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RUSH: “Jobless Claims Edge Up; Still Point to Healing Job Market.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been chronicling for you how things repeat and I’ve been noticing the repetition, the pattern of repetition now in 25 years. Four years of the exact same headline every month, sometimes every week. “Jobless Claims Up,” meaning more people seeking unemployment benefits because they’re out of work, and that means a “Healing Job Market.” Every month for four-and-a-half years, this has been the story!

When it’s not true; it is simply made to accommodate Obama and to avoid reporting the truth about Obama. Okay. I just found out George W. Bush did go on Letterman in 2000 and delivered a Top 10 List, but that was as a candidate. He was not the “preezy” at the time. He was a candidate. So, “The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits rose slightly last week but remained near its lowest level since before the US fell into a devastating recession in late 2007.”

Man, that’s the kind of news I like! As the situation worsens, the news is hopeful for the economy.

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