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Listen to it Button RUSH: Dallas, Texas. David, glad you called. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: It’s an honor to speak with you, Rush.

RUSH: I appreciate that.

CALLER: Listening for many years, since back into the days of TV. I was calling in regard to the slavery issue that you were talking about earlier. My great-great grandmother, back in 1843 when she was about 18, was captured by the Comanche Indians. It was her and another girl at that time. The other girl didn’t survive, but obviously my great-great grandmother did. Her name was Juana, and she was later rescued and traded for by two brothers who had moved to Texas. They set up a trading post and traded for her.

RUSH: So the point is that the Indians had slaves and they went to war over them?

CALLER: That is correct.

RUSH: Nobody would have believed that if you tell ’em. Nobody would believe that because of the history revisionism that has taken place about how Native Americans were exploited by the evil white Europeans who came here and took everything they had and then did unspeakable things. I think of all the races, Caucasians have the least to feel guilty about.


CALLER: I would agree.

RUSH: In the context of truth, in the context of what’s real in the world, we are the only race that has gone to war eliminate slavery to boot. So now some of these slaveholding Indians are running casinos. Where’s the justice? That is the justice. I know. You know, if you stop and think of everything that’s out of whack here, it challenges your sanity. I mean, for example, here’s Obama.

He bops out there Friday, didn’t even need his teleprompter, and he starts talking about how, yeah, 35 years ago, that coulda been him — and if he’d had a son, he would look like Trayvon. But when you get down to it, Obama doesn’t have anything in common with Trayvon Martin, other than the color of his skin, and that’s it. Thirty-five years ago, old Barry was in Hawaii being raised by two rich white people, and he went to one of the most exclusive prep schools out there, Punahou.


He did.


What are you laughing about? What in the world is funny about that? It’s the absolute truth. You know, all this coulda, woulda? The fact is that Barack Obama has more in common with George Zimmerman than he does with Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman is a mixed-race man. His mother is a black Hispanic and his father’s white.


How come Obama doesn’t identify with Zimmerman? Obama is a mixed-race man. His mother was white. (interruption)

His mother was racist?


The grandmother? The “typical white woman.” The grandmother, her mother, his white mother’s mother, grandmother, was “a typical white woman.” Yeah, racist. And his father, Barack Obama Sr. was African-American; his mother was white. There’s more in common there with Zimmerman. Well, he has less in common with Trayvon Martin.


Snerdley says, “You like being in the frying pan, huh?” No, I don’t like being in the frying pan, but I’m not afraid of being in the frying pan. I’ll tell you what I’m really not afraid of is truth. I am not afraid of it, and I don’t have any guilt. So…


I know I don’t fit the current mold, but I just think if we’re gonna get real here, Zimmerman’s mixed race, and Obama’s mixed race. Obama didn’t have the life Trayvon Martin had.


Well, but you think…? Do you think…?


Well, now, wait. I take it back. I take it back, ’cause Trayvon smoked dope, right? So did Obama. He was in a “choom gang.” So there is something in commonality there. I just inconveniently forgot that. But in terms of what Obama’s talking about, Obama’s clearly talking about race. He has far more in common with Zimmerman than he had with Trayvon Martin.

BREAK TRANSCRIPTRUSH: A lot of people think this is profound — that Obama has more in common with George Zimmerman than with Trayvon Martin. They’re both mixed race. Far more in common. But now they’re saying Obama is probably not like Zimmerman all that much ’cause I don’t know if Obama has ever rescued a family from an overturned truck. Do you? I don’t know if Obama’s ever done that.

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