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RUSH: My brother was on Hannity last night, David, the noted columnist and author and agent, and he was on there with Ichabod Goolsbee, my nickname for Austan Goolsbee, looks like Ichabod Crane, you know, neck that’s about 15 inches long. He’s a nice guy. It’s an affectionate nickname. The whole concept of the Limbaugh Theorem, Limbaugh principle came up. And Hannity said, “Byron York of the Washington Examiner said, quote, ‘Behind the scenes, in whispered asides, not for public consumption, some Republicans are now worried that keeping the House in 2014 is not such a done deal after all.’ So how can that upset be avoided? And York said, ‘Republican candidates don’t need to tell voters what a bad job the president is doing, they already know that.’ Instead, quote, ‘What GOP candidates need to do, is convince voters that they would do a better job than the Democrats?'” And then my brother David weighed in.

DAVID: I disagree with his point that voters are aware of Obama’s failed record. My brother Rush talks about the Limbaugh principle where Obama is able to distance himself from his own policies and act like an outsider. Republicans have not done a good enough job specifically tying Obama and Mr. Goolsbee, his economic architect, to these disastrous policies that are destroying the country. It’s a false choice to say we either have to make a negative case or a positive — of course we give a positive case, a pro-growth plan, defunding Obamacare and presenting an alternative and getting America back to work.

RUSH: Yeah, but the point is, he’s right. You know, the assumption here that everybody knows Obama’s making a train wreck. They don’t know that. That’s the whole point. Republicans have not connected Obama to any of this ’cause they’re all afraid of being treated like the rodeo clown is being treated. If you want to know, folks, why the Republicans do not push back against Obama, look at that rodeo clown situation, and that’s exactly why. They are exactly, precisely, afraid of just that kind of thing happening to them. And Byron York might not be correct here when he says that Republicans don’t need to tell voters what a bad job Obama’s doing. Obama’s whole existence, his whole presidency has been designed to insulate him from any accountability for any of this. So good point. Next up, Hannity said, “Well, first there was the delay of Obamacare’s Medicare cuts. Then there was the employer mandate delay. Then we have this new development that I just spoke of. You’re the lawyer, David. Can the president just unilaterally decide to change the law of the land?”

DAVID: The contempt that he has shown for the Constitution and the rule of law is appalling in so many areas. Remember the thousands of waivers? Remember the employer mandate that he exempted and he delayed and he did not delay the employee mandate discriminatorily? That’s gotta be unconstitutional. Of course that’s unconstitutional, and he doesn’t have the authority to do it. Mr. Goolsbee, I wish you would condemn President Obama from, hopefully, you would say departing from what you would recommend. A president has no authority to unilaterally change a law that Congress passed and he signed.

RUSH: And that’s true. It’s unconstitutional. And here’s what Goolsbee said, his reaction.

GOOLSBEE: He has no authority to change a law, but if the law gives the administration authority to the administration for the law, then they do have the right to administer it however the law sees fit. And there has been — other than on this program, there has not been any serious legal challenge to the constitutionality of the administrative changes there. That’s all that happened here.

DAVID: Did you guys even care, a bunch of academic pointy head tyrants sitting around their tables devising this law, did you have any idea what it would do? You didn’t. Nobody read it.

RUSH: (laughing) Pointy-heads, sitting in the faculty lounge theorizing. Exactly right.

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