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RUSH: The Washington Post says, “Obama Rodeo Clown Incident Illustrates Nation’s Continued Racial Divide.” Now, the purpose of this story in the Washington Post is to show what a bunch of redneck, right-wing, racist hicks were at the fair. One of the most telling signs that there were a bunch of redneck, right-wing, racists at the Missouri State Fair was this: “The Wednesday crowd at the fair, which lasts 11 days in remote Sedalia, was overwhelmingly white. Some vendors played right-wing talk radio from boom boxes at their tents.”

Weeeeeeell, there you have it.

They had boom boxes with talk radio on it! They had to be racist. If they’da had boom boxes with Jay-Z playing out there about hos and b-i-itches, it wouldn’t have been racist, would it? No, it would have been art. That would have been high culture. The Washington Post piece also claimed the broomstick “that a broom stick was going up his backside” was a racist attack. That’s the whole joke. The Obama clown was supposed to be a dummy on a stick like a scarecrow, who suddenly comes alive when the bull chases. That was the schtick. That was the routine.

It’s an old rodeo tradition.

All these learned leftists who disdain American culture don’t even know that.


RUSH: You know, folks, the elitists in this country, the vast majority of them are on the left, and it is striking how ignorant they are of life in this country for the vast majority of people.

Not only are they unaware of what life is like for the vast majority of this country, they think they know everything about it, and they hold it in contempt. The classic illustration is the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. Just the concept of a state fair is foreign to them. They don’t have state fairs in Europe, and they don’t have clowns that actually talk in Europe. I mean, in Europe they’ve got mimes. When you don’t say anything, youdon’t offend anybody.

They have people like Marcel Marceau running around, street urchins and corner artists sit around and mime things, but they don’t offend anybody because they don’t talk. So they don’t have state fairs in Europe, they don’t have clowns in Europe, and they don’t have anything in Europe that’s hayseed or hick. I mean, there’s no modern equivalent to a cowboy in Europe. There’s nowhere in Europe that’s comparable to Louisiana.

You’d never have a show like Duck Dynasty ever made on the BBC.

It just wouldn’t happen — and if it did, they’d be profoundly embarrassed and they would fire whoever ran the BBC if they ever put a show like Duck Dynasty on it. It’s really striking. You know, the divide in this country is not racial, it’s cultural. On one side, you have these holier-than-thou, phony, pseudo-intellectual elites who look with contempt on everybody who’s different than they are, all the while preaching tolerance and understanding for the minorities of our country, the people who are put upon by the majority.

They’re always minorities based on the color of their skin or their gender, or their sexual orientation. But they have no idea. In the New York-Washington-Boston corridor, they’ve got no idea. The LA-San Francisco corridor, they’ve got no idea what goes on in 85% of this country, but they think they do, and they look upon all of it with disdain. So you get to the Missouri State Fair or the Texas State Fair or any state fair. Just the fact that there is one, it may as well be another planet, not a state.

The whole concept of a fair! What happens at fair? I mean, you go to a fair and you’re dodging horse and cow manure and eating saltwater taffy and cotton candy and all this rotten stuff that kills you and corndogs and fried stuff. Yuk! Just the whole mental picture that they conceive of what would happen at a state fair is dirty. It’s filthy. It’s like Neanderthals. It’s like caveman kind of stuff, and the men are dragging women around by the hair.

The women and the men all (impression) “talk like this” and are doing nothing but going to church and they talk about abortion all the time, and it’s embarrassing everybody. It’s just a shame they’re Americans. Outside of every four years when there’s a presidential race, they view it all with contempt. So you have the Missouri State Fair, and there’s a rodeo tradition, and it’s been done with every president. Bush 41, many other presidents, celebrities.

I must say, even the AP managed to report this part a couple of days ago, and they got fairly close to it. It’s been ignored, but the AP did report it. Here’s what they said: “The clown was meant to be imitating a dummy, according to Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association member David Berry…” That’s the routine. The clown is imitating a dummy, like a scarecrow, and that’s what the broomstick that the clown had in the back of his shirt means.

He’s supposed to be like a scarecrow. He’s an idiot. He’s an inanimate object that comes to life when the bull starts running towards him. That’s the joke. By definition, the clown is a fool. The clown is an idiot. He’s not a political commentator. By definition, a clown is out there trying to make little kids laugh and everybody else laugh. It’s no mean feat, by the way, to stay out of the way of an onrushing bull.

“They often dress as sitting presidents,” Mr. Berry said. That’s even in the AP story, and the joke is not that the clown was the president. That’s not the joke. They drag out this clown, this person dressed like a dummy, and all of a sudden the dummy just takes off running, frightened by an onrushing bull, and the clowns always dress up as political figures or whatever. But here’s how the Washington Post described it:

“At the rodeo here last Saturday night, a clown wearing an Obama mask stood on the arena’s dirt floor propped up like a straw man with the appearance that a broomstick was stuck up his backside.” So they don’t even describe it right. They haven’t the slightest idea. These cultural arbiters, these smarter-than-everybody-in-the-room people wouldn’t dare attend a state fair, other than to do an expose and laugh about it and write a story about what is happening to our country.

