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RUSH: Now, I mentioned RushLimbaugh.com. There is a virtual museum there, the Limbaugh Broadcast Museum, and it is phenomenal. I recommend constantly that people go there. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, we have updated the Limbaugh Museum. It went live just this morning. Now, to get there, it’s plain as day, just go to RushLimbaugh.com and just find the museum and click on it and it will take you there.

Along the sides of the hall in the Limbaugh Museum we have images highlighting moments in my career from the last five years since we first opened the museum. So we’ve updated it, and we’ve added things that have happened the last five years. We’ve added a replica of my bust from the Hall of Famous Missourians. On each side of the bust we have Two If By Tea vending machines. In the Limbaugh Broadcast Museum, we have a couple of vending machines for Two If By Tea. These look so good, we’re gonna have to make ’em. We’re gonna have to build some of these.

At the back of the Great Hall in the Limbaugh Broadcast Museum, we’ve added the Rush Impressions Gallery. You can click on the faces of nearly 40 famous people and hear me impersonating them. We’ve got Clinton, Perot, Obama. We’ve got Alabama Senator Howell Heflin. We even have the famous Judge Susan Hoerchner from the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. (interruption) Who? Maya Angelou, “A Rock, A River, A Tree.” She did the poem at the first Clinton inauguration.

We’ve also made some updates to existing parts of the museum which people can explore and find, and we have a new premium. It’s a Rush 24/7 premium that commemorates the EIB 25th anniversary. It’s a T-shirt, free T-shirt signifying the 25th anniversary. It’s free with a subscription to Rush 24/7, the website. So it’s all there. But the work that Koko and his gang, Michaele and others have done in the museum is just incredible, and I would be remiss not pointing it out.

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