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RUSH: The Weiner Stack is growing. His fortunes are shrinking. In fact, there’s a piece here by Tina Brown, there’s two things here that are actually interesting. There’s a piece by Tina Brown in which she says we gotta stop with all the dickmanship. Yeah. Here it is. Tina Brown shares her thoughts on what she called “dickmanship,” and we gotta get rid of it.

And then, folks, are you ready for this? Let me find this. I’m gonna have to paraphrase it. I’m really sorry. I’m not as organized as I usually am because I had an hour and 20 — actually, it was longer than that ’cause they had to do makeup and all that, so I’ve had actually two hours, probably, of show prep taken up. Yeah. H.R. says, “We can tell you miss TV.”

“Seventy-eight Percent of Young Women Approve of Weiner — Sugar daddy dating website SeekingArrangement.com found that 78 percent of female clients aged 18-26 approve of Weiner.” Now, stick with me on this. These are the women, 24-year-olds who were scared to death by me. Twenty-four-year-old girls scared because — of course I’m forceful in my opinions. I’m confident. I’m self-reliant. I’m self-assured, and that frightens them, that is threatening. But these same women, 78% of young women approve of Weiner. I don’t know about older woman because this site didn’t ask anybody but this age-group. It’s the clients of this website, SeekingArrangement.com. It’s a sugar daddy dating website, Snerdley. This is not a standard political poll.

Now, here’s the thing about this. In reality, this is not that hard to believe or understand, if you put it in context with the experience that young women are having at universities these days. Universities are 65% female enrollment, 35% of the male enrollment are either metrosexual or gay and just want to hook up when they feel like it. And we’ve had stories about the female population of college students. White women are leading the way on these hookups. And it is these women by a 78% margin that approve of Weiner because he’s no different and what he did is no different than what their daily experience is. Sexting, hooking up.

By the way, this is not a joke, folks. I’m not saying this represents the mainstream young women population. This is a particular website called SeekingArrangement.com. What this website does, it connects wealthy patrons with attractive clients, and they surveyed 18,000 of their female members. This is not a poll with a relative sample of 1,200 or so. There are 18,000 members of this sugar daddy dating site, 63% of all women surveyed approved of Weiner. The highest approval rating in the 18-to-26 demographic, and that was 78%.

Now, in the experience a lot of women on college campi are having today, that’s not that hard to understand. It’s part of the changing America, and it is changing.


RUSH: I was just joking. I’ve got more than a Weiner Stack. I do have other things. Plus we’re gonna have your phone calls, and Snerdley wants to know on this sugar daddy website, “How much loot does it take to be a sugar daddy?” See, Snerdley, if you have to ask that, then you can’t be one.


RUSH: Jesse, Allentown, Pennsylvania. It’s great to have you, and you’re up first today. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very good. Thank you.

CALLER: Good. I want to get right to the point. I was listening to what you were talking about earlier, that survey of women that was done talking about the 78% of that demographic that like Anthony Weiner. The thing that’s frustrating to me is you offered a comment that these are the same women that are also afraid of you or don’t like you. And it’s very simple. I don’t think they’re afraid of you. What they’re afraid of is Anthony Weiner represents someone who’s narcissistic, not the brightest light on the tree, but also an easy mark. These same women that like him, they like him because these are the men in their own life that they would grab, take advantage of to get whatever they can out of him instead of taking care of themselves, and use them for what they need. Just like his wife Huma is standing by him because she wants what’s coming to her. The reason they don’t like you is they know that you would see right through them and they could never use you. So it’s not a question that they’re afraid of you. They just don’t like the fact that they can’t use somebody like you. And I get frustrated because I have to think that there’s other women out there that completely agree with me. Anthony Weiner is not somebody to be upheld, proud of, or anything. He’s just a pathetic figure that these young women attach to because it’s just like, “Ooh, I want a man like that in my life.”

RUSH: This Weiner Stack is hilarious, because the Clintons are losing it over this. Every day they’re getting madder and madder over being compared to the Weiners. They’re even now getting mad at Huma. The long knives are out for Huma on this, which I thought I would never see from the Clintons. But back to your theory. Do you really believe that 24-year-old women don’t like me because they don’t think they could control me?

