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RUSH: I can’t tell you why, I mean, this is a gut feel. Of course it could be wrong. I actually think that the Democrats are showing signs of losing it in this shutdown. I really do. I think they’re in uncharted water. It’s what I was talking about yesterday. When you know you have the media on your side, you just are confident you’re gonna get your way, and they have been with the Republicans ever since basically the 2008 election, the 2012 election, throw 2010 out, they basically have been able to intimidate the Republicans into falling in line on anything, be it amnesty, gay marriage, you name it.

And so the Republicans go ahead and make it so that Obama has to shut down the government and they thought all it’d take is a day and the Republicans, Boehner and these guys would cave, and so far it hasn’t happened. I do think, just by watching them and listening to them that they’re outside their guardrails. Now, yeah, yeah, yeah. In terms of the perception of low-information or average Americans, do they see that? I don’t know. I’m not gonna postulate that they do. I’m gonna wait for actual evidence of that. But it shouldn’t take too long.


RUSH: We will start in West Virginia with Judy. Thank you for waiting. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: I’m good. Thank you.

CALLER: I, first of all, thank you for how you’ve educated me throughout the years. I really appreciate it.

RUSH: Well, thank you. I’m flattered very much.

CALLER: Why I’m calling is because my husband works on a government job. He’s just been furloughed, and they were told last Friday that if the Republicans didn’t come around, that this would happen today. I just wanted to tell the Republicans, “Guess what? You’re winning! Don’t back down. Don’t be idiots, basically.”

RUSH: Let me expand on this, ’cause, Judy. I think you are dead on, on this. And, folks, even you if watch Fox, if you turn on any TV and you hear me say, “Folks, I think the Democrats are imploding,” you’re gonna think I’m nuts. They’re all nodding through the glass that I’m nuts. See, Snerdley just said it, and I’m telling you: You are a victim of exactly what you need to be avoiding. What you’re looking at is, “Yeah, the Republicans are being hammered.”

But if you get outside the Beltway, the real people of this country aren’t. You think these World War II vets are mad at it Republicans? You think people who can’t get into the Grand Canyon or whatever it is are mad at the Republicans over this? I’m telling you, they are fit to be tied. It’s Obama that runs the country, it’s Obama who is the president, it’s the Democrats that have the power, and it’s the Democrats that are getting extremely…

Look at what Obama’s having to do now in order to keep this going. The reason I think they’re imploding is because they keep getting more extreme in trying to scare people, and this business of talking down the stock market, that is a last-ditch effort, if you ask me. But, my friends, if you’re all doing is watching CNN or Fox or anything else, all you’re seeing is Republicans get hammered. By who? Democrats.

I don’t care if they’re media. I don’t care if they’re pundits. I don’t care if they’re reporters. They’re all Democrats. So of course, if you watch the news media, you’re not getting any news. You’re watching the Democrat Party in action — and, of course, the Republicans are getting hammered. But they are not getting hammered outside of Washington, and that is why it is really important right now that these people not cave. I can imagine the pressure on ’em, inside the Beltway, because they think they’re getting hammered.

They think they’re losing left and right. They’re going wobbly. Some of them are, not all of them. Some of them can see it. But you get outside this Beltway, here’s Judy in West Virginia. Her husband is a furloughed government employee. She doesn’t want the Republicans to stop doing what they’re doing. The Republicans get hammered every day. That isn’t gonna stop when you watch Washington. Folks, let me put this another way. If you watch even Fox…

If you watch Fox, if you watch CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, you know what you’re watching? You’re watching a soap opera titled, “Inside the Beltway.” You are not watching what’s happening in America. You think you are. You think by turning on Fox — and I don’t mean to be… Yes, I do mean to include Fox. You turn Fox, CNN, whatever, you’re watching what’s happening in Washington, because that’s their world and for the vast majority of people in Washington how it’s affecting Obama is their focus.

If you read the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, yep, Republicans are getting hammered — and you would think that they’re losing left and right and it may be Armageddon and we’ve gotta stop this, end this shutdown, and agree to whatever debt limit Obama wants, and move on. I’m telling you, it’s not playing that way out there. That’s my sense. I’ve got e-mails. Check yours.

People who do social media, check it, and get away from the predictable comment sections that you normally visit which are populated by Democrat loons like on Twitter or whatever. I’m telling you, it just is a mistake, and you’ll know this when I put it this way: It’s a mistake to base what’s happening in the country on what you see on the TV show Inside the Beltway, which runs on every network. What’s on every network is the agenda as established by the Democrats every day.

“What news is gonna be the news stories? What’s the narrative?” There aren’t even any stories. It’s the narrative of the day, it’s the template of the day, but it isn’t news. It’s made to look like it, and yet commentators coming in commentating on what ostensibly is the news, but that’s not what’s happening on these networks. What’s happening is the advancement of the Democrat agenda. And you gotta get outside that.


RUSH: Let me tell you something else you’re missing, if all you’re doing is paying attention to cable news. It’s a sad commentary, folks, but the truth is, if you watch cable news, you’re watching inside the Beltway. What would be another way of analogizing this? If you’re watching cable news, what you are watching is the Democrat Party view of the world every day. That’s all you’re watching.

