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RUSH: Now, in addition, I haven’t had a chance to listen to these, Mike Lee from Utah, Republican senator from Utah is the guy leading the defunding effort, and I spoke with him last week about his strategery. He was on Fox News Sunday yesterday with Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace said, “Five Senate Republicans who originally signed on to your effort, no government funding unless you stop funding Obamacare –” that’s the continuing resolution the government shut down, he’s says, “those five senators have now dropped out of your effort, and one of your Senate Republican colleagues is calling it ‘one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard.'”

LEE: This is yet another instance of Washington versus everyone else. And we’ve got to stop Washington from dividing the American people. We’ve gotta stop Washington from hurting the American people. That’s what’s happening here. The fact is that Americans, by a margin of about two to one, believe this law will make their health care situation worse, not better. Only 12% support the individual mandate. Businesses don’t like it. Individuals hate it. Union leaders say it will be bad for workers, and even the law’s principal author in the Senate describes it as a train wreck. The law is bad. The law is certainly not ready to implement, and we shouldn’t fund it.

RUSH: Chris Wallace then says, “But Republican leaders make this point: They say a funding bill, funding the government, is only gonna last for a year or even less, so even if you got what you wanted, you wouldn’t kill Obamacare, you’d simply delay it for a year. And they also say that if we were to follow your logic and end up either with a government shutdown or if you tied it to an increase in the debt limit, that it’s precisely the kind of action that you heard from Karl Rove that’s gonna make it hard for Republicans to keep control of the House and have any chance of winning the Senate.”

LEE: I understand that there are some in the Washington establishment, some from both political parties who aren’t happen with me over this, and in this instance I’m gonna take that as a compliment, an indication that I’m doing something right. The fact is that we can delay this bill. Maybe we can’t repeal it right now, but we can delay its funding, and if we can delay it, we can stop its consequences at least for now. And we have to do that. There were many of us who were elected specifically with this mandate in mind, that we’ve gotta stop this law.

RUSH: Washington does not want it stopped, folks. Washington does not have a problem with Obamacare. It’s government, after all, and they like government. They like process. I’ll never forget an interview I saw with The Loser, my affectionate nickname for Michael Dukakis, the Democrat nominee in 1988. Somebody was asking him the usual question, “Why do you want to be president?” He was in his office in Brookline or wherever it is, his sleeves were rolled up, and he says (imitation), “I love process. I just love process. I just love the process.” I’m saying, what is the world?

He likes the process of government. He likes the deal-making. He likes the back-and-forth. He likes government being the center of the universe. He likes government being the center of everybody’s universe. And of course people in Washington do. Washington is a government town. Everybody there — I used to think it was just liberals. But there are too many Republicans now peddling this capitulation as strategy and political victory, ’cause they don’t have a problem with government. McCain’s one of them. He doesn’t have a problem with government. Loves it, in fact. And whatever government does is fine. He might have an incidental disagreement with a little thing here, over there, but in general, under the big umbrella government, it’s all good.

Most everybody in that town is the same way. By the way, folks, this is why Obama tries to make himself appear not to be part of that town. That’s why he does the Limbaugh Theorem. He knows. It’s why he’s making it look like those people in Washington are out of control, they’re doing this stuff and I’m trying to stop ’em.

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