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RUSH: Let’s go to Janet in Shiloh, Illinois. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Last Man Standing. I wanted to call and give you another reason why Detroit fell. No one’s touched upon this, and you’re the one that needs to know it. In 1970, there was a statewide ballot proposal by Governor Milliken to allow taxpayers in Michigan to use tax dollars to pay for their children’s religious educations, and it was to help the Catholics.

Because historically the Catholic Church at that point was transitioning from nuns to laypeople to teaching, so they were dealing with paying salaries and benefits. Governor Milliken that it this would really harm the Catholic schools, and they have always been seen as a vital part of a healthy neighborhood. They’re really integral. The ballot proposal got shot down, and in Detroit particularly what you saw the next few years was the closing of Catholic schools.

And when the Catholic schools closed, the people in those neighborhoods were dependent upon the school system — the Detroit public school system — which we all know is a disaster, and that caused people to leave neighborhoods they were connected to. And the reason that’s so important is because Obama really is doing the same thing today. It’s not money; it’s with the HHS mandate.

With the mandate, he’s going to force… As the bishops and cardinals have rightly said, “We’re gonna have to close our schools, and if we close those schools, not only will neighborhoods lose out, state budgets will implode because they have to take on the cost of educating Catholic school kids,” and what’s going on in Chicago?

What did Rahm Emanuel do? Didn’t he just fire a thousand teachers he can’t afford? I mean this is unbelievable. The blueprint for what was done to Detroit, Obama has taken across this country. And we’re just getting all caught up in ridiculous things, like, you know… (giggles) I’m not gonna talk about it. I’ll let you talk about it.

RUSH: Well, what ridiculous things do you think we’re getting caught up in?

CALLER: What ridiculous things. (giggles) Well, okay. I thought you were marvelous yesterday but I always think you’re marvelous. I’m probably your biggest fan. The way you spoke, I hope that 24-year-old girl that’s afraid of you was listening to you when you reeducated her on real women. Hillary Clinton owns that marriage of Huma and Weiner. You were the one who, in the nineties, was explaining in proper ways why we needed to hold Bill Clinton accountable. You were called every name in the book, and you still are to this day. I mean, I started listening to you because of Sidney Blumenthal telling me you had a problem on C-SPAN with strong women. My gosh, you adore them! (giggling)
RUSH: Boy that’s for sure! I do. (laughing)

CALLER: (laughing) Rush, the reason they have to bail out Huma is to save Hillary’s chances for 2016, because if you are able to connect the dots from Huma to Hillary, and you look at Hillary’s original —

RUSH: That is an excellent point. If Huma bails, what does that make Hillary look like? Because everybody knows that Huma is Hillary’s body person.

CALLER: And Bill married them!

RUSH: Bill?

CALLER: (giggling) Yes! RUSH: He presided over the marriage of Weiner and Huma?

CALLER: Yes. (laughing) This is really their couple!

RUSH: This stuff… The Clinton wing of the party is a Mad magazine all on its own.

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: You have a great point here — and I’m not trying to set your Detroit stuff aside.; I’ll get back to that in a second. Here’s Hillary, who is being reported as the mentor to Huma —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — and advising Huma on how to handle all this. “You gotta do it like I did.” This is the assumption. “Do it like I did, Huma! Stand by the guy. The guy’s going places. When he gets there, take over. You know, like I did with the president.” The difference is, nobody likes Weiner.

CALLER: Riiiiiiiight! He’s not likable, Rush. He’s not likable, and that’s what the Democrats knew. They thought Obama was more likable than Hillary. He’s not. Nowq he’s making Hillary look good again.

RUSH: See, I’ve never thought any of them were likable.

CALLER: Well, I know! (giggling wildly)

RUSH: Now, Clinton isn’t —

CALLER: I’ve been listening to you for 20 years — okay, 23 years.

RUSH: Bill Clinton’s an exception. I’m on record as saying I’d love to go to a ball game with the guy and chase women afterwards. I mean, he’s that kind of guy. But there’s nothing to likable about the others. I’ve never thought so. Hillary’s always been Nurse Ratched to me. Huma? I don’t see anything but just, “Stay away from that,” and Weiner is insane. Weiner’s an unbalanced lunatic.

But here’s the point that you made that is really good. So here’s Hillary, the role model. Hillary’s shown every woman how to do it. Hillary gave it all up at Yale and she followed Bill to Arkansas and she hung by him and she hung in. Doing so permitted Bill to become what he became, which then permitted Hillary to do what she wanted to do. So Hillary is saying, “Now, Huma, you gotta hang in there. You gotta hang in there!” Well, if Huma doesn’t hang in there, what does it make Hillary look like?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So I think you’re right. I think Huma hangs in there primarily because of Hillary. She may love the guy, but God, that’s hard to imagine. No, it’s not. I don’t even want to go there. There’s no explaining that. I don’t want to say that.

CALLER: No, we shouldn’t go there. We don’t need to go there. That’s the whole beauty of the Democratic Party these days. We don’t need to go to these places anymore. They’ve gone there and we all see it. I mean, technology has brought about wonderful exposures of these people. We’re just lucky Ted Kennedy didn’t live long enough to have a Twitter account.

RUSH: Well, we don’t all see it. You’re on a roll here. If Ted Kennedy had a Twitter account? Ooh!

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: How about if Ted Kennedy had a YouTube account? That’d be even better.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Yeah. Anyway, the whole country doesn’t see it. Obama and the Democrats keep getting elected. They don’t see it. The low-information crowd doesn’t see it. They are mesmerized by all this. Look, time is dwindling. Back to what you said about schools and Detroit.

CALLER: Detroit.

RUSH: Let me tell you something: Everything in the world was happening to drive people out of the city in Detroit. The black riots in 1967, then Coleman Young gets elected mayor and he turns the place into basically a separatist black nationalist enclave. And he’s happy with the white flight. The white flight to the suburbs, it offers him the opportunity to continue to castigate them as people abandoning the city, yet trying to lead it from outside.

The school system crumbling, which you described, was a contributing factor to people fleeing. Schools are crucially important to parents, or used to be. Certainly they were back in the seventies. Catholic schools notwithstanding. Everything that could have happened to drive people out of Detroit did, and a lot of it was planned and orchestrated. Some of it wasn’t, but it then added up to what we see now. The fact that you think Obama’s got a blueprint for the rest of the country based on that is scary.

A lot of people think that, too. But you try to persuade others of that, and they can’t possibly believe we’d ever have a president that would want that kind of thing to happen. But why doesn’t Obama go to Detroit and make an economic revival speech? Think about that. If you’re gonna go out and talk about the economy and reviving it, why not go to Detroit and do it?

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