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RUSH: Do you know the stories about the things that this mayor in San Diego’s been doing? I mean, it is jaw dropping. This is a Democrat mayor, the things that he has been doing to women for years is just jaw dropping, and there hasn’t been any coverage of it. I mean, there’s starting to be some now, but while it was going on, there was none. And when you read these stories, it is a textbook case of discrimination and abuse by a guy, a man with more power than the women who work near him, for him, with him. If you’re gonna start teaching things in women’s studies classes, this would be something to teach. I mean, this is textbook how this guy has behaved, how he’s on getting away with it, as a Democrat.

I mean, the feminazis could use this to raise all kinds of awareness and money for another decade but they’re not because he’s a Democrat. So everybody’s trying to sweep it under the — this guy coulda probably called ’em sluts and nothing woulda happened to him. Ahem. We have 30 seconds to decide whether we want to let that go or cancel that out. We’re gonna let that one go. Staff approves of that one, fine and dandy, it’s there.

The response by all the usual suspects to this mayor — his name is Filner — is nothing. There’s no response. Gloria Allred’s not doing anything. There’s nothing. And this is a War on Women. This is how it happens. This is real discrimination against women. This is real abuse of women. This is objectifying ’em, treating them like second-class citizens. This is it. This is what the feminazis have been teaching against forever, and they ignore it, because the guy is a good Democrat. And above all else, the party and the movement must be saved. In fact, more than saved. Not even harmed.

You compare this, this is actual abuse, this is actual discrimination, textbook discrimination, textbook abuse. And there is not one reaction of note anywhere. And you compare that to the just out of control, nonsensical reaction to a word that was accidentally used and apologized for, and I tell you, it is stunning. Where are those same exact people on this genuinely abhorrent set of abuses by this mayor? It’s liberal hypocrisy and essentially liberal hypocrisy’s not possible. Liberals are not hypocrites so it doesn’t get talked about, doesn’t get reported on.

The AP, in a random act of journalism, has actually published a summary type list of this guy’s abuses. It prints out to almost a page and a half. I’m not gonna go through it all, but it involves credible evidence that Filner harassed more than one woman, failed to respect women who work for him, intimidated them, forcibly kissed them, texted sexually explicit messages to them, set up dates with other women in the presence of his former fiancee. A sexual harassment suit was filed against him. In another instance a woman claimed that Filner patted her buttocks at a campaign event when he was a congressman.

Now, you might say, “Aw, come on, Rush, that’s not any big deal.” It’s a pattern, and you let the wrong person pat the wrong buttocks and it is a major, major headline if it happens to be a Republican doing this. “Four women, including a retired US Navy admiral, publicly identified themselves Thursday as targets of Mayor Bob FilnerÂ’s unwanted sexual advances.” And this guy’s defiant as hell. “I’m not going anywhere. What? I didn’t do anything. Counseling? Yeah, maybe, but I didn’t do anything. Hell with you.”

CNN exclusive today: Two more women come forward, say San Diego mayor harassed them. And he did it using his power. This is classic feminazi-ism 101. This is the kind of stuff that they wanted women to believe that every man was capable of, and that every man engaged in. And now here is man who did all of this in spades but he happens to be a Democrat, and so it’s no big deal. This story today is about a woman named Fernandez who say “the former chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee used his significant power and credentials to access military sexual assault survivors,” and he preyed on them.

You know why sexual harassers prey on sexual assault survivors? It’s because statistically they are less likely to complain. It’s almost like battered wife syndrome. Once it’s happened, they sort of expect it to happen again and they don’t report it as often as the first-timers. It’s all here. Money quote after money quote after money quote. I mean, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz has called for the guy to resign but, you know, that’s nothing. Pretty much nonevent, nonstory.

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