CALLER: Absolutely. There’s a lot of young women, and I’ve known a lot of them growing up, where they would rather latch onto a guy that’s gonna take care of them, that they can manipulate —

RUSH: Wait a minute, though. A 24-year-old woman’s not looking to latch on to me?

CALLER: Oh, believe me, I have 38-year-old friends that are my age that are still looking to latch on to guys. What I’m saying is that it’s not that they want to latch on to you; you represent everything that they don’t like. You represent the strength in a man and fortitude, hard worker, but, by the same token, you’re not gonna be taken advantage of. You’re gonna care for someone you love and have an equal partnership, but you’re not gonna allow somebody to take advantage of you. That’s what they don’t like.

RUSH: Really? It goes that deep, huh?

CALLER: I think it does. There’s a lot of women out there that don’t want to work hard and don’t want to be self-sufficient and want to be an equal partner.

RUSH: I never chalked it up to that. To the extent that I believed it, I chalked it up to the fact that these women that are being spoken about, the 24-year-old women, they just don’t like somebody so damn sure of himself, somebody that sees black and white. They want somebody who’s touchy and feely and open to compromise. I’m told that they think I’m too forceful, that I’m threatening with my demeanor and my attitude.

And it’s not just me, by the way, in the instances in which I’ve been told. It’s anybody, any conservative who gets passionate scares them. The passion just scares them. Because nobody’s supposed to be that sure of themselves. Nobody’s supposed to have it figured out. It represents closed-mindedness, when you’re that sure of yourself. And that’s why, I’m told, that I’m considered a threat. Because my confidence and self-assuredness equals close mindedness. Loud, shouting, yelling, closed-mindedness. And it scares them.

So it doesn’t matter. They think Weiner is cool. And it fits. It fits with the modern experience of college age women, the hookup culture. By the way, on this Weiner business, they surveyed, 24% of African-Americans think Weiner’s cool. Twenty-four percent are actually fine. Now, how different is what Weiner does than what is rapped about in hip-hop? Weiner may be cool in that regard. Folks, the country is changing. (interruption) You think 24% is low in the black community liking Weiner? Yeah. Well, it could mean that 76% don’t. I mean, you gotta factor that some don’t know who he is at the same time.


RUSH: You know, our caller may have a point. The UK Daily Mail: “WEINER EXCLUSIVE! Weiner’s Sexting Partner Offered Sex for Cash and Bragged About Milking sugar Daddies She Called ‘Super-Pathetic’ for Thousands of Dollars.” his is the Leathers woman. She see 22. She’s 22 and she’s admitting that what’s attractive about these sugar daddies is they can be manipulated. She got $1000 out of one of these guys for just a half hour.

She said these older guys particularly, the married guys who’ve been beaten down are the easy marks. Older, beaten-down married guys are the easiest marks. She’s 22. (interruption) It doesn’t say. It just says, “Cost of earning $1,000 is just 30 minutes with one sugar daddy.” (interruption) I don’t know if it’s sexting, texting, or if it’s actually in the room with the sugar daddy doing the nasty. (interruption) I don’t know. It doesn’t say. I didn’t read it far enough.

It doesn’t matter.

The point is that it proves the point of this caller, that this young woman is looking at a man she can manipulate and score money off of. I think in the case of these women that I’m told about, I think it’s just… (interruption) Weiner dated a political blogger? (interruption) Oh, yeah, yeah. He dangled a job at The Politico in front of her. He said, “You give me what I want here and I’ll get you a job at The Politico.” (interruption) Yeah. He probably could. Monica got a job, probably did. It’s a thousand dollars for a Lewinsky.

I just read the story said the Leathers babe got $1000 in 30 minutes for a Lewinsky.


RUSH: I think there’s another way to express this, “I don’t like somebody that sure of themselves.” What that really means is that there really isn’t a right and wrong. Everything’s open to interpretation, that there is no right and wrong. Of course, I come along and say everything that’s wrong, and they don’t like that.

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