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RUSH: Now, let’s go to Egypt and get this out of the way before we get to the health care Stack, ladies and gentlemen. Grab sound bite number four, because back in February of 2011, when this whole thing started, I made a point, or I made an observation. And I want to play for you what I said. I’ll set it up by saying that I said, “It’s the second revolution that counts.” What is happening now, in other words. The first revolution more often than not doesn’t survive. So what you really have to pay attention to is the second revolution. Now, after everybody blows up, gets mad at the status quo, and there’s a move made to oust — in this case it was Hosni Mubarak and they put Morsi in there, the Muslim Brotherhood. Then of course he’s gone.

So the second revolution is what’s taking place now, and it is bloody. There are hundreds of people dying. And this I think is something that the regime missed. They were all for this first revolution. And, remember, they tried to make that first revolution in Egypt look like it was an outgrowth of the Obama campaign in 2008. Yes, that campaign was so magnificent, it was so wonderful, hope and change, everything was gonna be better. This was simply the Egyptians being inspired by Obama and doing their own version of hope and change. And the administration tried to glom onto this.

Our buddy Nic Robertson at CNN, still some my all-time top ten favorite audio sound bites. I will never forget these as long as I live. Here are the Egyptians, they’re trying to overthrow Mubarak, and CNN sends a reporter over there to Tahrir Square to ask people to comment on how important and relevant to this Obama is and how happy they are with Obama for making their revolution possible, And they all said, “Obama’s got nothing to do with this.”

The CNN reporter basically had to tie up all these reports at the end, “And there you hear it, people here in Tahrir Square, very happy with President Obama.” It wasn’t about Obama, but the regime is trying to make it about Obama. And that first revolution is falling apart as we speak. So we’re gonna work backwards. Let’s go back, I want to play that sound bite for you, me, February 10th, 2011.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s the second revolution that counts. So I don’t know whoever’s behind this, if they don’t survive, and the military’s aligned with them, if they don’t survive this, is it the Muslim Brotherhood waiting in line to then overthrow whatever happens here? And it may take years for all this to play out. We don’t really know. Despite the efforts of our media. I know what they want. What do they want? They want, by tonight, by the evening news tonight, the US media wants to be able to say that Barack Obama has transformed Egypt into a democracy of-peace-loving people and that their economy is going great, that the joblessness numbers are going down. They want to be able to wrap this up in a pretty little bow and say Egypt’s fixed by the evening news, certainly by the Sunday shows on Sunday. And that’s what they’re all angling for. But there hasn’t been any consistency from the White House on what their message is and what their position here is.

RUSH: All right, so Morsi’s gone and hundreds of people are dying, and the second revolution is taking place. The guys that took over first, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, his wing of it, anyway, got tossed out by the military, who run the show there. And now you’ve got a second one taking place. And the Washington Post headline today: “Egypt Erupts as Security Forces Attack Morsi Supporters — Before the July 3 coup in Egypt, the Obama administration privately warned the armed forces against ousting the government of Mohamed Morsi, pointing to US legislation that requires the cutoff of aid to any country where the army plays a ‘decisive role.'”

So, with Morsi, the regime had who they wanted in place, but there was a problem. The Egyptian people didn’t. There was a revolution of sorts. The Muslim Brotherhood stealthfully, by the way, went in there and hijacked it, and they installed Morsi and put Mubarak on trial and put him in prison, and the media went over and made it look like peace has broken out, democracy’s broken out, economic growth is happening and unemployment is falling and it’s all happening because of Obama. And then the whole thing got blown up when the Egyptian people said, “Wait a minute, none of this is any good for us,” and it’s bye-bye Morsi, Obama’s chosen leader.

And now all hell is breaking loose on the streets. And the Washington Post editorial here says, “Because of those decisions, the Obama administration is complicit in the new and horrifyingly bloody crackdown launched Wednesday by the de facto regime against tens of thousands of protesters who had camped out in two Cairo squares.” Now, when this editorial was written, 278 people were reported killed. It’s over 500 now, including many women and children.

“Chaos erupted around Egypt as angry mobs stormed Christian churches, which went largely unprotected by security forces. … The Obama administration duly protested the latest crackdown, just as it previously urged the miltary not to use force against the demonstrations and to release Mr. Morsi and other political prisoners. The militaryÂ’s disregard for these appeals was logical and predictable: Washington had already demonstrated that its warnings were not credible.”

