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RUSH: This is kind of funny. Judy Miller was on Fox, Happening Now, this afternoon with the fill-in cohost Rick Folbaum. They’re talking about Weiner and recent revelations that Weiner participated in several inappropriate online relationships since he resigned from Congress, and Folbaum said to Judy Miller, formally of the New York Times, said, “Judy, is the media complicit in pushing the narrative that Weiner had recovered and was happy in his marriage, all the while he was still engaging in these acts”?

MILLER: Yes. Because it’s a story, that I’ve been fascinated by the kind of Hillary-Huma story that the media has picked up on. You know, Hillary pioneering the “stand by your man” line, recovery narrative, political recovery, that is, and now we have Huma Abedin more or less adopting the same posture. We all know that Huma worked for Hillary, that they are still very close, ergo we get a story that as far as I know is completely devoid of fact. I don’t know for a fact that Huma has been talking to Hillary or vice-versa. I’d like to see some reporting on that.

RUSH: Okay, now, that happened that knew. Judy Miller, a former infobabe and reporterette for the New York Times is saying, “You know what? I haven’t seen anything on this. Everybody is just assuming that Hillary talked to Huma, but I want to see some reporting on that.” Now, in journalism-speak, reporting means going out and finding out. “Well, I reported that story.” That just means I researched it. They speak their own lingo. “I want to see some reporting on that.” She’s just saying, “I wish somebody would tell me.” Well, what she doesn’t know a lot of other people didn’t know because nobody watches CNN, but earlier this morning on CNN Gloria Borger had already reported that. Gloria Borger had already broken the story about Huma and Hillary. Gloria had already done the reporting, but Judy at Fox didn’t know it because nobody watches CNN. So the fill-in host at CNN, John Berman, speaking with chief political analyst Gloria Borger about Weiner and Huma, and Berman said, “Gloria, you have a little bit of news here in the Weiner story?”

BORGER: I have from two knowledgeable sources that Hillary Clinton, whom, as you know, is very close to Huma Abedin, did not know that Huma was gonna go on TV and defend her husband.

BERMAN: People are wondering if Huma’s been getting advice from Hillary Clinton.

BORGER: Not on this topic.

RUSH: So somebody needs to called Judy Miller because I doubt that she’s listening to me. Judy, somebody reported it, and it was Gloria Borger, and Hillary did not advise Huma, and Huma did not talk to Hillary. So Huma was on her own out there with Weiner when she was professing her love and adulation. Now, as you know, one of the sextets with whom Weiner was sending naked photos of his genitalia has come forward, appropriately named Leathers. I think her first name is Sydney? Is that right? You follow this. Is it Sydney Leathers? She’s 22, and she’s out there saying that Carlos Danger is a reprobate, that this guy is a weirdo. He’s a dirty old man. This is one of the women that Weiner, a/k/a Carlos Danger, was sexting after he resigned and after he said that he and Huma had moved on and they were hunky-dory and everything was cool.

So last night on Fox, on Your World with Cavuto, Stuart Varney was guest hosting, and he had on Kirsten Powers, because Pelosi had weighed in on the Weiner situation. I forget what Pelosi had said, but, anyway, Stuart Varney said, “Nancy Pelosi, one of the most powerful women in politics, former Speaker, she was always talking about the War on Women, well, she doesn’t think and she’s not prepared to tell Weiner to get out of the race.” This has been my point on this all along. These are the people that run around, talk about all this Republican War on Women stuff, when they are the ones debasing women and using them in these ways. Apparently Pelosi said that Weiner’s got no business getting out of the business. So Stuart Varney wanted to know what Kirsten Powers thought of that.

POWERS: She’s not from New York. I just don’t think it’s necessarily Nancy Pelosi’s place. I don’t see why Nancy Pelosi’s supposed to weigh in on mayoral races —

VARNEY: Because she’s been weighing in on the War on Women for years and years and years.

POWERS: But this isn’t a War on Women. I mean, he’s had an affair, and he cheated on his wife. How is that a War on Women? I don’t see why this is Nancy Pelosi’s responsibility.

RUSH: It isn’t a War on Women? Kirsten, the reason we’re bringing it up is because these are the people telling people like me and everybody else that we are conducting a War on Women. Weiner is the one that’s using them, debasing them, co-opting them, corrupting them, what have you. And then lying to his wife about it.


RUSH: Yesterday on Inside Edition Jim Moret spoke with Sydney Leathers, latest sexting partner of Carlos Danger, and during a discussion about the relationship, Moret and Sydney Leathers had this little tete-a-tete back and forth.

MORET: You said that they went from text to phone calls.


MORET: And what would happen in those phone calls?

LEATHERS: We had phone sex.

