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RUSH: Now, just to show you, ladies and gentlemen, how on the brain of everybody on the left I am… I live rent free in Obama’s head and I think over half the Drive-By Media heads. I live there. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. CNN reporting on the rodeo clown. What do I have to do with the rodeo clown in Missouri? Nothing. Zilch, zero, nada. I wasn’t there. I don’t know the clown. The closest anything can be said is I was born in Missouri.

Let me ask a question. There may be something I don’t know. The clown, the actual clown, was the actual clown a radio guy? Does anybody know? Have you heard that? Seriously, because it matters for this sound bite. Here, listen. It’s Wolf Blitzer and he’s talking about the rodeo clown, but clearly the focus is on me, if you listen to what Wolf says in his setup.

BLITZER: Clowns are supposed to make people laugh, but when our radio clown at a Missouri State Fair made fun of President Obama, it started a national debate that’s getting louder and angrier right knee. Here’s CNN’s Athena Jones.

RUSH: Does anybody…? Seriously. I don’t know. I’m asking. I genuinely need the infirm. Does anybody know the clown in Missouri works on the radio? I haven’t seen it anywhere. That’s news, if the clown in Missouri works on the radio, but yet Wolf thinks he does! Who is Wolf thinking about when he says, “When a radio clown at a Missouri State Fair made fun of Obama”?

What’s he thinking of? Now, I stand to be corrected. I have not heard that the radio clown or that the clown in Missouri works on the radio. I’ve not heard that, nobody said it to me, but I’ve not read everything about it so I can’t conclusively say. But if the clown is not on the radio, what in the world is Wolf Blitzer thinking here? So now we go to Athena what’s her name? Athena Jones, the CNN infobabe. This is last night on The Situation Room. Here is her report after Wolf and his grand introduction.

JONES: The firestorm over this clown act mocking the president has created a firestorm of its own. Conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are defending the act that caused an uproar, with moments like this…

ANNOUNCER: President Obama!

CLOWN: Hey, I know I’m a clown. He’s just run around acting like one and doesn’t know he is one.

JONES: And this…

CLOWN: As soon as that bull comes out, Obama, don’t you move! He’s gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha!

JONES: The Missouri chapter of the NAACP wants the Secret Service and the Justice Department to investigate the incident. (back in studio) I spoke with the Secret Service about this, and a spokesman there told me they’re aware of the incident but they’ve determined that this behavior does not rise to the level of a threat. The Justice Department has declined to comment at this time.

RUSH: They had to call the Secret Service! They had to call the Secret Service to find out that this act does not rise to the level of a threat? The NAACP is calling this a hate crime. It’s a clown! Anyway, another little clarification. I haven’t spent much time defending the act of the clown. What gets me is this insane, irrational overreaction to it. Now that, my friends, has been my focus.

Because, to me, the way the left in this country is behaving is no different than radical Islamists when they see Mohammed being made fun of in cartoons. That’s how irrational the left in this country is being over this This is a nothing thing. Clowns make fun of things! Clowns are comedians! And the clown goes out wearing an Obama mask, and because Obama happens to be African-American, we’ve got a hate crime now?

Of course all this is done on purpose. This is all about silencing and eliminating any opposition. This is embarrassing. This is a national embarrassment, the reaction to this. With the news that we have today of the NSA, this massive amount of spying they’ve been doing, the mistakes they have been making, quote/unquote? I mean, the Washington Post? You could legitimately ask today if I’m now editing the Washington Post as well as asking if I’m editing the New York Times.

The Washington Post just jumps all over the regime and the NSA for what they’re doing. Folks, the excesses here are worse than anybody thought, what the NSA has been doing, spying and information gathering on American citizens, monitoring phone calls. It’s almost too massive to describe in ways that are understandable. There are multiple stories in the Washington Post on this NSA blockbuster that suggests this is not a random act of journalism.

There’s a column by Eugene Robinson. There’s a couple of other stories. They have the facts. They’re quoting Obama to demonstrate a significant contradiction all in the same day. You know, Obama’s told people, “Your phone calls are not being listened to. Nobody cares.” It’s the exact opposite. Everybody’s phone calls are being monitored. This is 1984. This is really Orwellian, what is happening with this.

We’ve had the New York Times investigating the Clintons. We have Reggie Love on the record demonstrate be Obama’s half-baked approach to commander-in-chief duties. Now the Washington Post is emptying out every last barrel of ink, exposing a president running roughshod over the Constitution and lying about it via the NSA spying scandal. We also have a Washington Post story: “Obama Rodeo Clown Incident Illustrates Nation’s Continued Racial Divide.” It does no such thing!

It indicates the absolute intolerance and Stalin-like mentality of the American left! It doesn’t indicate that we have some sort of (sigh) racial divide. Although we do. And who’s responsible for that? Who continues to talk about racial differences? Who continues to highlight them? Not us. The Democrat Party and the American left. Here’s the head of the Missouri NAALCP, the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People, yesterday in Las Vegas, talking about the situation with the rodeo clown. She is named Mary Ratliff, and here’s what she had to say about the clown wearing the Obama mask.

RATLIFF: It is an outrage. Obama has been treated certainly than any other president. I think that a hate crime occurred. I think a hate crime occurs when you use a person’s race to despict (sic) who they are and to make degrading comments, gestures, et cetera against them.

RUSH: See? It’s not possible therefore to not be racist if you’re gonna put on an Obama mask, and there are plenty sold for Halloween. How can you not wear an Obama mask that makes him look like an African-American?

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