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RUSH: A couple stories on this new wave, if you will, of illegal immigration. First story, Fox News, Phoenix affiliate, Eyeball News, KSAZ. “A loophole is allowing hundreds of immigrants across the Mexico border in to the United States. Immigrants are being taught to use ‘key words and phrases’ to be allowed to enter and stay in the country.”

Now, is this another outreach program by the US government? Somebody has to be behind this. Somebody has to be behind this program, and the USDA, Department of Agriculture, is advertising in Mexico for food stamps and telling people how to do it after they enter the United States.

“Just this past Monday, Border Patrol agents say about 200 people came through the Otay Crossing claiming a quote: ‘credible fear’ of the drug cartels. So many were doing this that they had to close down the processing center and move the overflow by vans to another station. ‘They are being told if they come across the border, when they come up to the border and they say certain words, they will be allowed into the country,’ said a person who did not want to be identified on camera. ‘We are being overwhelmed.’ Pete Nunez, former U.S. Attorney and immigration expert says, ‘This will swamp the system.’ ‘To make our system even more ridiculous than it has been in the past,” he adds. ‘There are no detention facilities for families, so the family would have to be split up. We don’t want to split families up, so we end up releasing people,'” out into the wild, essentially.

So what this essentially is, folks, is refugee status. And refugee status is about the best status you can have, living in America. Being a refugee is right up there with being a citizen, because benefits for refugees include food stamps, housing vouchers, English language training, job training, transportation passes, Medicaid, supplemental security income assistance, SSI, as well as other public and private benefits. I mean, the Tsarnaev family were refugees. They landed in America either at Logan or JFK, and they claimed asylum. And that’s all you have to do.

Now, theoretically you’re kept track of, but if you come in claiming oppression, political asylum or, in this case, a credible fear of the drug cartels, then you’re admitted. And somebody has come up with this idea. Now, it’s not known who, obviously, but somebody’s come up with this. What are the odds that whoever has come up with this is either a Democrat or a Democrat activist?

Now, the second story is from Breitbart, and it’s about the same thing, it’s just a little bit different treatment. “At the Otay crossing near the San Diego border last Monday, about 200 people coming from Mexico gained entry to the United States all using the same key phrase; they claimed they had a ‘credible fear’ of drug cartels.”

William La Jeunesse at Fox News says: “A sudden influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico requesting asylum is overwhelming immigration agents in San Diego.” And the latest is agencies have been forced “to rent hotel rooms for some undocumented families and release others to cities around the US.” So now we have federal agencies renting hotel rooms to handle the surge of Mexican illegal immigrants who are now not bothering to try to sneak in. They’re not hiring coyotes or trying to get in under cover of darkness. Somebody has told ’em — in fact — I know this gonna be easy for me to say. I have been wondering why, on the southern border, this is never used.

You know, the refugees, if you will, from eastern Europe, from the former Soviet bloc, they land at JFK, 60 Minutes did a big expose on this years ago, decades ago. At least a couple. All you have to do is land and claim political asylum and you are here, and then that list of benefits that I read off, you get. I always wondered why this was not tried. One of the things preventing it, I guess, from being used was the Mexican government was not looked at as hostile, but the drug cartels are, and that’s what these new arrivals are doing, is they are claiming they have a credible fear of drug cartels.

Now, look, we’re already taking in thousands upon thousands of Mexicans and Hispanics, and there’s a companion story here about Syrian refugees are now pouring into the United States. And there hadn’t been anything signed. There’s no new immigration bill. All this happened, the Republicans didn’t sign on to some 1,000 page bill. There are plenty of laws on the books to overwhelm the country with new immigrants without any amnesty bill taking place. So while we’re all debating that, this new influx just continues.


RUSH: While this new influx is taking place with the claim, refugee status essentially, claiming asylum, “credible fear” is the phrase being used, credible fear of the drug cartels in Mexico, the Wall Street Journal has a story about the record number of Americans renouncing citizenship because of taxes. Now, this is not some hokey conspiratorial, obscure website, this is the Wall Street Journal. “More US citizens are giving up their American passports as the government cracks down on tax evaders. The WSJÂ’s Deborah Kan speaks to lawyer Eugene Chow about the main reason why many donÂ’t want to be American anymore.”

Now, it’s not a huge number, but it’s growing, and it’s a trend. And talk about demographics, folks, we’re living it, we’re in the middle of one of the greatest demographic upheavals that this country has ever experienced. This country is undergoing an identity transformation unlike it has ever seen, and it is a transformation that’s been being sponsored and engineered by the current administration. The Wall Street Journal story is out of Hong Kong.