“Look at what these people in our country actually do!” As such, just like they don’t listen to this program and don’t have any idea what happens here, they have no idea what the role of a clown is at a state fair. So they think that the clown had a stick up his butt making fun of Obama for a whole bunch of racist reasons. They totally misunderstand it, and of course the people involved are too frightened to fight this, which is another aspect of this kind of thing.

The clown is now done forever. The state fair organizer is done forever. The governor, the lieutenant governor, the media, everybody is chomping down on this as though it’s the greatest offense that has ever happened in humanity. And through it all, nobody will be trying to explain this for what it really is because there’s nothing to be gained by it. The truth doesn’t matter. The perception is all that matters, and scoring the political points.

This clown incident is nothing more than the latest effort, opportunity, of the left and the Democrat Party to advance their agenda. Part and parcel of that agenda is tarring and feathering their opposition, mischaracterizing them, impugning them, discrediting them. So the clown in this instance is any Republican candidate for any office, or a radio talk show host, or whatever the left designates the clown to be.

The whole event here is nothing more than an eagerly accepted, happily accepted event to advance the Democrat agenda. They’re not really outraged. They’re not really upset. They’re not. They know exactly what this presents them. While at the same time, if somebody sat down and explained to them what clown acts at rodeos are all about, they wouldn’t get it, wouldn’t hear about it, wouldn’t want to hear about it, wouldn’t want to report the truth because that’s not the point.

This incident fits an ongoing, never-ending narrative that the left and the Democrat Party have established, and it fits that mold, and it’s used for that purpose. All the while, people who really know what’s going on don’t have the courage to stand up and defend this because… Well, it’s sad. You can’t really blame ’em. What are they gonna do? You see the whole country aligning against you and what do you do? The path of least resistance is to tuck your tail between your legs and go away and hope people forget you and it, “the incident.”

So when things like this happen, there’s no pushback. I don’t know how many people on our side even realize what this is and why it needs to be explained to people, and who the real culprits here are, and why the real egregious behavior is being perpetrated by people on the left. The real quote/unquote “crime” here is not what happened at the fair. It’s what’s being done with this, ’cause it furthers the left’s mischaracterizations and lies about their political opponents.

That’s why they seek this. They love this, in truth, folks. They love this. They act outraged, they act offended, they act like it’s a hate crime. And, of course, their rank-and-file doofuses in their underwear and pajamas posting anonymous comments on their blogs actually do believe it’s a hate crime and actually do believe it’s all this. These irresponsible, drooling, slobber-infested, missing-a-bunch-of-teeth people posting their comments on their websites?

They end up becoming a hate-filled army for the Democrat Party.

By the way, there’s a story in The Politico today. “It is almost impossible to find an establishment Republican in town whoÂ’s not downright morose about the 2013 that has been and is about to be.” This piece is an illustration of why it is the Republicans have no hope, and you know why they have no hope? Because most of their voters are like the clown. It doesn’t say that. Read between the lines. That’s it: Most Republican voters hate gays, hate blacks, hate women, and they are preventing the Republicans from reaching out to people they’re gonna need to win: Hispanics, gays, blacks, women, transgenders.


RUSH: There’s a perp here in this clown story, and his name, I believe, is Perry Beam, B-e-a-m. He is the one man band who did the video and has been pushing this everywhere he can. He’s the guy feeding the media on this, and he says this in a Washington Post story: “You can disagree with a government policy, but that doesnÂ’t prompt you to put a stick up his [backside] and incite the crowd to say how many of you want to see him be trampled by a bull.

“If youÂ’re a white man in a black mask in a former slaveholding state with a broom lodged in your rectum and youÂ’re playing with your lips, you will be confused with a racist.” Except that didn’t happen. The act is, the clown plays a dummy like a scarecrow. There’s no broom up the rectum, for crying out loud! This isn’t the New York Police Department. That happened to somebody named Abner Louima. That did not happen to Obama.


Oh, Snerdley remembers that.

This is absurd. This is outrageous.

So you’ve got a one-man band misrepresenting this to everybody, with some clever-sounding language: Slaveholding state, black man, white man, black mask, with a broom lodged in your rectum. Believe me, if that had been the case, that audience woulda walked out of this. The audience of the Missouri State Fair is not gonna sit there and watch something re-created that depicts a broomstick up somebody’s rectum. They aren’t gonna put up with that. That’s not what happened. That’s not what these clown acts are.

The audience, had that been the case, would have left, because they would have been offended, as would any other common-sensical person.

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