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RUSH: The Weiner situation, folks, every day arrives, and I keep looking for the opportunity to sweep this aside. The day has not yet arrived. There is still news with Weiner and Huma. Some of the news is that Huma is out. Huma has left Hillary. There is a lot of buzz — a’bzz bzz bzz — asking, “Did Hillary fire Huma, did Huma simply go on an extended vacation, or is Huma just gone because she doesn’t want any part of this and the grand strategery didn’t work?”


RUSH: By the way, this Weiner business? I have to tell you something. You know, you have to admire Weiner. The guy just won’t quit.

You know, I think maybe instead of Carlos Danger, his online name should be Carlos Cialis, or Carlos Viagra. The guy just won’t quit! (interruption) Well, yeah, two minute… (interruption) No, he’s the less-than-30-second man. That’s on the phone. On the phone, he’s less-than-30-second man, according to the sextpot who did the sexting with Weiner. But I’m thinking, the guy just doesn’t quit. Carlos Cialis would have been a better name, Carlos Viagra.

If he keeps this up another 48 hours, I think he ought go see a doctor.

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