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RUSH: I gotta do the Weiner stuff ’cause it’s just funny. The Clintons are just loaded for bear here on the Weiners. Every day they’re getting madder and madder and madder at the Weiners’ attempt to equate themselves with the Clintons. It’s funny. The Clintons are literally outraged by this. New York Daily News: “Anthony Weiner Would Remain Defiant Even if the Clintons Called for Him to Drop Out of Mayoral Race.”

“‘I am not terribly interested in what people who are not voters in the city of New York have to say,’ Weiner said in response to a question about whether the former president and secretary of state, who live in Westchester County, could influence his decision. He said he only was thinking about New Yorkers, and ‘I am focused like a laser beam on their interests.'”

And then here’s this story, 78% of young women in a poll of 18,000, not a sample of the usual 1,200, but 18,000 women on a sugar daddy website, 78% of ’em 18 to 26 love Weiner. I know it sounds funny, but it is what it is. And overall on this website, it’s in the sixties who approve of Weiner. Here’s a story. Sally Quinn in the Washington Post blaming Huma. Before we get into this piece, let’s go to the audio sound bite number two, ’cause they dovetail. Low-information outreach, folks.

My efforts to reach out to the low-information audience continue to pay dividends. They wouldn’t be expected to know this at Entertainment Tonight because nobody in the pop culture reads Maureen Dowd any longer, but before I play the sound bite I want to read for you how Maureen Dowd of the New York Times opened her Sunday column. Quote, “Huma was raised in Saudi Arabia, where women are treated worse by men than anywhere else on the planet. Comparatively speaking, the pol [Weiner] from Queens probably seems like a prince. Even though he?’s a punk.”

So Maureen Dowd writes a piece on Sunday, says Huma was raised in Saudi Arabia where the only difference between women and a bag of excrement’s is the bag. And so Maureen Dowd’s saying that Weiner looks like a panacea compared to the men that she was exposed to growing up. Okay, that’s Maureen Dowd, no conservative, who wrote that. Entertainment Tonight last night, here’s a portion of a report by the cohost Rob Marciano about the latest scandal involving Weiner and Huma Weiner and, of course, your lovable host, me.

MARCIANO: What role does religion play? Anthony is Jewish, and Huma is Muslim. Controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the air about their interfaith marriage.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Huma is a Muslim. In that regard, Weiner ought to be able to get away with anything. Muslim women don’t have any power, right? Muslim women are beheaded, stoned, whatever, if they drive, have affairs. In certain countries Muslim women, if they’re raped, are killed. It’s their fault.

LUDWIG: The Muslim-American women are not getting stoned and beheaded, and they don’t think the reason why Huma is afraid to leave her husband is because she’s gonna get stoned.

RUSH: I didn’t say that! Did you hear that? That was Robi Ludwig, who is a psychotherapist. (interruption) Should have just stopped at psycho? Okay, Robi Ludwig, psycho, who probably thinks the Redskins ought to change their name. We gotta hear this again because everything I said here is accurate. I did not say Huma’s gonna get stoned. I was talking about she’s Muslim, and all I said was what Maureen Dowd said, in my own way. I’m not making it up. This is not even an attack. We’ve seen the movie, The Stoning of Soraya M., Iranian woman. We know what happens to Muslim women. There are stories each and every day about it.

You know, this just goes to show there are certain things you cannot say without pop culture erupting and thinking it’s profoundly controversial. So they quote me and then they go to this psychotherapist (imitiation), “Muslim-American women are not getting stoned and beheaded, and I don’t think the reason why Huma is afraid to leave her husband is because…” I didn’t say that. I simply pointed out the difference in religion. Maureen Dowd made the point that Weiner might seem like a prince to Huma. So here comes Sally Quinn in the Washington Post. This is kind of like Bob Schieffer’s rant from Sunday, where he said the whole thing’s sickening, except this rant is from Sally Quinn, who is the unquestioned social doyenne of Washington society.

When Sally Quinn writes about something like this, we’re getting the view from the Mount Olympus of DC. And in this piece, Sally Quinn even says that Huma standing by Weiner was such a setback for women everywhere. But if I’m Huma I gotta be a little… why didn’t anybody say that about Clinton, about Hillary? If I’m Huma, I gotta feel betrayed right now. I’ve been Hillary’s body woman. I’ve been loyal. I’ve been everything Hillary wanted, and I’m trying to save my marriage, and now all these liberal women are throwing me overboard when they didn’t throw Hillary overboard. Sally Quinn writes that Huma standing by her husband is a setback for women everywhere.

