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RUSH: Bill in Tucson. Bill, I’ve got about less than a minute but I wanted to get to you because you’ve been waiting a long time. So hi, how are you?

CALLER: Rush, I’ve tried to get through to you hundreds of times. Thank you. God bless you. You’re the older, wiser brother politically I’ve always wanted, never had and thank you for being there. Your dad and my dad would have been great friends. I’ve listened to you since station 58, KFI, Los Angeles.

RUSH: You’re right, KFI was station 58. You’re dredging up some memories for me about that.

CALLER: You are family, and I thank you. And Bo Snerdley and H.R., thank you all.

RUSH: Well, what a great way to end Open Line Friday. Bill, I knew that there was a reason that I struggled through things to get time left for one call. I really appreciate that. I thank you very much, sincerely.

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