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RUSH: Bob Dole is out there. I tell you, this kind of stuff just infuriates. Bob Dole says the GOP must broaden its outreach. Senator Dole, what about the Democrat Party? Should they ever have to broaden their outreach? Should the Democrat Party ever have to change? Should the Democrat Party ever be challenged, or should the Republican Party just do everything like the Democrat Party does? What is this? The GOP must broaden its outreach? What the GOP must do is embrace conservatism! I’m sorry to shout. I’m not shouting. But I am yelling. And I’m sorry either way. But that’s all that has to be done here.

Conservatism is for everyone. And it doesn’t know racial or victim or gender or sexual distinctions and classifications, because it’s about the Constitution. It’s about every citizen. It’s about everybody. What is this Republicans must broaden? To who? You know, all of these defensive Republicans, apparently the Democrats are doing everything right, everything they’re doing is hunky-dory and fine, that’s who we must emulate. For God sakes, the Democrat Party’s destroying this country. Can’t one Republican stand up and say that the Democrat Party has to be stopped? Instead of saying the GOP must broaden. The GOP doesn’t control anything, Senator Dole.

All the GOP can do right now is say “no” in the House of Representatives. That’s it. That’s all they can do. The Republicans don’t control anything. What is this? The Republicans must broaden their outreach? I feel like Tommy Lasorda. I wish you people could hear. Tommy
Lasorda, when he was a manager of the Dodgers, some pitcher threw a no hitter against ’em and some sportswriter after the game asked Lasorda what he thought of this guy’s performance. And Lasorda went on a 10-minute rant about how stupid the question is. (imitation) “What did I think of his performance? You think I care a rat’s rectum about his performance? You want to know what I think about his performance?” Well, I feel like I’m Lasorda here. The GOP must broaden its outreach?

The Republican Party’s reaching out to everybody. They’re begging everybody, subtly and directly. The Republican Party’s running around with signs saying, “Please love me.” The Republican Party’s running around with signs, “I don’t hate you.” And somehow, God bless ’em all, somehow McCain has ended up in a prominent Republican leadership position here, McCain’s out there praising Obama’s speech on Friday on Trayvon Martin. McCain’s out there praising Obama on this. He’s out there praising Obama on that. Why do we even have a party? I’m sorry. Why do they even have a party?

Senator Dole, the GOP’s doing just fine trying to be Democrats. I don’t know what you’re unhappy about. “GOP must broaden outreach.” It seems to me it’s doing a damn good job of it. Every day I get up and I do show prep and I see a little bit of evidence there, a little bit of more evidence over here that the Republican Party’s trying to be more like the Democrat Party every day. Broaden its outreach? You know what that really means. Take a stab at it, Brian. You look like you know what it means. What does Dole really mean when he says the Republican Party must broaden its outreach? What it means is we’ve gotta shut talk radio up. What it means is we gotta stop all these conservatives from mouthing off. If we get people like Limbaugh to shut up, more people would like the Republican Party. That’s what it means. Isn’t it?


Bob Dole said we need more Hispanics? So Bob Dole says the GOP must broaden its outreach and we need more Hispanics. What about women, we need more women? We gotta stop the War on Women? GOP. Bob Dole says reach out, broaden the outreach, get more Hispanics, and get more women. What about blacks? Bob Dole thinks we should stop talking about Trayvon Martin?

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