here. No celebrity name on a book that we’re just hawking for the fun of it.

There’s an express purpose that was really inspired by the late Vince Flynn. And, of course, the purpose here is to try to correct what is being taught in schools today erroneously, purposely so in my opinion, about the founding of this country and its roots. But the one thing that — well, it would be tough to say there’s one thing I’m trying to get across.

As I get older, I think as everybody gets older a maturation process takes place, and you look at life and your own differently. I don’t know when it hit me, but it was long ago, that there’s only one of these. I was in a fit of depression about something. I don’t even remember what it was. I was just down, down in the dumps. It was about something I didn’t have any control over anyway, but I was still down in the dumps. And somebody said something to me, “Why are you wasting your time?”

You only get one life. When you’re young you can’t even envision mortality. Life expectancy is 80 years, who can conceive that when they’re young. As you get older, it starts to take on new meaning, but the idea that we all only have one life and that we are so blessed to be born in this country because there’s no better place in the world, none, no better place in the world where individuals can make their lives whatever they want them to be. A country where dreams every day come true. And I just think that there’s not enough of that kind of inspiration. And helping people understand how this country came to be, why it is exceptional, and why dreams come true, and how they come true, I don’t think that’s taught.

I think way too many young people grow up thinking they’re gonna die tomorrow, or now people grow up thinking they’re not gonna make it. They grow up thinking the best days are behind us. They’re not gonna do as well as their parents. And the media enforces that as a means of protecting Obama from any criticism of his economic policies. I think there’s a malaise all over the country, and a lot of people think this is not how this country’s supposed to be. This is not how things get done in this country. Something doesn’t seem right. This is all orientated toward taking the message of this program to people who otherwise wouldn’t hear it, young people, age 10 to 13, via their parents and grandparents.

Their parents and grandparents know the truth of the country. They were taught it, in most cases. The book is an effort to take the message of this program to people that otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to it, other than sitting in the car or wherever their parents listen to it, but it’s a direct reaching out to young people to try to inspire them by informing them. Everybody who thinks they have it tough, everybody who thinks they’ve got all kinds of challenges, you do, but people that lived and founded this country, we can’t relate to what they had to do, what they had to put up with, just the daily existence they had. We don’t have anything like it anymore, so we’ve had, in a way, to invent our traumas, tell ourselves that life is tough. And it is, I’m not disparaging that. But it’s an effort to reach out and essentially tell people the only limits that you face are the ones you’re gonna put on yourself.

You can be whatever you want to be, because you are an American. You can accomplish whatever your dreams are in this country, and here’s why. And here are people who’ve made it possible. Here are people who accomplished their own dreams in founding this country. And it’s an effort to inculcate this idea that you’ve got one life — stop and think of that — one life, and you can’t get any day that’s past back. It’s gone. All you’ve got is the present and what’s in front of you. The idea is to look at that and embrace it and shoot for the stars, what have you, because people came before us who did just that and made it all possible. None of that is specifically stated. Well, some of it actually is. But in many cases it is an impression that is created.

I love when people realize something they think on their own. That is when you have been your most persuasive. Not when you’re wagging a finger in somebody’s face, demanding that they accept something or believe it. When they figure it out themselves. There are many objectives and purposes here, but that pretty much sums it up.

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