The US crackdown on global tax evaders is leading to a record number of people renouncing their citizenship, and its effects are being felt keenly in Asia, which, if you measure by household assets, Asia is now the world’s wealthiest region, not the United States any longer. “A growing number of Americans are exploring whether to renounce their US citizenship or give up their green cards to avoid onerous tax obligations.”

Now, this is pretty obvious, the IRS is making a move on all kinds of people that they think have sheltered taxes, sheltered income to avoid taxes. As you know, they’ve successfully intimidated even Swiss banks from giving information about account holders. There’s a huge amount of money that American corporations are holding overseas. They’re not repatriating the money. You could look at Apple as an example. Apple’s cash on hand is right now at about $145 billion, sum total of all the profit they’ve made. They plow some of it back into research and development, of course. But as the sales of their products continue to skyrocket, that cash horde grows. The fact is that I think 93 to $95 billion of the 145 is overseas, and they’re not gonna bring it back at 35%.

The US corporate tax rate is 35%, and they’re not gonna bring it back here. And nor is General Electric, nor is any other US corporation with international operations that has large amounts of money overseas. That’s not what this story’s about, but it’s an interesting dovetail, because if you lump it all together, it’s all about all kinds of American money that isn’t here. And it’s all about either corporations or individuals escaping what they consider to be onerous taxes, corporations and individuals, and they’re just acting either in their own self-interest or the corporation and the interest the shareholders. The objective of any corporation, the objective of any individual, is to spend as little as possible on this, according to the law. And that’s what’s taking place here. And there are simply better options around the world now.

There are places around the world where you can keep more of what you have, where you can keep more of what you’ve earned, rather than having it taken and wasted and spent on unproductive things that are not gonna contribute to the growth of the country or anything else. All it’s gonna do is enrich the Democrat Party and other statists that maybe not Democrats, may find some Republicans in there.

Now, this story in the Wall Street Journal, “Globally, more U.S. citizens have renounced their citizenship in the first and second quarters than all of 2012 combined, and 2013 is already on track to becoming a record year for renunciations. A total of 1,130 names appeared on the latest list of renunciations from the Internal Revenue Service. … ‘When I became an immigration lawyer 30 years ago, people really were excited about going to America. Now, more than half of my clients are people thinking of other alternatives rather than people seeking to immigrate to America.'” This is that lawyer, Eugene Chow, cited earlier in the story. His firm, by the way, called Chow King & Associates.

You hear people like Mark Zuckerberg, who’s one of the late young Silicon Valley arrivals and the pro-amnesty scene, and a number of other people that are on this pro-amnesty bandwagon, one of the things they’re saying is, “We need smart people here. We need highly educated, highly trained people that we can employ here. We need to open up our immigration.” What this ends up doing is supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants south of the border and from other poor countries. The very thing that they want, the opposite is happening. The rich, the highly educated, are staying away. They are not emigrating. The people who are emigrating are essentially low skilled, uneducated, seeking an opportunity or whatever they’re seeking.

But the point is all of these people with their stated objective of wanting highly educated, highly skilled, well trained, the elite engineer type people, they’re staying away. It’s what I mean about this amazing demographical transformation that is taking place. You couple that with people already living abroad, I think this story is mostly about people already living in Asia, not people living here and moving there. These are Americans who live in Asia and elsewhere, and they’re looking at what’s happening, and they’re saying, “To hell with it. I don’t want to come back. I don’t want to move back, and I’m not gonna stay a citizen.” Now, the numbers are not large, 1,130 people is not a huge number, but it’s a trend, and through August of this year it’s already more than it was last year.

There’s nothing happening to change the trend. There’s nothing happening that would send the other direction. So here we’ve got hundreds of people flooding our southern border claiming refugee status. At the same time, accomplished, working, wealthy people, the kind who would employ others, are renouncing their citizenship, giving up their passports, and staying abroad, and American corporations are not bringing their foreign money, earned in foreign countries, home, because of the confiscatory tax rate. And none of this needs to be happening. I guess there’s a political party that doesn’t mind it, because the demographic shift that’s taking place is guaranteed to keep this political party in power in perpetuity. And that’s where we are.


RUSH: Mike in Omaha, thank you for waiting, sir. You’re next. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, for taking my call. And thank you for tirelessly framing the debate all these years for us.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I have two points that I kind of want to get across to you. One, on immigration reform, I kind of want to get into what you were saying earlier is that, you know, the immigration reform is supposed to be about doing what’s best for the American people. Well, if that’s true then they should at least split the difference on the 11 million people and say we’ll keep five million that are gonna here and then we’re gonna bring in five million so people from around the world that are engineers and doctors and things like that.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold, hold, whoa, whoa, hold on. Who in the world told you that immigration policy, whatever, is being done for the American people?