Obama does not scare anybody, except us. The only people Barack Obama scares are the American people. But he doesn’t scare the Egyptian military. He doesn’t scare Bashar Assad. He doesn’t scare the guy Recep, Ucep, Icep, Tarid Erdogan, whatever his name is, in Turkey. He doesn’t frighten the ChiComs. Obviously Vladimir Putin is not all that concerned about Obama. And why would they be? During the bin Laden raid, Obama’s playing spades, according to Reggie Love, his body guy.

Now, before that we were told Obama was out playing golf on the day that bin Laden raid took place. Remember, Valerie Jarrett had to drag him in there and put his presidential jacket on for the photo-op in the Situation Room. And now Reggie Love has been sent out to say that Obama was playing spades or playing cards. And so the media is reduced to explaining this. Charlie Rose and the boys on CBS (paraphrasing), “Well, you know, he’s really stressed, and whatever he can do to focus, why, we must support this, and we must understand if during the bin Laden raid, the president has to go play spades with Reggie Love and some people, who are we to judge?”

You know, if Bush was playing golf or playing cards or taking a hike or whatever when this was going on, my God, folks, it’s irresponsible. So we don’t know what was going on. We don’t know if he was playing golf. We don’t know if he was playing cards, maybe both. What we do know is that whatever he was doing, he wasn’t in the Situation Room, which made it look like to the people around the world he didn’t care and that he doesn’t care now. So all of this is happening despite the best efforts of the regime to control it.

One bite before we go to break. John Kerry yesterday at the State Department, audio sound bite number five, very quick, but it makes my point.

KERRY: The promise of the 2011 revolution has simply never been fully realized. And the final outcome of that revolution is not yet decided. It will be shaped in the hours ahead, in the days ahead.

RUSH: Yep. Well, told you that back in 2011. The second revolution is what counts, the second revolution. That’s what you keep an eye on. Here’s Kerry admitting it. The promise of the 2011 revolution never been fully realized. The final outcome of that revolution’s yet to be decided. That’s exactly right. And these guys have no say in it.


RUSH: Massillon, Ohio. John, thanks for the call, sir. You’re up first today. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: It is an honor to talk to you, Rush, and I remember the first time in the Air Force two old-timers were listening to the radio and I said, “Well, what’s up Joe, what’s up Frank?” They said, “We’re gonna listen to Rush.” Paul Harvey just ended, and I hear da-da-da-da-da-da, I said, “Hey, I’m from Akron, you guys, that’s not Rush, that’s The Pretenders. Man, I know that.” They go, “No, no, Rush Limbaugh.” And ever since I heard you, I found out I’m a conservative. I didn’t know what I was. I thought I was a liberal, you know, pretty open-minded guy.

RUSH: Well, welcome home.

CALLER: Well, thank you very much. What’s pressing my wife and I is when we see the news and we see 525 souls dead in Egypt and we don’t want to make joke of it, I turned to my wife and said, “I wonder what movie set them off.” The 525, Rush, we can’t even fathom that.

RUSH: Hey, I understand. It’s 525 people and it’s Egypt, they’re an ally. They’ve been an ally.

CALLER: And it’s not a news story. They’re real people. It’s not just people on the news. They’re real people. And I’m wondering what’s going on, and we hear news story after news story. I have to quit watching the news, Rush, because it’s not about red state, blue state, left or right, Democrat, Republican. It’s about right or wrong. And my wife and I of 30 years —

RUSH: No, it’s not.

CALLER: — we want to see good win.

RUSH: It’s not about that. Your instincts are right, but if I may just correct you in a very minor way. You turn on the American media today, and I don’t care what the story, it’s about Obama. And it’s usually about shielding Obama, promoting Obama. They’ve got a lot riding on Obama. So Egypt, 525 dead, it cannot be allowed to harm Obama, whatever else, that’s the objective.


RUSH: The media’s handling of the story in Egypt, in addition to protecting Obama with this, because, you know, Obama sided here with the Brotherhood, which isn’t new. But there’s another thing. You know, Obama’s not running again, and if he decides to relinquish the office, that means there will be an election in 2016. And if Obama decides to relinquish the office, one of the Democrats seeking it next time will be Hillary, and they’re also trying to protect her in this story, because she was an absolute disaster as a secretary of state, as she’s pretty much been, I don’t want to say disaster, but she’s one of these people, you’ve known them, never really accomplished a whole lot, but the PR surrounding her is just over the top.

There’s a lot of investment in Hillary, and the Democrats want to keep this going. They wouldn’t mind her being the next nominee because you’ll have the first woman, and more criticism insulated, any criticism will be sexism. It will be a great way to keep the Republicans frightened into not criticizing anything, particularly during the campaign. So the news coverage, in addition to protecting Obama, is also about insulating Hillary as secretary of state from any of this disaster.

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