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RUSH: The UK Daily Mail: “In a stunning dismissal of a head of state with whom he has to work on pressing international matters, President Barack Obama referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday with language more descriptive of a schoolboy than the leader of 143 million people. Asked whether he can get ‘big stuff done without having a good personal relationship with Putin,’ Obama responded by noting that ‘I know the press likes to focus on body language and heÂ’s got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the classroom.'”

That’s what Obama said about Putin. Now, remember, it was Obama who asked Dmitry Medvedev to tell Putin to be cool, that after Obama won reelection in 2012 he’d have a lot more flexibility. There’s been a falling out between these two statists. It just doesn’t seem to work out. Now, what is this reference to a slouch, looking like the bored kid in the classroom. You know what that is? He’s talking about “Dufnering.” Jason Dufner, who won the PGA Championship yesterday, went into a school as part of a PR visit, and they snapped a picture of him sitting on the floor up against the wall with his arms down to his side just totally slouching. It has become a YouTube and Internet rage.

Dufner never shows emotion anyway, and in this picture he’s just slouching, and you’ve got all kinds of PGA Tour players now imitating Dufner in this pose, and he’s in a schoolroom with a bunch of kids slouching and acting bored and uninterested, just barely awake. And I’m sure Obama has seen that, I’m sure he knows what “Dufnering” is, and I’m sure that’s what he’s talking about here. Now, if Bush had said something like this about the leader of Russia — remember, under normal circumstances, the leader of Russia is a savior to American Democrats and the Democrat media.

If Bush had said something like this it would be the news of the week and we’d be worried about whether or not nuclear war was about to break out and why in the world is Bush so stupid and insulting a leader like this, why in the world is it happening? Obama says it, and ho-hum. Oscar Wilde was full of great quotes. One of his great quotes was, “A gentleman never insults anybody unintentionally. A gentleman always does it on purpose.” So I guess in this case Obama’s perceived as a gentleman. Koko, go get the picture of “Dufnering,” put it on the Website or link to it so people know what I’m talking about.

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