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RUSH: So I was going through the show prep today and you know what I find myself doing? I have to catch myself. I’m throwing more stuff away and halfway to the trash container is where I throw things. The way this show gets prepped, I constantly am reading. When I read something I like I print it to my studio printer and then I forget about it. Wherever I am, the afternoon or night, I print to the studio printer. And once I have printed it, I forget it. Because I’m confident that when I go in the next day and collect the things from the printer, start going through it, I’ll remember why I wanted to print it and why it was a possibility for the Stack of stuff.

I find myself lately throwing more stuff away, and I caught myself on a thing today throwing it away, and I asked myself, “Would you have thrown this away ten years ago? Would you have thrown it away 15 years ago? Would you have thrown it away one year ago?” And I stopped myself, and I put it back in the stack. And in order to illustrate what I’m talking about, I put it at the top of the stack. Now I threw it away because it’s depraved. And I threw it away because it’s just another example of the descent our culture is taking toward the sewer. But then I stopped myself and I asked — and I think it’s crucial that we all ask ourselves every time we think that — is it really a crashing toward the sewer and if it is, is it really new? Does it represent something that has not happened before? And the honest answer most of the time is no, it’s not anything really new.

I think the depths of depravity have been plunged long before today. I don’t know that we’re setting any new standards for depravity. I think what’s happening is we’re learning more and more about it. I take that back. Television is clearly more depraved. The other day, I gotta tell you I was surprised, the TV show Ray Donovan came up. I watch Ray Donovan but I’ve not told anybody, because you know what? I thought that if you knew that I watched Ray Donovan that you would think that my own morality had hit the sewer. So I didn’t mention that I watch it and it’s not about not plugging it, it’s not that. It’s not an “appointment” watch. I mean, I won’t stop what I’m doing to watch it, but after I know it’s aired — I don’t watch it live. I don’t watch much of anything live anymore. But if there are a list of things on Apple TV or on the DVR to watch, it’s not going to go to the top, but I will eventually watch it.

And I was shocked. I really was. I probably shouldn’t admit this. I was shocked to learn of the people that I think would be not just offended, but angry about such filth, loving it, which is all good. I mean, the surprises learning that you’re wrong, those are all good things to happen. But some of the people that I can’t believe not only watch it, but like it, are the same kind of people in the past that have told me that TV needs to be cleaned up, it’s going to hell in a handbasket, all the sex and violence and crude language. Now I guess everybody has given up. We’ve defined decency down now that we look at the entertainment value of it, whether the acting is good, the writing is good, the story is good, no matter the depravity, we’ll watch it. And then somebody said, “Wait a minute. What’s the difference between that and The Sopranos? And you loved The Sopranos.”

When Gandolfini passed away, I went back and I watched some Sopranos episodes from every season and I don’t think The Sopranos got anywhere near this show in terms of things that happened, language. I could tell you everything that happened on The Sopranos. I would not be nervous in describing, there’s not much that happened on that show that I’d be afraid to recount. But if you haven’t seen Ray Donovan, there’s stuff I can’t tell you without violating decency standards like crazy. So the show prep and talking about cultural things, it bothers me, and yet here I am watching this show. It bothers me. It bothers me for the country, that’s all. Like so much of what’s going on does.

Now, here’s the story that I was going to throw away, and I didn’t because something about it made me realize that it will help me make a point that I’ve been making about the cultural depravity that’s taking place. One half of this story is no big deal. It happens all the time and it’s been happening since the beginning of time. “Florida Man Accused of Killing Wife.”

Okay. Big deal. People have been killing each other since the beginning of time. What this guy did, though… It’s in Miami. “A South Florida man who authorities say fatally shot his wife … was charged with first-degree murder [last] night after turning himself in.” Do you know how they caught him? He posted a photo of her dead, shot-up body on Facebook. I’m going through this today and I said, “Okay, that’s trash, absolute trash.

“If I start talking about this, the Stick-to the-Issues Crowd is going to inundate me.” But something stopped me halfway to the trash bin and I said, “No, this dovetails with precisely the a point that I’ve been making for I don’t know how many years,” and that is this social media — this desire for fame, this desire to get noticed, this desire that so many people have to get on TV or to be talked about — is causing some really dangerous things to happen.

“Miami-Dade police said in an arrest affidavit that Derek Medina, 31, said he shot Jennifer Alfonso, 26, at their South Miami home after she said she was ‘leaving him.'” Just leaving, splitting. The guy, apparently, was a loser. “According to the affidavit, the 6-foot-2, 200-pound Medina said the couple became involved in a heated argument in an upstairs bedroom when he armed himself with a gun and pointed it at her. He said [she] left the bedroom, returning later to say she was leaving him.

