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RUSH: Now, yesterday on this program — grab audio sound bite number 20 — yesterday on this program I learned that former Republican Senator Bob Dole said that the GOP must broaden its outreach. I was perplexed, and I got a little excited, animated. I said, “Must broaden the outreach? The Republicans must broaden the outreach? Why don’t the Democrats have to broaden their outreach? How about the Democrat Party? Why don’t they ever have to expand? Why don’t they ever have to move into areas that are traditionally not good for them? Why must it always be the Republicans?”

And as I went on and on and on I said, “You know, I’m reminding myself of Tommy Lasorda,” the former manager of the Dodgers who was asked to comment, as it turns out, on Dave Kingman of the Mets at the time. Kingman had just creamed the Dodgers with the three-home-run game, and Lasorda was asked by a reporter after the game what he thought of Kingman’s performance. The Dodgers got creamed in the game, 11 to nothing. It was 1976. It’s a famous, within baseball, piece of audio of Tommy Lasorda, and we have it. I just want you to hear it since I mentioned it yesterday.

LASORDA: What’s my opinion of Kingman’s performance? What the (bleep) do you think is my opinion of it? I think it was (bleep) (bleep). Put that in. (Bleep) I don’t (bleep). Opinion of his performance? (Bleep) He beat us with three (bleep) home runs. What the (bleep) do you mean what is my opinion of his performance? How can you ask a question like that, what is my opinion of his performance? (Bleep) He hit three home runs. I’m (bleep) (bleep) pissed off to lose a (bleep) game, and you ask me my opinion of his performance. (Bleep) I mean, that’s a tough question to ask me, isn’t it, what is my opinion of his performance?

RUSH: Tommy Lasorda. Many of the bleeps there were the F-bomb and Jesus Christ. Everybody wants to know what the beeps are. (imitating Lasorda) “Jesus Christ, I mean, that’s a tough question. What is my (beep) opinion of his performance?” There’s another one of these things. Earl Weaver goes on an absolute profane rant. He’s the manager of Baltimore Orioles. Cookie, see if you can find that one. It just came to my mind. I once gave a copy of it to George Will. He’s a big baseball guy, big Orioles fan. I think he’s even on the board of directors there. But it is a famous rant, but Lasorda’s is at the top.

I felt like Lasorda yesterday. What do you mean, the GOP must broaden its outreach? I get so tired of the assumption that everything wrong with the Republican Party is because we’re not liberal enough, because we’re not like Democrats enough, ’cause that’s what broaden the outreach means.

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