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RUSH: We go to the audio sound bites. I want to see. We want to do — ba da ba-da about a. Yep, number four and five. Bob Filner, San Diego mayor, I have made the observation that the feminazis are ignoring this. I mean, you have massive sexual harassment going on here. You have it in spades. And I’ve referenced the fact that we don’t see Gloria Allred making this a huge national cause celebre, and we haven’t had the Democrat Party make a big deal of it and stories about how Clinton taught this guy everything he knows and endorsed him and all of that. So last night on San Diego’s Eyeball News, CBS News at 11, News 8 at 11, they’re doing a report on Mayor Filner and the new sexual harassment charges. The anchor Carlo Cecchetto introduced his report with this.

CECCHETTO: Bob Filner isn’t the only one coming under fire in the sexual harassment scandal. Rush Limbaugh is accusing feminists of ignoring it, and powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred of doing nothing.

RUSH: Wow. There they have it, see? “Rush Limbaugh is accusing the feminists of ignoring it, and powerhouse Gloria Allred of doing nothing.” Now, in fairness to Gloria Allred, she does represent two of Filner’s accusers, but she has been doing it in a perfunctory way. She’s not on national TV every day ripping into Filner. She’s not on national TV every day talking about what a reprobate Filner is and how unfortunate it has been for her clients and all the hell and trouble her clients have been put through. She’s not doing all that. She is representing a couple, but from all appearances, it’s behind the scenes. She has not been screaming from the rooftops. She hasn’t been declaring War on Women because there’s a Democrat involved. Now she’s starting to stir, however. I wonder why? They now go to their package at News 8, Eyeball News, 11 p.m. Here’s a portion of the reporter Matt Johnson reporting on Mayor Filner’s new sexual harassment charges, and Gloria Allred is in this bite.

JOHNSON: As this story gets more and more national attention, more people are having their say about it. You can add Rush Limbaugh to that list after he said that more feminists need to stand up against Filner, including Gloria Allred. Now, Allred is already representing two people who have claimed that the mayor has sexually harassed them and hints that more are on the way.

ALLRED: Perhaps he’s hoping that by not talking about the sexual harassment allegations, they will go away. I can assure you, they will not.

JOHNSON: Rush Limbaugh suggested that people are going too easy on the Democratic mayor by saying, quote, “The response by all the usual suspects to this mayor — his name is Filner — is nothing. Gloria Allred’s not doing anything.” Allred says that’s untrue, and she may already be planning a news conference with a third alleged Bob Filner victim.

ALLRED: You will see me back in San Diego very soon, probably this week.

RUSH: She’d already have been there if this were a Republican being charged with all of these sex crimes. So she’s got a couple clients, in all fairness, got a couple clients, but there’s no pounding the high heels on the table and demanding fairness and talking about all the abuse and no language here about any War on Women that’s taking place. But now she said she’s gonna be back in San Diego. She’s got a third client, so, anyway, that’s Eyeball News 8 at 11, San Diego last night.

I probably shouldn’t say this. Did I talk about this Monday? I must have, ’cause I don’t remember saying any of this stuff. I’m not denying it, I’m sure I did talk about Filner. ‘Cause, you know, Monday I finished the show and I said, “I’m sorry, folks, there was just nothing to talk about.” Even when there’s nothing to talk about I can make it interesting, true. I mean, this is such old news, I had forgotten I had said any of this. I want to thank News 8 Eyeball News San Diego for reminding me of what I’d said.

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