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RUSH: I just got a note from a friend of mine who is taking an afternoon off and watching the Little League World Series on ESPN. Something happened that I’m sure is no big deal to a lot of people, but it’s just got this guy bugged. I wanted to share it with you and see what you think. It’s the second inning, and already up three to nothing, a kid from the Chinese Taipei team hits a two-run homer to right; puts his team up five to nothing.

As he’s rounding the bases… The opposing team is Canada, so you got Chinese Taipei — this is not the ChiComs. This is Taiwan. Big difference. So you got the Chinese Taipei team; they’re playing Canada. The Chinese Taipei team up three-zip, kid hits a two-run homer to right field, makes it five-zip. He’s rounding the bases. The second baseman for Canada gives him a high five and a fist bump to congratulate him for blasting a home run against Canada’s own pitcher and putting China in front of his own team five to nothing.

My friend said, “Look, I understand sportsmanship, but why in the hell are you out there congratulating the opposition, for crying out loud?” He says, “Lou Gehrig used to be known as the guy who got knocked down more than any player in baseball history, and that’s just the way it was. The guy hits a home run, the pitcher brushes the next guy off the plate. Now a guy homers and the defensive players congratulate him as he trots around the bases!

“There’s sportsmanship, and then there’s… Well, I don’t even know what to call it. You know, I’m all for playing clean but hard, and then everybody shakes hands when it’s over, but during the game?” Do you have a problem with that, Snerdley? (laughing) Snerdley says, “Yeah, but it’s the Canadians. It’s kind of like the French doing it, surrendering in the middle of the contest. Look, the “progressives,” the left should be really happy about this. Once they have completely killed football, they won’t need to worry about baseball.

Just congratulate ’em right before surrendering.

I don’t know. I kind of agree with him. I kind of agree. It’s taking all this stuff just a little bit too far. But you know what? When people watch this, I guarantee you, “Awwww, aw, aw! Did you see that? What a great sport. The second baseman for Canada realizes that that guy hitting the home run just did something really great, and he wanted to congratulate him. Aw, isn’t that… I don’t know, cute? Isn’t that sweet?

“Isn’t that nice? There no need for hatred out there. These people aren’t enemies. It’s really good that they can congratulate each other. That’s real sportsmanship.” I’ll tell you the last time I saw this, it was at Augusta during the Masters tournament. It might have been this year, and there was a playoff, and they’re on the tenth hole, and it’s Adam Scott. I think it’s Adam Scott. It’s whoever won the tournament. I think it’s Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera, who has won it before.

Adam Scott hit a phenomenal second shot to the green on number 10, and Angel Cabrera, who was across the fairway, looked at him and gave him a thumbs up, and the announcing crew went absolutely bananas. “Oh, did you see that? That’s the kind of camaraderie we need out here! Angel Cabrera recognized that a great shot was made by his opponent, and maybe a shot that’ll win the tournament for his opponent and lose it for him. But he had the immaturity and the guts to acknowledge the great shot!”

I have to admit, yeah, it was nice to see and a seductive thing, but Nicholas would never do it, and Tiger wouldn’t do it. They’d be trying to psych out the guy who just hit a great shot. “That’s no big deal. You think that’s hot? Watch this!” It’s all about the competitive nature of things, and there is a hearty criticism of the competitive nature. It’s considered to be mean, not nice, selfish, unfair, rude, all of these things.

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