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RUSH: I want to at least try to get one excerpt from the audio version of Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, and this is near the beginning of the book just to give you a feel for what the audio book sounds like.

BOOK AUDIO: The school bell rang and a few more students rushed into the classroom followed by Principal Sherman. The principal of Manchester Middle School was not a small man. If the door frame were any smaller, the principal would have to duck his head and twist his way into the classroom. I stood outside in the hallway as the door closed, but I watched and I heard what was happening through the door’s small window. “Attention, everyone! Please take your seats,” said the principal with authority. He stood at the front of the classroom, hands at his sides while his eyes scanned the desks and the chairs.

RUSH: What he was doing here, this is the principal getting ready to introduce the substitute teacher, Rush Revere, who the students do not know has a talking horse and who the students do not know can time travel yet — and will not only teach them American history, but will show them and include them. So I just wanted to give you a flavor for it. I love the audio version of this, because I did it. I mean, I had a lot of fun doing it, and my impression is (and I’ve also been told) that it’s done well. So I had to get an excerpt in because I’ve been threatening to do it all day.

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