In fact, folks, isn’t Hillary supposed to be the foremost champion for women in the history of the world, the world’s best role model? But Sally Quinn gives Huma hell here for following Hillary’s example to a T. Everything Sally Quinn says in this piece about Huma could be applied to Hillary in spades. But Sally Quinn doesn’t even seem to notice that. Now, arguably the funniest thing about this piece is that after all of her lambasting of Huma here — she calls her a “power mad liar” and a setback for women everywhere. After saying all of that about Huma, Sally Quinn suggests Huma run for office. “Blaming Huma Abedin.” It’s just amazing.

Byron York has a piece. It says the reason why Weiner can’t get away with it and Clinton did — what do you think the reason is? Why did Clinton get away with it and Weiner didn’t? Clinton denied it. This is Byron York’s theory. Clinton denied it. Gennifer Flowers, went on TV and denied it. He gave his war room buddy, Stephanopoulos and The Forehead every opportunity to go out and defend him. He didn’t do it. He sat there right next to Hillary on 60 Minutes and said Gennifer Flowers was lying. He didn’t do it. It was only later that secret tapes between Gennifer and Bill showed up. It was on those tapes, by the way, that Clinton compared Mario Cuomo to the Mafia, and Bill had to do some fast dancing and apologize on that. But he had denied it, and then Monica Lewinsky, he denied it.

There weren’t any pictures. He denied it. He went on TV, remember, he wagged that long, crooked finger (impression), “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time, ever. I never asked anybody to lie, not a single time. And now I gotta get back to work for the American people.” Turned around and walked out of the room. Didn’t do it. Denied Paula Jones, denied all of them. There weren’t any pictures. Weiner admitted it. Once you admit it, they can’t defend you. And this is the point that Byron York makes is that once you admit it, you are not Bill Clinton. And York even makes the point that the media, even though they knew Clinton was lying, they still had the denial and they marveled at how good he lied.

But Weiner sent the pictures, Weiner admitted it, Weiner resigned. Clinton didn’t do any of that. And that’s why the Clintons think that the Weiners are pikers, ’cause they had the stupidity to admit it. And then the Weiners furthermore said there would be more. The Clintons, even in the middle of proof, denied everything, including lying under oath. “There’s been a lot of debate about whether Huma Abedin, the wronged wife of New York sex fiend and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, is following the ‘Clinton playbook’ in standing by her man on the campaign trail. Bill and Hillary Clinton wrote Volume I of the playbook by surviving a big sex scandal in 1992, when Bill was first running for president. They added Volume II by surviving a bigger sex scandal in 1998, during his second term in the White House.

“Mrs. Clinton was a key player in her husband’s defense on both occasions, and today she is close with Abedin, her long-time aide. So why shouldn’t Abedin try to emulate her mentor’s success? Because it won’t work. Abedin can’t follow Volume I of the Clinton playbook because Weiner can’t deny everything, as Clinton did — falsely but successfully — in ’92. And she can’t follow Volume II because Weiner is not president of the United States.

So the Weiners cannot use the Clinton playbook because they’re not even following it. And the Clintons are offended because — I mean, they’re just offended that Weiner would attempt to elevate himself to the same vaunted perch that Clinton occupies. Now, remember, we’re talking about the Democrat Party, so vaunted perches are different things. But every day the stories continue how angry the Clintons are getting over this.


RUSH: Last night in the Bronx, after a candidate forum, Anthony Weiner spoke with reporters, and he said this about people calling for him to drop out of the race.

WEINER: I am not terribly interested in what people who are not voters in the city of New York have to say. I am focused like a laser beam on their interests. I’m focused like a laser beam on what they care about.

RUSH: Dissing the Clintons there, because the Clintons, you see, don’t live in New York City. They live in West Chester and Chappaqua. And then he added this.

WEINER: There are a lot of people who are saying a lot of things about this campaign. I’m interested in what pundits say, I’m interested in what other politicians say, but not that much.

RUSH: I don’t care what the Clintons are saying. Don’t ask me about it anymore. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, on the Today Show today terribly upset about Weiner.

MITCHELL: Friends say that the Clintons view Weiner as that son-in-law you’d never want in the family, but there is no sign they are pressuring Huma to get him out, despite concern in their inner circle of potential fallout for Hillary Clinton herself. But Weiner made it clear last night, he doesn’t care what the Clintons think.

