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RUSH: Here’s Donald in Walnut, California. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Well, it’s my pleasure indeed Rush. First of all, full disclosure. I don’t own any Apple stock or any Apple products. About 25 or 30 years ago when I started using computers, I took the Microsoft fork in the road and unfortunately I didn’t take the Apple fork in the investment road because I would have been very happy.

But nonetheless, the situation with the shakedown, this attempted shakedown of Apple reminds me so much of what happened when Jim Barksdale of Netscape complained, sniveled to the government that mean old Microsoft was embedding this browser, and unfortunately, Bill Gates showed up before the Senate committee and essentially bent down, grabbed his ankles, instead of using the defense that Hank Rearden used in Atlas Shrugged. I would have loved if he had said he doesn’t recognize them as being spokesmen for the public and that the public, who are his customers, they can curtail his profit any time they want by not buying their products, and then said but say thank you and get up and leave. That would have been wonderful, but unfortunately it didn’t happen because I guess —

RUSH: Well, you’re the second guy that’s compared the Apple shakedown to the Microsoft. But I don’t think the Department of Justice tried with Microsoft what they’re trying here with Apple. The Department of Justice has asked a judge to let the Obama administration run iTunes, run the Apple store, on the premise that Apple is screwing everybody. Everybody at Apple voted for Obama, too. This is another example, just boggles my mind.

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