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RUSH: Okay. Folks, I’m sorry. I’m gonna apologize to you here in advance. I’m doing my best to separate my obvious bias against this administration. I just watched Kerry speak. He’s still going. I just watched John Kerry from a State Department set that I have never seen. It looks like the dining room in his Beacon Hill home, with a crystal chandelier and everything.

It’s just amazing. He’s giving us the evidence of Bashar Assad using chemical weapons on his own people. I’m sorry, I just… He may be saying the truth, but this guy has a more convincing tone when he talks about the undeniable proof of mankind global warming. It’s just pathetic. It’s just… This bunch is just embarrassing. These are the same people who didn’t give a rat’s rear end when Saddam was doing this.

They’re the same people who can’t be moved to do anything when four Americans are dead in Benghazi. But these are the people led by John Kerry, who called our military members terrorists and rapists. John Kerry accused Marines of busting down the doors of Iraqis in their homes, terrorizing their children, raping the women — accepting as true any allegation made against the military in Iraq simply out of partisanship and opposition to George W. Bush.

They could not be made, could not be moved to do anything about Saddam gassing his own people, the Kurds — or slaughtering his own people, murdering them in any number of different ways. They were calling Bush a liar and joining with every one of his fellow Democrats and calling David Petraeus and anybody else that had anything to do with the United States effort in Iraq a liar.

Now he has the audacity to show up on a set at the State Department made to look like an elitist Park Avenue dining room to tell us what we know about the horrors and atrocities committed by Bashar Assad — and it’s so bad, it’s so horrible, we can’t get one nation to join us to do something about it. We didn’t go to the UN. We can’t. Nobody cares! The Brits told us to take a hike. The Germans have told us to take a hike.

Even the Caribbean superpower of Belize has told us they’re not interested. They joined us in Iraq. The French say they might be with us in spirit. These were the people that knew it all. These were the people that were gonna be the answer. These were the people that were gonna renew American respect around the world. These were the people that were gonna renew the love and adoration for this country around the world.

These were the people who were the smartest people in the world. These were the people who could speak French and therefore had the ability to relate to Europeans. These were the people who, in fact, were Europeans in their roots! These were the people, the chosen ones! These were the best and the brightest. These are the people that said, “George W. Bush better get a coalition, he better go to the UN, he better go to Congress!”

These are the people that are not going to the UN, they can’t put together a coalition, and are purposely ignoring Congress. These people are an embarrassment. I’m telling you, they really are to me. I know this is not the way to persuade the low-information crowd. I’m sorry, that’s not what I’m doing. I am not engaging in the art of persuasion here. I’m just venting. This guy is an absolute… He’s haughty, thinks he’s the smartest guy.

This guy threw his fake medals over the fence at the White House, told lies about what our troops did in Vietnam, accepted lies and spread lies about our military in Iraq (I don’t forget this stuff) all to advance a political agenda, all to oppose the political agenda of a Republican president. These people were trying to secure defeat in Iraq and hang that around the neck of George W. Bush. I remember telling people that on this program in 2007/2008.

I said, “If the Democrats win in 2008, they’re not pulling out of Iraq. We’re not gonna lose wars while they’re in the White House. It isn’t gonna happen. They’re gonna become the biggest hawks on earth,” and that’s what’s happened. But when they’re out of power, they’re perfectly fine with this nation being humiliated. They’re perfectly fine with the American military losing. They’re perfectly fine with it, as long as they can get away with blaming the Republicans for it. Well, this guy — who has, in my book, zero credibility — is still mouthing off about all these atrocities.

The only good thing that I can say about this is at least he’s not criticizing this country, which is a new step for him.


I still can’t believe what I saw, the setting. I mean, here’s something else. John Kerry essentially went out there and made the case for US military action. The secretary of state?

Obama outsources this?

Is it beneath the president of the United States to go on television to the American people and justify military action? I guess so, because remember Obama cannot appear to be governing. This cannot appear to be Obama’s mission. It’s beneath Obama to justify the attack, beneath Obama to persuade the American public and the world? You know, a real leader wouldn’t send some long-faced secretary of state out there.

You send John Kerry out, the secretary of state to pitch a possible attack in the Middle East on a Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend? This is Document Dump Friday, and you pitch military action in Syria on Document Dump Friday in the middle of this show when number nobody’s gonna hear you, ’cause they’re all listening to this show — and you have your secretary of state do it?

Here’s something else. I did not know this because I didn’t get to hear all of this. John Kerry cited all of the evidence of all of the atrocities, all of the usage of chemical weapons.


RUSH: “Kerry: 1,429 People Killed in Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack, Including at Least 426 Children.” I’m now told that the Muslim Brotherhood is not the source for that data, that it’s US intel sources. But you can’t believe them. They lie. They lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. What’s Kerry doing believing them? For crying out loud, John Kerry and Obama and everybody told us that you can’t trust the intel — that, in fact, the intel was doctored so that Bush and Cheney could get what they wanted: A reason to go into Iraq.