“He says he went downstairs and confronted her in the kitchen, when she began punching him. He claims he went back upstairs to get his gun and confronted her again, at which time she grabbed a knife. [He] said he was able to disarm her and put the knife in a drawer, but that when she began punching him again, he shot her several times, the affidavit says. A post on a Facebook page identified as Medina’s said at 11:11 .a.m. [yesterday], ‘Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare (sic) Facebook people you will see me in the news.'”

To think I almost threw this story away because it’s depraved, because it’s depressing.
Well, the reason… I don’t know this guy and it’s just one example, but look at what this social media… Look, I’m really running a risk talking about this, because I’m going to come across as an old fuddy-duddy and that’s not the point. (sigh) It’s all about wanting a great country. It’s all about wanting this country to stay great with plenty of prosperity and opportunity.

And every time I see something like this, I think that there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. I just think it’s unfortunate there aren’t any standards here. We have so many people so obsessed with becoming famous that they’re engaging in activity that ruins their lives in this quest. We have people who are destroying their own humanity. Now some would say, “Rush, don’t worry about it. These same kind of people have always existed. They just destroyed themselves in different ways before this social media hit.”

That may be.

It may be.

I just think that there’s a rising level of ignorance, stupidity, surfaceness, shallowness, self-absorption, and all of these things that… People are pursuing happiness, but they’re pursuing things that will never, ever make them happy, and they don’t know that. They’ve got a distorted view of what will make them happy, what happiness is, and it’s based on what they see on television. That just makes me sad at the end of the day and it makes me wish there was something I could do about it, and, of course, there isn’t.

Because it’s a free country and there is free will. Anyway, this guy’s “post claimed that his wife was punching him and that he wasn’t going to stand any more abuse. However, YouTube videos linked to his Facebook page earlier this week show him working out in a martial arts studio, punching and kicking a heavy bag. The next and final post — also at 11:11 a.m. and titled ‘RIP Jennifer Alfonso’ — was a gruesome photograph showing a woman in black leotards slumped on the floor.

“She looked like she had fallen backward, with her legs bent to her sides and blood on her left arm and left cheek. The photo was up for more than five hours before Facebook removed the page late [yesterday] afternoon.” The obsession people have with sharing everything, becoming famous, and now this guy even says it. (summarized) “You guys take care, you Facebook people. You are a going to see me on the news and you’re going to see my dead wife’s body on the news. You’ll see that on Facebook! I’ll do anything I can do get noticed.”

These are the people electing Democrats, if they vote.


RUSH: One more thing about this article about this Medina guy, the guy that killed his wife and put the picture on the Facebook. “On his Facebook page, Medina claimed to be a supervisor at a property management company and to have appeared in the Miami-based crime drama ‘Burn Notice,’ though his name doesn’t appear in online credits for the show.” But he’s out there bragging.

“I was on TV! I was on Burn Notice! I killed my wife; I put it on Facebook! Hey, Facebook friends, I’ll he see you later! You’ll be seeing a lot of me!” My brother, David, sent me a note. He says, “You’re right about one thing, wrong about the other. We’re experiencing no greater depravity today than ever. It’s the same, because human nature is human nature.”

Then he said, “I think there is a striking difference now in America, in that our politically correctly liberal culture is condoning and glorifying all of this and calling it ‘tolerance,'” and you know, that is right. That sort of rings the bell for me. That’s what it is. It’s not that it’s happening; it’s always happened, this kind of depravity. “There’s nothing new since Genesis.” You’ve heard the old thing. What is bothering me is that it doesn’t bother as many people.

It’s Moynihan, the “defining deviancy down” business, and we end up condoning this stuff — and if we don’t condone it, we glorify it, because the left wants to take every one of these acts of depravity and use it to advance their agenda or an element of their agenda, such as guns or what have you. “We have to understand the rage,” it’s said. “We have to be tolerant of people who have come from unfortunate, low-class socioeconomic circumstances.”

It’s called tolerance and acceptance and understanding, rather than some of this stuff being condemned and dealt with, and that’s what’s disturbing. Then you add to it that the secular left, the people that traffic and love immortality, love throwing standards out the window; they don’t want any standards. That’s exactly what it is. It is the lack of being shocked, lack of revulsion, and even the laughing at and acceptance of this stuff.

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