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RUSH: Chris in Nashville, it’s great to have you on the program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, tomorrow, I understand the president will be in Chattanooga to visit the Amazon fulfillment center as part of his jobs tour where, as a side note, they employ thousands of part-time temp workers that make a living wage. I also noticed that when I get your tea delivered to me that it comes from a distribution center in Chattanooga. So putting two and two together, I was kind of wondering if the president might be dropping in on your distribution center or maybe you guys have a secret meeting set up for tomorrow —

RUSH: It’s really very, very shrewd of you to notice such a thing. I can assure you that the Two If By Tea distribution and fulfillment does not come from Amazon, so the president will not be at our fulfillment center.

CALLER: That’s disappointing. There’s time to arrange that meeting. You’ve been trying to get that together.

RUSH: No, don’t think so.

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