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RUSH: Brian Lamb talking to this investigative reporter from the Washington Post. Her name is Nikita Stewart. And this is how it went.

LAMB: We found this on the Rush Limbaugh website, just to show you what is talked about in a conservative radio environment to the outside world. Let’s watch this and get your comments.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s just natural, folks. I’ll answer the question for you. Why are all DC mayors corrupt? That’s the question. Why are all Washington, DC — it’s not my proposition. CNN did this. CNN did the story. CNN asking the question, why are all Washington mayors corrupt? Let me answer that by asking another question: What party do they come from? They are all Democrats. What kind of Democrats are they? They are all liberal Democrats. You want to know why every Washington mayor is corrupt? It’s because they are all liberal Democrats. That’s what they do. Yeah, Marion Barry said the b-i-itch set me up. That was the cocaine sting in the hotel room.

RUSH: Okay, so Brian Lamb asks this woman a question by playing a sound bite from me that he found, he just happened to be tooling around the Internet and decided to check out the RushLimbaugh.com 24/7 website. Her name is Nikita Stewart. This is what she said.

STEWART: There’s corruption everywhere. It’s in every city. It’s in every party. I myself am a registered Independent. I have been registered as an independent since I was 18 years old. I just believe that people in power often do things either because they are tempted or sometimes they compromise their values or their ideals in an effort to, you know, get what they really need. But I think it is unfair to say that all liberal Democrats are corrupt.

RUSH: Of course she would think it was unfair. But did I actually say that? The question was posed, why are all Washington mayors corrupt? And I said they’re all liberal Democrats. But you can ask the same question of Detroit. You can ask the same question of any city or town or any institution that is run by liberal Democrats, and I guarantee you, it is gonna be rife with corruption. It’s gonna be broke. It’s gonna have a bunch of people who are not working in it. It’s gonna have all-powerful unions. It’s gonna be paying pensions and health care for people who stopped working years ago and who expect to continue to be paid long after they stop working. It’s what it is. I just wanted to play it for you because she had to rush in and defend these liberal Democrats. “Oh, it’s not just liberal Democrats, it’s everybody in politics.”

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