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RUSH: Now, I’ve gotta tell you a funny, cute little story. Involves women, in fact. Last week we sold out of these tumblers. This is the second time now we’ve sold out of Two If By Tea, Rush Revere and Revered Rush tumblers. So last week our customer service got an e-mail from a librarian in Sierra Madre, California. What had happened was two women had rolled into the library asking if they could be shown how to get online and get to the Two If By Tea website because they wanted a couple of tumblers and the free case of tea. They didn’t have a computer, and they didn’t have the slightest idea how one worked.

So they went to the librarian in the Sierra Madre public library, and the librarian helped them out and showed them how to do it, and told us the story. We got an e-mail from the librarian telling us this story. These women spent hours trying to figure it out. Trying to input the offer code, didn’t know what that was, the shopping cart and this kind of thing, but they wanted the stuff so badly that they asked the librarian to help them, and the librarian did, and showed them on the computer in the library how to get this all done. And by the time they had figured it out, we were sold out. There weren’t any left.

So the librarian sends us this note. Quite by coincidence we get the e-mail from the librarian at customer service, telling us about it. And I always keep, you know, 5 or 10 in a private stash, so we were able to get a couple of tumblers and a case of tea to these folks. It blew me away that they would go to this much trouble just to try to get a case of tea and these two tumblers. That they went all the way to the library and they spent three hours trying to figure it out. That’s how loyal they are and how badly they wanted the stuff.

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