Now, you have families of World War II vets who can’t get into their memorial — and I’m telling you, they’re not blaming the Republicans for this. Do you know that the cemetery, the American cemetery at Normandy that Kathryn and I visited last June, is shut down? An American cemetery in France with nearly 10,000 Americans buried is shut down in France because it’s administered by a nonessential branch of the federal government. Do you know that the beach at Normandy, the observation points there, are shut down?

You’re in France, you’re in Europe, you want to go see the American cemetery, and you can’t get in. You’re not gonna blame just the Republicans. I don’t care. But there’s something else that is not being in any way really truthful reported on anywhere on cable news. Fox is the closest. Do you realize what a disaster these exchanges are? Do you? It’s day three now, and these things are an abject disaster, these websites to sign up for Obamacare.

I want you to trust me. The absolutely frustration that people are encountering there is not being reported, and the reason it isn’t is because there’s no way the Republicans are responsible for it, because they opposed it. The Republicans did not want Obamacare. This is Obamacare. These are the Obamacare exchanges. It is Barack Obama who’s told everybody how smooth it’s gonna be, how wonderful it’s gonna be, how cheap it’s gonna be, how you “get” to keep your doctor, how you “get” to keep your plan.

They’re finding out this isn’t true, and they’re not mad at the Republicans over this. Now, if you watch Washington news, you will hear that people are angry at the Republicans about it, and you’ll have reporters asking Chuck Schumer, and Chuck Schumer will say, “Yeah, yeah, Republicans,” and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They’ll go find two or three Republicans that want to cave and they’ll ask them and they’ll blame the Republicans. But it’s not a story outside the Beltway — and that story, they aren’t telling you.

Remember, Obamacare is Obamacare, and a lot of these people that are not ideologically or even politically attached. Health care is a big deal to ’em, and they believe this. I mean, they’ve had the media, they’ve had Obama, saying it’s gonna be wonderful — and it isn’t. You know, they’re used to Walmart. They’re used to efficiency. They’re used to going to Amazon, buying something, and it works. They walk into Walmart, buy something, and it works. The system works; the process works.

They’re used to this. You go to the iTunes store, buy the latest Bono tune, it works, and you get it. Everywhere you go except an Obamacare exchange. It didn’t work. They’re not blaming the Republicans for this. I want to grab sound bite 28 again, ’cause I think this is. This is another story, just like Obama now trying to talk down the stock market. That’s an act of desperation. What that tells me is that in their internal polling, focus groups, the Republicans aren’t being blamed.

So they’re having to really pull out all the stops, talking down the stock market just so you can have the Republicans blamed for it, tie them to the debt ceiling and the default and all that. They always overplay their hands because they’re never grounded in reality. Everything they’re doing is a lie or a mirage or an illusion, and eventually those things catch up to you, once and for all. Now, here’s Schumer at a press conference talking about the shutdown.

This is why they’re not going to accept a bill to fund the NIH or kids to get cancer treatment. This is why they are not going to accept a separate bill to fund Head Start, the National Parks, or WIC. This is why they’re not going to accept a separate bill to fund the military. There’s one reason why: Ted Cruz. They are not gonna let Ted Cruz win. Now, you’re gonna hear Schumer admit this in a minute. The fact that that’s even said… Remember, now, inside the Beltway TV, Ted Cruz is the biggest joke.

“Every Republican hates Ted Cruz. He’s a lunatic, he’s a wacko, he’s a nut, he couldn’t possibly be supported by Republicans. Oh, Ted Cruz getting the nomination? Don’t make me laugh!” Ted Cruz is who they are livid at. Ted Cruz in their minds is responsible for all of this. Here is Chuck-U Schumer. (replaying of sound bite) Well, who is? Obama? How’s that working out for you? They’re ticked. They are really upset. They’re not gonna let Ted Cruz win. Oh, no way, no matter what. Kids with cancer versus Ted Cruz winning? Kids with cancer lose. It’s that simple. Kids with cancer or Ted Cruz gets credit for a bill that funds them? Kids with cancer don’t get treated.

Welcome to the Democrat Party.

Here’s Bruce in Melbourne, Florida. Bruce, great to have you, EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Listen, you paid it right on point. Obamacare isn’t the real issue. It’s who’s gonna maintain control of power in this country, and we have a majority of Americans in this country who really disapprove of Obamas, Reids, Pelosis, et cetera, and basically we’re stuck with the situation. We are now facing a Battle of Waterloo moment. If we cave in, Obama and his minions get anything down the road that they want, and we have to really support the Cruzes and the Mike Lees out there that are in our corner.

Or else we’re gonna lose what this country was founded on, its greatness through the Constitution, giving us liberty, freedom, free markets, and, you name it. And, again, what they’re trying to establish as far as the Democrats and Obama is to disregard the wishes of the people and you know the minority will back power that they’re seeking, it’s just gonna have total disregard for the majority of us in this country who don’t want to lose the America that we believe in.

RUSH: Well, you make a great point here at the beginning of your call. Don’t forget, folks: In every poll, the vast majority of people don’t want Obamacare. Every poll. You think they’re blaming Republicans when they run into that walking disaster that these exchanges are? You think they’re blaming Cruz? They don’t want this anyway! They have to do it, and it doesn’t work. There’s, of course, your point about caving now would be an absolute disaster. You’re right about that.

The American people outside the Beltway, they’re not hip to any of this, folks.

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