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RUSH: Now, speaking of Two If By Tea, we’ve got a little special that we’re running here on the tea. I’ve mentioned to you that one of the most enjoyable things that we do is make the phone call to our sweepstakes winners and tell them that they have won. It is one of our greatest joys. We get to meet these people on the phone, and people have said, “Well, why don’t you play these calls on the air?” Well, you have to get permission from people before you record them, and that takes the spontaneity out of it. People know they’re being recorded, they start acting or they clam up, one of the two. So it’s not something that can be done on a routine basis. But we have secured permission from the most recent winners, the people that won our biggest Two If By Tea sweepstakes yet, a Jeep Patriot.

The grand prize winner was a lovely lady from Oklahoma, and they granted us permission to play the call. Kathryn and I call them. The call is made around six or seven at night so we hope to find people at home. We always hope they pick up rather than let the call go to voice mail, and this winner happened to pick up. So here’s how the last telephone call to our last sweepstakes winner sounded.



RUSH: Phyllis, hi, Rush Limbaugh here, and my wife Kathryn, and we’re on the phone to tell you that you are it. You’re the big winner, Phyllis, of the Jeep Patriot as part of our Two If By Tea sweepstakes.

PHYLLIS: You’re kidding me.

KATHRYN: No. This is Kathryn. How are you?

PHYLLIS: I’m fine. I am delighted to talk to you. My goodness. We won a Jeep! I can’t believe it!

RUSH: Well, believe it. It happened. That’s why we’re calling you. We’re so excited. This is one of the biggest sweepstakes that we’ve had, and it’s a beautiful SUV. It’s all yours now.

PHYLLIS: Oh, my.

HUSBAND: You’re my hero.

RUSH: (laughing) Yes, I’m used to that.

PHYLLIS: No, you are our hero.

HUSBAND: Listen to you every day, every chance I can.

RUSH: When you entered, did you think you had a chance at winning or were you just doing it to do it?

PHYLLIS: You know, I did. I honestly did. I thought to myself, my, wouldn’t this be wonderful, ’cause our car’s getting broke down.

KATHRYN: Ah, that is —

RUSH: That is so great. Every winner that we’ve had I’ve asked them that and every winner thought that they were gonna win. This is incredible. You’re keeping the streak alive.

PHYLLIS: Oh, my gosh. Well, thank you so much. I don’t know what to say. I can’t imagine anything more wonderful.

RUSH: We really thank you guys because you really help us help the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation by buying the tea and then entering the sweepstakes and everything, and they just do great work, and all of you that help us make this possible are just great. We really do have profound appreciation and love for you. We’re really honored that you’re in the audience, people like you that make the country work and everything. We really are happy to have you join our winners roster here.

HUSBAND: You come by out here one of these days and let’s go fishing.

RUSH: (laughing)

HUSBAND: You can’t imagine what a big thrill it is to actually talk to you.

PHYLLIS: Oh, honestly, I’ve never tried to call your show ’cause I know how hard it is to get in, but we’re total conservative people, and we love America, and we love what you do for America.

RUSH: Well, God bless you. God bless you. And thank you again. We’re really thrilled that you are the winners and congratulations again. And don’t forget, now, we’ll be back in touch with you to handle all the logistics of this.

PHYLLIS: I appreciate it, and thank you so much.

HUSBAND: Thank you a lot.

RUSH: Take care, you guys.

KATHRYN: Congratulations!

PHYLLIS: Bye-bye.

KATHRYN: Bye-bye.


RUSH: That’s the edited version. That’s about two minutes. It went on for probably another three or four, but that’s the condensed version. They’re a great couple. They’re from Oklahoma, and they are the winners of a Jeep Patriot. They’ve got it. They picked it. It’s white. You can see a picture of this couple and their brand-new Jeep Patriot at TwoIfByTea.com.

We’re gonna own you on websites, folks. You’ve got numerous websites to go to: RushLimbaugh.com, TwoIfByTea.com. In fact, today and tomorrow only, we’re gonna do something in honor of the 25th anniversary and the latest sweepstakes winners. Today and tomorrow only, all cases of the finest, most patriotic, the best iced tea in this country are just 10 bucks. It’s ten bucks a case — and, of course, free shipping. It’s 12 bottles delivered right to you — you can’t beat it — through tomorrow (Friday) at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, TwoIfByTea.com.

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