RUSH: Yeah, on World News Now early this morning on ABC, Jeff Zeleny, former New York Times, now with ABC, the coanchor babe, said, “At a campaign appearance as late as last night people asked him about Hillary and the relationship he has with her. What did he have to say about that?”

ZELENY: It’s all about the Clintons. He said, “Look, I am only focusing on the people of New York City, the voters of New York City.” So he was not giving much respect to the Clintons. Of course, they don’t live in New York City; they live outside the city. So he basically said he’s not going to take his marching orders, his cues from the Clintons, to voters last night.

RUSH: This is not going to end well. Somebody needs to remind Weiner of Andrew Cuomo. Oh, before even Andrew, Bob Torricelli. Bill Clinton was sent to visit Torricelli. (Clinton impression) “Hey, Bob, how you doing, buddy? He-he-he. Yeah. Yeah, I got this piece of paper I need you to sign here on your way out. Trust me, trust me, I mean, you don’t want to mess around with this.” And thing the same Andrew Cuomo. “Andrew, you’re gonna drop out of this race. It just isn’t in the cards for you, buddy. Your time is coming, but it isn’t now. Just sign this. And John Huang, you’ve never see him, everything will be cool.” And those two guys both split. Weiner is hanging in.


RUSH: Yes, I think it’s safe to say that the young women, they surveyed 18,000 of ’em on this sugar daddy website, and 78% of the women 18 to 26 on this sugar daddy website, safe to say they hope Weiner sticks it out and hangs in there, and it looks like that’s gonna happen.

Now, Snerdley just asked me, they’re gonna do this Hillary miniseries, and how can they have one of those without me in it. Because the Hillary miniseries is not gonna focus on anything pre-Obama. From what I’ve read, and, of course, we won’t know ’til the thing airs — oh, probably we’ll know before that. But the speculation now is that the miniseries, the docudramas, I think there are two of them, NBC’s gonna do one and somebody else is gonna do one, they’re all gonna focus on Hillary from secretary of state on. There may not be a story, but there’s a hell of a lot of history revision that has to take place.

They gotta turn Benghazi around and make her look good in that. They gotta make her look good as secretary of state when she bungled it. They’ve gotta made her look good losing to Obama. The Arab Spring has to look good. They’re not gonna waste time on any of the pre-Obama Hillary stuff. I mean, she’ll probably be mentioned as a Senator, but they’re not gonna do anything from the nineties, none of that, from what I’ve read. Of course it’s gonna bomb. Diane Lane is gonna star as Hillary in one of them. My question remains, I just saw a picture of her, and I don’t know if she can fill out those pantsuits. I’ve said, I’ve said repeatedly — this is the kind of stuff coming up, by the way, that the 24-year-old girls just hate — that Hillary is just like all the other guys. She puts her pants on one leg at a time.

But Diane Lane, I mean, Snerdley, “How can you do a Hillary miniseries without vast right-wing conspiracies?” What is the purpose of the miniseries? It’s to get her elected. It’s to get her nominated. They don’t want to rehash the Clinton stuff where she was the doormat. That’s the doormat era. Hillary minus Bill is the focus of this. Hillary as secretary of state — (interruption) are you kidding, with the low-information voters? Some of these people that are gonna be watching this thing have never heard of Gennifer Flowers, never heard of Monica Lewinsky, and to the extent that they have, they think it’s all cool. Not a big deal. You’re applying the wrong metrics to this. You’re looking at somebody doing a miniseries on Hillary to expose her.

That’s not what this is. This is building her up. This is creating the Hillary that everybody thinks exists, that everybody hoped would happen. This is to create a myth, not rehash what really happened. That’s why they’ve gotta do it, to overcome what really happened. Not highlight it. Some days you surprise me in not understanding the leftist media and the pop culture. I don’t think they care about ratings, Snerdley. They don’t care about ratings in this. I mean, granted, they hope a lot of people watch, but they’re not doing this for ratings, ’cause once this airs, excerpts can air on cable news forever. Once this airs they have re-created the person, new image, everything. This will become the new reality that everybody’s exposed to. It’s simply the vehicle in the reconstruction effort. Maybe not the best choice of words, but in the remaking. They’re finally gonna put Hillary on TV in a miniseries as they always hoped and thought she would be, smartest woman in the world, whatever. Chelsea will be in there.

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