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RUSH: Angela in Dallas, it’s great to have you. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. So good to talk to you. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I just about choked on my coffee this morning when I heard the recommendation by the Black Caucus for Sheila Jackson Lee to be the head of DHS. I’m from Texas, and this woman is a colossal embarrassment to the majority of the citizens of Texas. We panic when we see the camera pan to her and at the thought of somebody handing her a microphone, because she is so far from representing any of us. So on the surface it was hysterical to think about her in this position, but when I think about the things that I thought were hysterical that could never happen but that have happened in the last four years, it’s positively frightening to think of this woman in this position.

RUSH: I was just e-mailing with a friend of mine who sent me a note — excuse me here a second — that Bradley Manning was found not guilty in the trial. This is the guy that gave tens of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and the first reports were that he was found not guilty. It turns out that he has been found guilty of certain things. It’s still unfolding. At any rate, I get this note from a friend of mine who can’t believe this.

This guy is very active in national security issues and is very much a supporter of the NSA data-mining program. In fact, I’m reading a novel right now that makes a very pervasive case for what the NSA is trying to do with the monitoring of phone calls and so forth. At any rate, my friend in the e-mail says he just can’t believe it. He said, “You know, I just heard you say, Rush, that the country is changing.”

He said, “You’re right. It has changed. It’s not ‘in the process.'” I wrote him back, and I said, “Stop and think a minute,” and I’m honest here, folks. I do not — given what has happened in this country in the last four years, and given where are we with pop culture and the entire low-information voter population and the ease… I mean, the relative ease with which Obama is escaping any accountability.

I wrote him back and I said, “How in the world did George W. Bush ever get elected twice? How did he get elected, period? How in the world?” because otherwise we’re to believe that this massive change, which is a cultural decay and deterioration and the celebration, the rise to triumph of the low-information American. I’m sitting here — and I’m sure you are, too — saying this seemingly has happened overnight, where nothing makes any sense anymore.

I’m saying, “Things just don’t happen this fast, not in a country this big. If this change that is happening now is real, it would have been percolating for years, and I don’t know how Bush ever got elected. I don’t know how we ever got a resolution to use force in Iraq, given the way we are told (and we have to believe it because of election returns) the way the country is.” You know, the Limbaugh Theorem does not totally answer this.

It seems like this country has gone from a constitutional representative republic to a banana republic overnight, while none of us were looking. All it took was the election of a Democrat. How did John Kerry lose? It’s something that still perplexes me. You know, there’s a part of me hoping that it really hasn’t changed, that the country really hasn’t changed as it appears to have. But I don’t want to lie to myself about it.

What could constitute media reporting and pop culture reporting that creates this impression of massive change? You can’t ignore that Democrats are winning elections. Republicans did hold the House, but there’s no push-back from the Republicans on anything that’s happening. There’s total capitulation and acquiescence, be it Obamacare or amnesty or any budget item. It just seems like… So the Republicans believe the country’s changed. They believe it. They are a distinct, infinitesimal minority.

Something is not making sense in all this.


RUSH: It’s unbelievable to see the headline: “Manning Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy.” He did aid the enemy. Bradley Manning aided the enemy. He’s been found not guilty of it. He was acquitted of the most serious charge. That’s the bottom line to this.

Anyway, greetings, my friends, and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh on the cutting edge of societal evolution.

So I’m now being inundated with e-mails. “Rush Limbaugh, I can’t believe how naive you are thinking this change just took place in the last four years.” Folks, that’s not what I was saying, and I may not have expressed it properly. I know there’s been a 65-, 70-year assault on this country by the American left, even predating Woodrow Wilson. In fact, there’s been an assault on this country ever since it was founded, opponents to the Constitution and all this. I mean, I’m not naive about that. I was trying to express how rapidly it seems we’ve reached the point of no return.

Look, some things are very obvious. I say Bush got elected twice, but one time he actually didn’t. Popular vote, he lost. In 2000 Bush lost the popular vote, won the Electoral College vote. In 2004, he won that one. That was also a close election. There were no landslides with Bush. The eight years between Bush being elected in 2000 and Obama being elected in 2008, in those eight years you had bunch of young people who had been steeped, raised, exposed to leftist culture and pop culture coming of age, able to vote. Same time, same eight years, a lot of older Reagan voters passed away, and, in 2008, some of them just said “to hell with it” and stayed home, didn’t vote.

That was a dramatic demographic change. And you add to it 2008, 2012, but especially 2008, the Republicans presented hardly any opposition to Obama. Even at that, McCain was leading Obama prior to the trumped-up financial crisis. But I’m fully aware it’s been a 50-year assault, that students in the public school system and American universities have been marinated in liberalism and so forth. I guess the most accurate way for me to express what I’m talking about is how quickly we’ve reached the point of no return. It does seem we have because there appears to be total capitulation by the Republicans to what the Democrats want, total acquiescence.

Those people are in the business of getting elected and we’d have to assume that they are doing what they think or what they have been told they have to do to get elected. And most politicians are gonna be populist and try to reflect in campaigns what they think people want to hear. Most politicians are. Advertising is a similar window to where culture is, as is pop culture, is a great window that allows people to see where the country at large is. So, as I say, I’m not thinking every bit of change has taken place here in four years. It’s just the tipping point has been reached. But I’m still not confident that that’s true either. I haven’t thrown in the towel. I’m not sitting here thinking it can’t be stopped and turned back. I could be an idiot on that, but I haven’t.

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