MORET: I read one quote that suggested you thought he was a dirty old man.

LEATHERS: He actually said that about himself to me, the exact wording was that he is an argumentative, perpetually horny middle-aged man, and at the time I was like, “Oh, no, you’re not.” But, yes, he is.

RUSH: This is not all. No, there’s even more from Sydney Leathers who actually sounds more cogent and aware than Weiner does. It’s amazing.


RUSH: This Sydney Leathers, 22 years old, said that they had phone sex every day. She said a lot, folks. She was explicit about how fast Weiner was, and it was not good. I mean, it was… (interruption) No, it was like 20 seconds. I mean, but the point is this stuff is out there being discussed in public about a candidate who may in fact win the race for mayor in New York City. The Democrat Party — and you’ve got Nancy Pelosi out there defending this, defending Weiner. Isn’t that what Kirsten Powers is upset about? (interruption) Oh, she went off on Weiner? Then I misunderstood what Kirsten Powers was talking about. Kirsten Powers is upset that Pelosi weighed in on this.

At any rate, there are some Democrats that want him to go away, but this is just smarmy. And now you’ve got Silda Spitzer, who is leaving Client No. 9 after the election, is going to file for divorce. (interruption) Pelosi said he’s disrespectful to women and reprehensible. Okay. Then I got confused on that previous sound bite. I don’t know why Kirsten Powers would be upset with Pelosi saying that, but she was upset with her. At any rate, back to Inside Edition, Jim Moret talking to Sydney Leathers, and Moret said, “So, Carlos Danger texted you, do me a solid and can you hard delete all our chats here. He asked you to delete everything?”

LEATHERS: Yeah, that was before April.

MORET: So what did you think he wanted you to do and why?

LEATHERS: I mean, obviously I knew he wanted me to erase any evidence of our conversations because that was around the time I knew that he was going to run for mayor, so —

MORET: And did you get the sense that he perceived you and your relationship as a threat?

LEATHERS: Of course.

MORET: Did you get a sense that he was having second thoughts or getting cold feet?

LEATHERS: Not really, which is what’s strange about it. I feel like he suspected that this could happen, but he didn’t do a lot to protect himself from it. He was making these campaign promises that he had totally changed, and he was a better man now, and he learned from his mistakes, and I am proof that that is not true.

RUSH: This is a case study. Here you have Weiner publicly saying all this is behind him, that he’s a changed man, that he and Huma have reunited, gotten together, put it all behind them, professed their love for each other, now a little baby in the oven on the way, and they’re moving forward. And Weiner even takes the clothes to the cleaners now just to show that he’s fully committed to the marriage. And all the while saying that publicly, he’s still doing the nasty here on the phone with Sydney Leathers.

Now, some people say, “Didn’t he know he was gonna get caught?” And that, folks, is the rub. Didn’t he know he was gonna get caught? Of course. He lives with that constantly doing something like this. The question is, did he really think he was gonna get away with it? And that’s where the answer is “yes.” And that’s where this is screwed up. That’s where Weiner is a mess. Yeah, doing this stuff’s messy and, yeah, engaging in all this is odd, at least in normal circles would be called perverted. But he still thought he could get away with this. He thought that he could continue to do this and that very little harm would come to him, either in his marriage or politically. And I know some of you, “No, no, Rush, there’s something sick. This is a sickness and so forth.” Well, there’s this simple thing of, you know, Nancy Reagan said, “Just say no.” Just a little self-discipline, a little restraint.

I’m telling you that there’s an arrogance here and a conceit. I guarantee you that Anthony Weiner thinks that he is something special. In his own mind he’s a legend. In his own mind there is nobody better. In his own mind he’s the greatest at whatever. Now, in real life, Anthony Weiner hasn’t done anything. He’s authored no legislation. I mean, he claims that he was the author of health care. He hasn’t done anything. You know what Anthony Weiner is most known for? Arguing on TV with Fox News anchorettes and Sean Hannity. That’s what he’s most known for. The left loves Anthony Weiner because when he would go on TV, he would shout at ’em and yell at ’em just exactly like the nameless, faceless, pajama-clad commentators that post comments on these blogs talk.

He was saying in public to conservatives what they were writing anonymously, and that’s why he was loved, that’s why Weiner was thought to be the greatest guy on earth, ’cause he really told those conservatives. He’d tell Megyn Kelly what-for, or whoever, whatever Fox anchor he was talking to, particularly if it was a woman. He just treated ’em with no respect whatsoever and would shout over them and just prevent them from continuing a conversation, asking questions. That’s all he ever did. But in his mind he’s really something special. So special, so good, probably thinks he’s Bill Clinton Jr. can survive all of this stuff and might even become even more popular, more notorious, more well known for engaging in it.

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