CALLER: That’s a good question. I just kind of made that hope, I guess, or assumption.

RUSH: Well, even if you listen to the Democrats, they don’t talk about it in terms of doing it for the American people.

CALLER: That’s true. That’s very true.

RUSH: They might say that it’s the humane thing to do in order to be good people or good Americans, but in terms of benefiting the American people, no, that would be a laugher if anybody ever said that.

CALLER: My other big fear with the immigration is that as soon as you pass a bill, it’s no longer in the legislators’ hands, it’s gonna go right to the courts, so no matter what they pass within a year or two years the courts will overturn it or change it or do whatever they want with it, so it’s difficult to support any type of legislation.

RUSH: Well, the only way that would happen is if the law passes that is not liked by the Democrats. Ah, that’s not true. Maybe some Republican group could bring it. But I understand your point. The courts are filled liberals and they’re gonna fix it no matter what happens in the Congress.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: There’s a more immediate point to be made. You’re right about that. I don’t mean to diminish your point as Obama has diminished the presidency. But even before you get to court, look at what’s happening here. We’re debating amnesty in the Congress. The Republicans are being told, “You guys had better support this or you’re never gonna win the White House again.” It’s Democrats, by the way, telling them that. Essentially Democrats are saying, “You know, we’re tired of winning every four years. We want you to win some, and if you’re gonna win some, you’re gonna have to get on board with the Hispanics ’cause the Hispanics hate you Republicans, and we don’t like that. We want some Hispanics to love you, so you better sign on to amnesty.”

So the Republicans say, “Well, we don’t want to be hated. We want to be loved, too, so, okay, even if we admit, like Senator McCain does, that isn’t gonna get us one vote, we still want to be liked and we want to be good people. Well, while all this is going on, we’re being flooded under a new program called refugee status. It doesn’t matter what the Congress does. They’re gonna find a way around it before they get to the courts. So the Republicans ought to take the occasion here and distance themselves from what’s going on, stop this mad dash to amnesty, and stand up for themselves, and start drawing distinctions between who they are and what the Democrats are, because a majority of people does not support what’s happening.

Even if the Republicans don’t want to be conservatives, they still, theoretically, are the opposition party. They still, I would think, want to beat Democrats, even if they don’t want to be conservatives. So why are they not opposing all this as Republicans, as the opposition party. On health care and on this, a majority of the American people oppose what the Democrats want. There’s a sitting majority of people waiting for the Republican Party to identify with, to connect to. And or the Republicans, instead of doing that, appear to be aligning with the Democrats on the issue, under the theory that, “Well,” — I don’t know the theory. I really don’t know the theory. It doesn’t make any sense to me why they would do it. If they’re gonna do it on this, why not on abortion, why not on every women’s issue? Why don’t the Republicans just start echoing the Democrats everywhere?

Well, of course. On immigration it’s donors, it’s consultants. The biggest trick, look, the biggest trick that’s been played on the Republican Party, and it’s still working, is this notion that 20% of the voters determine the outcome of presidential elections, the independents. And so while the Democrats are out there giving money to everybody and trying to get everybody’s votes, the Republicans are trying to get the independents, the 20%. They’re taking their base for granted, to their detriment. They’ve bought into this notion that it’s 40% automatic vote Republican, 40% automatic vote Democrat, can’t change it, every election hinges on that 20%.

So what do the Republicans do? They have their consultants out there who tell every candidate, “I’m the guy who can get you enough independents to win.” And, lo and behold, Romney, if you go back and look, Romney won an overwhelming majority of independents and lost, significantly. The trick is working big-time. And so while the Republicans think that they are gaining favor with Hispanics by softening their tone on amnesty, all of a sudden now somebody’s come up on the Democrat side with another trick: refugee status. Fear of the consequences of the drug cartels. We’re renting hotel rooms for illegal immigrants! It’s not funny. I don’t mean to be laughing. It’s just mind-boggling.

All this is happening with a president with an average approval rating of 43%. So I think it’s safe to conclude here that we really are dealing with the circumstances set forth by the esteemed professor Angelo Codevilla who wrote of the ruling class versus the rest of the people, the country class, Washington being the ruling class. But, anyway, Mike, I appreciate your call. I’m trying to think now if I’ve heard amnesty promoted or sold as something for the American people. I know what he means by that, but are those words actually being used? This is all being done for the Republican, Democrat parties. It’s not being done for the American people, is my point. The real immigration push is for the Democrat Party.

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