Well, that means we can’t trust US intel, because John Kerry and the Democrats did their damn best to destroy the credibility of US intel all during the 2003 to 2007 period, and not just US intel. They did their damnedest to destroy the credibility of British intel — and, in fact, intelligence services the worldwide. They lied for Bush and Cheney. Cheney? Cheney went in there and he made ’em lie! So what’s Kerry doing citing US intelligence services?

They can’t be trusted.

They just tell the administration what they want to hear, and then you’re not gonna go to Congress! Why should you go to Congress? You’ve got the approval of the Muslim Brotherhood. Where’s General Powell, the titular head of the Republican Party here? Where is Colin Colonel Powell, Colonel Colin Powell? Why can’t he show us the slideshow of all this, that our intel services have told Kerry? I still find it very strange, in all candor here.

On Document Dump Friday, Holiday Weekend Document Dump Friday, Obama sends Lurch out to pitch the case for US military action — and now, and now all over CNN, they have TIME Magazine people saying, “This is nothing like Iraq in 2003! No way! This is not like Iraq.” You know why? Because there really are weapons of mass destruction here. There weren’t any in Iraq. This is not like when Bush lied. Bush lied, and that’s not changed!

I’m gonna make a prediction. I’m gonna make a little bit of prediction. Some of the pajama-clad leftists, if Obama actually does launch an attack — if he does do this, by the way, it’ll be what? A two-hour attack, just to save face? “I told ’em if they cross that red line, that they’re gonna pay for it.” So it’ll be something to deal with that, to push ’em back across the red line. “Oh, yeah, Bashar Assad! Bashar. Bashar.

“Bashar Assad is far worse than Hussein. Oh, yes! There’s no comparison between this and Iraq. Ho-ho-ho-ho-hooooooooo no.” Of course, really the final authority on all this would be Susan Rice. We haven’t heard from her and Samantha Power. She’s I don’t know where. She has been back at the museum. She missed briefing at the UN on this. She went to the museum cocktail party. Cass Sunstein was doing a presentation on how the Constitution sucks.


RUSH: “President Obama expected to speak in minutes on Syria.” Now, you know me, folks. I don’t make big deals out of things, but this is awfully strange, ’cause they sent Lurch out there, what, an hour ago? Lurch, John Kerry, was a half hour late, by the way, and I thought it was really weird. Here it is Document Dump Friday on a holiday weekend — and, by the way, that reminds me. We have a best-of show coming on Monday, ’cause it is, after all, Labor Day.

So I thought very strange to outsource your sales pitch for military action in another country to the secretary of state on a Friday afternoon — and now, lo and behold, the White House says that Obama’s expected to speak in minutes on Syria. So what was Kerry, just a table setter? Is he like the majordomo to make sure the plates and the knives and forks in the right spot? (interruption) You know, that’s it. You know, that’s what it is. That’s what it is; Snerdley is right.

Lurch didn’t sell it.

Obama has to go out and do it. That’s a great point, Snerdley, I have to tell you, because during a commercial break or two in the last hour, I clicked the audio on. On Fox, it was some leftist analysts that were saying that this didn’t do it for ’em, that they need to hear more about why we’re gonna do this. A couple of women, leftist analysts. I don’t know their names, but one of them said that this didn’t do it for her. She needed to hear more.

So maybe that’s it.

Maybe Kerry didn’t sell it.

I think these guys have a problem. They’ve convinced everybody that America’s intel sources lie. I mean, they had everybody believing that for five years in the Bush years. Intel sources lied about Iraq. They lied about weapons of mass destruction, and a couple of other things, too. Now they cite them. You know, everything these clowns do has a consequence. Mark Knoller, CBS News, just tweeted: “Pres. Obama to offer remarks ‘to some extent’ on Syria, at 230pm, in photo op at his meeting with Baltic leaders, says official.”

Oh. Okay. So Obama is not making a special appearance for this. He has an already scheduled photo op with leaders from the Baltic nations, probably sitting in the Oval Office there at the fireplace, and story is that he will have some remarks “to some extent.” Now, CBS says it’ll be at 2:30; ABC says he’s gonna speak at 2:15. I think it depends on when he gets tired of playing Spades. Isn’t that what Reggie Love said?

Reggie Love said — in an appearance at UCLA — that Obama, on the day that they were launching the bin Laden operation, said that he couldn’t spend all that time in the Situation Room. He had to get out of there, and they went and played Spades. Fifteen hands of Spades. So I guess whenever Obama finishes playing Spades he’ll make the announcement.


RUSH: Hey, guess what now, guess what? CBS’ Mark Knoller is saying there will be no live TV for Obama’s remarks on Syria. He’s gonna be in a photo op with leaders in the Baltic states, “no live TV.” Why would that be? Probably as insurance in case Obama says something dumb, because there won’t be a teleprompter. What if Obama drew that red line on Assad because he thought Assad was denying minorities mortgages or some such thing? You know, maybe it had nothing to do with chemical weapons.

Maybe he got himself into a tiff here on the red line because he heard that Assad was not granting minorities mortgages, or at least mortgage relief.

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