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RUSH: Yes. The Drive-By Media today is apoplectic. All the news that’s going on out there, and the Drive-Bys are beside themselves that I might actually moderate a presidential debate. And do you know why they’re worried about it? The NBC political reporter Mike O’Brien gave it up. They’re worried that I might end up picking the Republican nominee and not them. That’s what bothers them.

I mean, get this. H.R., he gets on the train on the way in to work today and he goes into his favorite coffee shop. It’s not a Starbucks, is it? (interruption) It’s a local place? (interruption) Yeah, okay. It’s before you get on the train in New Jersey, a local coffee shop. So before he gets on the train, he walks in, and they’re talking about this. You know, I was talking about it with Snerdley today. None of these people are picking up on this.

You know, I was having fun toying with them. I’ll tell you, it’s the most fun I have… Well, it may be hard to say “the most fun,” but ranking right there in the top five things that are the most fun about this job is toying with the media. It is so easy to play these people. Anyway, they’re all out there reacting to this, but they’re not reacting to what I expected they would react to, and that is my saying I was too famous to do it.

I thought they’d really have fun with that and they’d say, “Limbaugh’s lost it now,” but, no. They’re taking it seriously, and they’re scared to death, and they’re really worried about this — and I think the reason is, they want to pick our nominee. That’s really what it boils down to. The Democrat media wants to pick our nominee like they do every year. Let’s see. Where is…? Yeah.

Mike O’Brien, who’s the NBC political reporter, said, “If Republicans believe Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin are the best moderators to vet candidates for the general, they deserve their eventual nominee.” Now, isn’t he basically saying that the Drive-By Media moderators think it’s their job to vet the candidates? Not theirs, ours. It’s their job to vet the candidates. They think they’re the ones who should pick the nominee.

I don’t know whether this O’Brien guy even knows that he’s admitting that, but it sounds like that’s what he’s saying, to me. I mean, look, the reason I think that is ’cause that’s what they think. I know that’s how they look at it. They want to pick our nominee. They want to be the ones to determine who is the Republican Party’s nominee. One of the main arguments that we make every four years on this program is about the fact that they do it.


What kind of person do they think I would pick? Well, somebody sent me a transcript of Howard Dean on MSNBC last night. You know, this is… To me professionally, this is kind of interesting. Howard Dean said (summarized), “What are they gonna do, tell everybody that the Republican Party hates gays and hates women and that any woman takes birth control pills is a prostitute? Is that what they’re gonna say?”

It indicated to me just how grossly the people on the left misunderstand this program. You know… Let me give you a way of illustrating this, and I’m not gonna mention any names, because I don’t want to affect whatever they do next. The entertainment media cannot figure out my comments on Ashton Kutcher and his comments at the Teen Choice Awards. I played those audio sound bites, and I highlighted and praised Kutcher’s comment, and they can’t believe it.

They think that I hate anything and everybody in Hollywood, and they cannot get their arms around the fact that I actually said something positive about Ashton Kutcher. It doesn’t compute with them. Folks, you know this as well as I do because you confront it. The people who do not listen to this program have one of the most distorted views of what it is than anything in our culture.

The people who do not listen to this program but think they know everything that happens here, they couldn’t be more wrong, and when they’re confronted… I mean, what Ashton Kutcher said about jobs, about work, about opportunity, is something I’ve been saying for 25 years. Anybody who listens to this program regularly should not have been surprised at all what I said about Ashton Kutcher. But it doesn’t computer. They can’t figure it out.

They’re trying to figure out, “Well, what’s the trick?”

It is really striking. Here you have the most listened to radio talk show in the, and these people, the most strident critics have never listened to it. Howard Dean has no idea what he’s talking about when he sits there and said says, “Well, Limbaugh and Hannity and Levin will sit there and make sure the candidate hates women, hates birth control.” They have no clue what they’re talking about. Maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe they do, and they’re purposefully distorting it.

I think it’s a little bit of both. (interruption) Well, Howard Dean blames me for his losing the Democrat primary in 2004. But still, it’s as though this radio show has a secret-decoder ring, and only you people have the password, and the critics of this show never listen to it. They find out from third- and fourth-place sources what they think happened here. They just cannot believe that I didn’t rip Ashton Kutcher to shreds simply ’cause he’s a Hollywood actor.

There are a couple of different entertainment outlets who have written about it, and you can tell when you read it that they’re confused, that they don’t quite get it. It’s the same thing on this moderating the (laughing) Republican debate. It’s clear that the people in the Drive-Bys want to vet the candidates, they want to choose ours, and they’re just terribly concerned that a candidate other than the one they would choose might end up getting the nomination if debates were moderated by me and Levin and Hannity and whoever else.


RUSH: Well, there you have it. The RNC has approved its resolution to bar CNN and NBC from their presidential primary debates. CNN and NBC are officially banned. The rank and file just passed the resolution.

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