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RUSH: Here’s Doug in Chesapeake, Virginia. Doug, thanks for waiting. I really appreciate it.

CALLER: Hey, brother Rush, mega dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, listen, I wanted to… I’m gonna disagree with you here. I do not believe Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democrats in 2016, and history — at least recent history, the last 50 years or so — is on my side. The Democrats do not do retreads in their presidential politics. The Republicans, on the other hand, do nothing but. If you look back again to the ’60 election, in most cases, with a few exceptions like George W. Bush and Barry Goldwater, whoever came in second in the nomination process always ends up the presidential nominee. The Democrats are just the opposite. Hillary was handed… Well, she supposedly was anointed in 2008, and she couldn’t close the deal when her own party. She couldn’t sell it.

RUSH: Doug…? One of the reasons why I asked Snerdley to have you hold on is to tell you that you do not disagree with me. I…

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: I am on record back in 2007 as telling everyone this. The popular conventional wisdom was that Hillary was gonna be not just the nominee, but the president. I had executives at Fox News tell me in dire tones, “There is an 80% chance,” this is 2006 or 2007, “that Hillary Clinton is gonna be the next president,” and I never bought it.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I misunderstood you yesterday, then.

RUSH: No, you didn’t. I don’t think she’s gonna be the nominee in 2012. In fact, I’m on record as saying the Democrat nominee in 2016 is gonna be Chris Christie.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, that might be but it’s not gonna be Hillary.

RUSH: I don’t think it’s gonna be Hillary. I’ve never thought so, because I’ve always said she is not this brainiac that her conventional wisdom says. She messed up so much of what the Clinton administration gave her. Health care. The bimbo eruptions. She’s it is not the Smartest Woman in the World. I have never drank that Kool-Aid on Hillary. I did not think she was gonna be the nominee in 2008, and I didn’t think she was gonna be elected president, and I was a lone wolf saying so. It was I who did Operation Chaos to keep her candidacy alive in 2008!

CALLER: Well, I stand corrected and ask for your forgiveness then.

RUSH: Well, what did you think you heard me say?

CALLER: I thought… Basically it just sounded like you thought the conventional — or at least you were commenting on it. Maybe that’s what I caught. You were reporting on the conventional wisdom that she’s gonna be the nominee, and I was just thinking —

RUSH: It is!

CALLER: — that the evidence against that based on history and Biden is Obama’s guy, Biden is the one Obama’s gonna want to see succeed him.

RUSH: There was a caller yesterday who went off on a conspiratorial rant. It was fascinating to listen to, but it was a conspiratorial rant just based on a Hillary-Obama lunch. They had lunch yesterday, and this guy called and said what was happening here is that… I forget now what he said, but it was that this lunch was to set up Hillary in 2016 or what have you. I just have never swallowed that Kool-Aid, that conventional wisdom.

Certain elements of the Democrat Party and the media think that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world. They now think she is dramatically owed. She is owed. I’ve been through this. She’s owed for helping sustain Clinton’s career. She’s owed for giving up her own life and moving to Arkansas. She is owed for tolerating the bimbo eruptions and staying with Clinton, which enabled his career to continue.

She’s a pathetic figure in that sense. She’s looked at as the nominee because they owe it to her. Well, you’re right. That’s what we do. “Bob Dole? Your turn. Mitt Romney? Your turn. You didn’t get it 2008 ’cause McCain and Huckabee played some games, so it’s your turn.” We, on the Republican side, do that. I think the contest in 2016 on the Democrat side is gonna be between Rahm Emanuel and Andrew Cuomo — and Chris Christie.

CALLER: Well, I think Cuomo certainly is gonna be a name mixed up in there, but like I said: Hillary, they already tried to reward her for being history’s biggest doormat, and since then she’s got more baggage being the doormat for Obama, taking the bullets for him, or that’s the narrative anyway.

RUSH: Well, I know, that’s the narrative.

CALLER: And it’s just it is not gonna work. Like besides Cuomo, there are some other fresh faces in the Democrats who are gonna run.

RUSH: I remember what it was. This guy yesterday, Doug, called and said his theory is the only way Hillary had a chance of being the next president was if Obama screwed up. Because a successful Obama second term would not lead to her. It’ll lead to a Republican. He’s got to screw up in order for her to win the presidency. Not get the nomination, but get the presidency. This guy said that Hillary was in there trying to strike a deal to get Obama to screw up in the last two years to pave the way for her.

That was his, you know, out-of-this-world theory and so forth.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: I told him I hadn’t even gone one step in that direction. I just can’t see it. You know, Hillary goes to the White House and says to Obama, “Okay, pal. Look, I’ve taken every bullet for you. Benghazi, you name it. You gotta screw up your last two years so that I have a chance,” and Obama says (impression), “You know what? You’re exactly right”? It just doesn’t happen. I’m sorry. I don’t see it. I think there’s a lot of fear about Hillary in the Republican side.

That’s why I think that everybody thinks that she’s a lock. She was a lock in 2008, and the first chance the Democrats had to throw her overboard, they took it. And for what? Somebody inexperienced, who had no track record, nothing. He wasn’t owed anything. All he’d done is give a speech at the ’04 Democrat convention. That was it. They threw her overboard! I remember taking up her cause in Operation Chaos. I was the one making the case of how mean the Democrats been to her and how they mistreated her.

“All that she’s done for them, and they throw her overboard for a guy!” I said, “So much for feminism.”

Anyway, Doug, I appreciate the call.

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