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RUSH: My God, folks, CNN is so excited, the reporters can barely keep their clothes on. Ever since the previous hour ended, they’ve been doing breaking news at CNN, and the reporters can barely contain themselves. They’re so excited, they cannot see straight over there.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: That’s right, folks. Great to have you. Open Line Friday, where you get to determine what we talk about, and I look forward to talking to you. Number is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

What is the big CNN breaking news? The Obamacare high-tech czar, some guy named Jeffrey Zients, he’s a former employee of Bain Capital. I kid you not, Snerdley. This is the breaking news. He said that the HealthCare.gov website will be fixed by the end of November, and CNN can barely contain themselves. They are so happy, “All right! It’s gonna be up and running, and it’s gonna be fixed by the end of November.” They didn’t say which year so I’m assuming they mean this year.

But, remember, folks, that Obama arbitrarily added a six-week delay to the mandatory time you have to sign up at HealthCare.gov, and that was yesterday or the day before. And so today, the Regime’s high-tech guy comes out and says, “Guess what? HealthCare.gov, our tech surge, is going to be complete by the end of November.” And what that means is, you better get ready, because by the end of November they’re going to declare it fixed, whether it is or not. That’s what that means.

So that’s the news from CNN that they can barely keep their clothes on over. (imitating reporters) “I knew they could do it! I knew they could do it! They’re gonna fix it! They’re gonna fix it! Yeah, they’re gonna fix it, end of November, just in time for the holidays, it’s even better.” So the end of November, folks, it’s fixed, whether it is or not, at that point, every problem is yours. Everything that goes wrong will be your mistake. By the end of November, it will be user error, it will be user incompetence, because they just announced that by the end of November the whole thing is going to be fixed. And I don’t think it’s coincidental that this week Obama gave ’em another six-week grace period.

It is all arbitrary. High-tech people that I have talked to who know about this stuff say there is no way this website, in its current state, can be, quote, unquote, fixed, period. Just can’t. We’re talking about five million lines of code.


RUSH: There’s a possibility here that a lot of people are on a roller coaster. I must acknowledge — you know it to be true — that even now our side is made up of a lot of people who are waiting for that magic moment the world wakes up, the country wakes up, realizes they’ve been hoodwinked, turns on Obama, and, along with that, things like Obamacare maybe don’t fully implement, encounter even more problems and begin to dissipate or so forth. I know people hold that hope high. Every day people have that.

And when events happen, such as they’ve happened this week, all this trouble with the Obama website, and all of the cancellation notices, I’m sure that many of you are thinking, “Well, maybe this is it. Maybe now people are gonna see what we’ve been trying to tell ’em for four years. People now are gonna figure it out. Obama’s not the messiah, and this health care business is absolute disaster for ’em.” And that would make sense if you’re thinking that way. All these cancellations are real. The fact that people can’t use the website is real. Everything about this that’s falling apart, not working, utter disaster, all of that’s real.

Against all that, you have Obama and the Regime. And they’re not gonna let that happen, in their mind. I mean, they’re in their bunker trying to figure out how to counter this, should they or not fire Sebelius, for example. Should somebody else’s head roll, as a figurative move. And then you have the media. And what I want to prepare you for here is that Obama’s high-tech guy, Zients, announced an hour ago that the HealthCare.gov website’s gonna be up and running and totally fixed by the end of November. And I’m here to tell you that that is going to totally change the flavor of the news coverage.

The Drive-Bys, as we have been documenting, have themselves been pointing out all of the troubles, themselves have been acknowledging their shock and dismay at the truth of this. All kinds of people are finding out that premiums are going up and that deductibles are going up and copays are going up. People are discovering, in the media, there is no $2,500 premium reduction. It’s a disaster, and people are finding this. They’re discovering it personally. They’re doing stories on it happening to other people. And they’re coming to the realization that this is not in any way the way it was sold. It is not going to be in any way the way it was sold.

“Well, maybe this is it. Maybe this is a turning point,” or some such thing. But this announcement by the Regime that by the end of the November the website is going to be fixed is the key, the instruction, the sign from the White House to the media to change the flavor of the coverage to once again talk about the success and the greatness and the brilliance of Obamacare. Don’t be surprised if that starts happening just with the announcement that it’s gonna be fixed by the end of November.

It won’t be, but what the announcement means is that by the time the end of November gets here, it’s fixed, whether it is or not, that’s what that means. Any problems that happen after that will not be the fault of the website or the Regime. It’s got a date now, and that date, the end of November, happens to precisely coincide with Obama yesterday extending the enrollment period six more weeks, which he does not have the legal authority to do. He’s once again changed Obamacare without doing it legislatively, but nobody’s gonna call him on it, so he’s going to get away with doing it.

The guy’s name is Zients and he said that it’s fixed by the end of the November. It won’t be because it can’t be. This can never work, is the point, but if the media says it’s fixed, starts doing stories about how great the repairs are going and how hard people are working and it’s only a matter of time now before it starts unrolling the way it was intended to be, then that’s gonna become the atmosphere that will be the narrative, if you will.

So I’m just trying to guard you against the roller coaster, up and down, try to stay level. Don’t get on the roller coaster. ‘Cause the Regime’s not gonna give it up. I mean, the Regime is not gonna pull it back. I don’t care how bad it would get. I don’t think it was ever even realistic that Obama would delay the individual mandate a year. Even though all these Democrat senators are asking for it, I can’t see him doing it because that strips the guts out of it.

You take the individual mandate out of Obamacare and you’ve taken a really significant percentage of it away. And if you delay that with what’s happening in the insurance agencies, I mean, they’re cancelling people, they’re throwing people out of policies, businesses no longer have to provide insurance. It could be a level of chaos that not even the Regime wants.

Yeah, I mean, the only people who’ve been fired, like the poor woman that Sean Hannity called and spoke to, she’s been fired, but that’s gonna be the extent of heads rolling. They’re not gonna give anybody that satisfaction. The only way that would happen is if it were really necessary to save Obama’s reputation. And I don’t think Obama will never get to the point where he thinks his reputation’s in trouble. It never has been before. He doesn’t think that way. There are a lot of people calling for Sebelius’ head, standard Washington procedure, but that I don’t think is going to happen.

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