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RUSH: This may be — and this is tough to say — the best example of the Limbaugh Theorem yet, and that’s hard to say because there are examples of the Limbaugh Theorem every day. The Limbaugh Theorem is almost like gravity. When Sir Isaac Newton finally explained gravity to people, that was it. Everybody understood that. The Limbaugh Theorem is the explanation of how the Obama Administration works, and there are examples of it constantly because it’s how they work. Some days the examples are better than others.

Now, today’s example comes from the New York Times, headline: “Obama, Before a Military Audience, Vows to End Across-the-Board Cuts — President Obama stood at this desert base on Wednesday before nearly 3,000 Marines, sailors and their families — and a captive audience of two Republican adversaries from Congress — and vowed that he would fight to end across-the-board budget cuts that have shaken the military.”

For crying out loud, I really don’t know of a greater example of the Limbaugh Theorem and there it is in the first paragraph. Here we have the architect of military cuts. Here we have the man who has been responsible for them going to an audience of marines and others at Camp Pendleton and promising that he would fight to end them. Not only was the sequester Obama’s idea, he insisted on it. You know why he insisted on the sequester? Because it had automatic military spending cuts. Obama knew that the sequester would cut military spending the most, and it did.

On top of that, in 2008, Obama ran on the promise of cutting the Pentagon’s budget by at least a trillion dollars since we wouldn’t be fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan anymore. And that $1 trillion savings was going to pay for Obamacare, remember?
Obamacare magically came in at less than a trillion dollars and it was not going to bust the budget. It was going to save money, because we were going to cut the military budget by a trillion dollars.

So we were going to take that money we were spending on Iraq and Afghanistan and we’re going to transfer it to health care and it will be a wash. That was why it was so important to claim, if you remember, that Obamacare was only going to cost $900 billion. That’s why all of the moving and shaking and maneuvering and massaging with the Congressional Budget Office to make sure that Obamacare was scored at under a trillion dollars. And true to his promise, Obama probably has cut the Defense Department’s budget by that much or more since he’s been quietly slashing the Pentagon budget since he came into office. He was cutting defense spending long before there was a sequester, even, but the sequester took the budget ax to it.

The sequester — the best way to explain this — they’re trying to come to an agreement on extending the debt limit, and one of the terms of the agreement was, “Okay, we’ll do it this time, but then, in the future if we don’t come to an agreement, there’s going to be massive cuts in Medicare and massive cuts in military.” And the reason that happened, the theory behind it, at least as we were told, the Democrats would never allow Medicare to be cut. And those evil, rotten Republicans, they’d never allow the Defense Department budget to be cut.

And so the sequester, mandatory spending cuts, if we couldn’t come to an agreement on the debt limit or extending the budget or doing a continuing resolution, those two cuts were supposed to be so onerous and so painful that neither party would go along with it.
But the sequester happened and we are living under it now, because neither side blinked.

Now, one of the reasons the Democrats didn’t blink, Obama had already cut Medicare in order to take it out of the calculations of cost for Obamacare, if you remember. I mean, getting rid of $500 billion of Medicare by cutting it and not counting it was a crucial element in the whole equation of getting Obamacare magically to cost less than that one trillion-dollar figure.

So there had already been the Medicare cuts. We’ve lived with that. But he was salivating over the automatic massive cuts to the Department of Defense that the sequester would bring. And it was his idea, don’t forget. He tried to pass the sequester off as a Republican idea; it was his. And there have been Defense Department cuts prior to the sequester.

So, it’s like Colonel Sanders going to a chicken farm where the chickens can understand English and saying he’s tired of chickens being killed and he’s going to finally do something about it. It’s no different. This guy goes out to Camp Pendleton vowing to fight the across-the-board budget cuts that have shaken the military. If this is hubris or chutzpah, I don’t know what it is. But it is the Limbaugh Theorem, maybe the best example.

How many of you really think that the Republicans are cutting the defense budget? I mean, it’s just laughable. And, of course, it’s the military, they have to stand there with full respect. They can’t hoop and holler and shout back, “What in the hell are you talking about?” Because this is the guy that has done the cutting.

Here’s still more Limbaugh Theorem from an unfazed Reuters headline: “ObamaÂ’s Economic Speeches Pound Republicans — The economic policy speeches President Barack Obama has been delivering in recent weeks are turning out to be blunt attacks on Republicans, with an eye toward coming fiscal battles and the 2014 congressional elections.”

Really? So why do the taxpayers have to pay for these campaign swings? He’s simply running a full-bore campaign against House Republicans. He is blaming the economy on House Republicans. See, he can’t be in charge of it. He’s out campaigning. He is doing everything he can to create jobs. He’s doing everything he can to grow this economy. Damn Republicans. He’s the president, he’s been president for four-and-a-half years. It is his policies that guide and shape the American economy today. The Republicans don’t have any policies.

The Republicans don’t have any power. They haven’t had any power. The Republicans cannot implement one idea that they’ve got, not one. There is no Republican economic policy taking place here. Every bit of it Obama owns. There he is on the campaign trail, routinely bashing Republicans for the state of the economy.

I’m telling you, it looks like the Drive-By’s at Reuters and the New York Times are hell-bent on proving how prescient and how right I was with the Limbaugh Theorem. I mean this is exactly what we predicted would happen. He’d go on the campaign trail — remember it’s all about 2014, it’s all about blaming Republicans for everything that is happening. It’s about distancing himself from any of it. He’s not governing. He’s not the president. He has nothing to do with any of this.

The Department of Defense, massive budget cuts, the guy that has been president for four-and-a-half years is out telling the military, “I’m going to stop it. I’m going to make sure these people doing this get cut off at the knees.” And he goes out and tells low-information people in the crowd (imitating Obama), “I’m sick and tired of what Republicans have done to this economy. I’m not gonna put up with it anymore. I’m gonna stop it. I need you to elect Democrats in 2014 to help me stop what they’re doing.”

Meanwhile, every policy is his. Every defense budget cut is his. This is simply amazing, folks. And he gets away with it. Once again, we have Reuters totally unfazed reporting this. The New York Times totally in lockstep reporting this. The Times reporter is Jackie Calmes. At Reuters it’s Steve Holland. And believe me, they know. They know precisely what they’re doing. They know how they are enabling Obama. They’re sitting out there and they’re reporting what they know to be bogus.

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