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RUSH: The attorney general, Eric Holder, is moving on the stand-your-ground law. I tell you, folks, these people… It is really sad. I think it was the British historian Alistair Cooke (I think it was him) in his Letters to America who said that America would never overcome its “black problem.” It was never going to happen. I’m struck here. We elected the first black president, and that was supposed to fix all of this, wasn’t it, or at least make a huge dent in the race problem in this country?

Wasn’t it?

The theory was that if America, with a vast majority white population and 12 to 14% black population, elected a black man president, “Why, that would speak volumes about how progressive and advanced America had become. It would go a long way toward healing the wounds that apparently remain from slavery and discrimination and all the other things.” But seems it’s got worse, to me. It seems that with the election of Barack Obama, racial strife in this country’s worse than it’s ever been since the Civil War.

Or as bad, at least.

Certainly it hasn’t improved, let’s put it that way. It has not improved. The country’s more divided in more ways than I can remember in my adult lifetime, and I mean that. I’ve thought about that. I’ve gone back in my memory, and I’ve tried to remember when we may have been more divided on so many things, and I don’t remember it. What I do remember is everybody saying — and many people hoping and a lot of people believing — that the election of Barack Obama would end a lot of it, and it hasn’t.

It has just made it worse.


RUSH: This is Eileen in Clinton, Tennessee. Hi, Eileen. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you for taking my call. I’m honored. When you mentioned that… I’m not sure exactly what. You mentioned something that made me think of a study that I had heard about Hispanics assimilating better than we would have thought. You know, there’s a lot of talk about the rising Hispanic population and people saying, “We’re gonna look like Mexico. They’re gonna take over,” and there are enclaves where you have to be Spanish speaking to do business in whatever. But as a whole, according to social scientists who measure things like generations talking Spanish over speaking English, they’re assimilating much like my grandparents. All my grandparents were immigrants, much like other waves of immigrants have —

RUSH: Well, the Hispanics are, you’re saying?

CALLER: The Hispanics. I’m wondering. I’m trying to understand this, because I don’t think —

RUSH: Okay, let me understand. What you’re saying is everybody’s worried about immigration and amnesty and illegals because the Hispanics are not assimilating. But in fact, you read something that says they are and you also —

CALLER: Right, and that’s just one study.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: But I’m trying to apply this to…

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Oh, I know what it was! You’re saying that after Obama got elected we expected better race relations.

RUSH: Yeah, everybody thought that. Everybody thought… Well, not everybody. I didn’t. I thought that exactly what has happened, was going to happen. I thought racial relations would get worse. I thought racial relations would be exacerbated. I thought there’d end up being more friction in our society. Because I know liberals, and I knew what was gonna happen. “Okay, we got the first black president elected but that’s not gonna count for anything.

“It’s gonna be chalked up to people who didn’t really mean it. They were just voting for the black guy so nobody would think they’re racist, but they don’t really love Obama.” That was the first thing they were gonna say, and the next thing they were gonna do was this: Any time Obama’s criticized, they were going to accuse the criticism of being racist in its orientation. Well, folks, there hasn’t been a president alive who doesn’t get criticized.

Presidents are criticized by more people every day than anybody else in society. But the left, the Democrats set it up so that any criticism of Obama had nothing to do with substance. It was all racist. The objective here was at least twofold, if not multifold. One was to silence any criticism by making those who would criticize Obama fearful of doing it, because they didn’t want to be called racist. The second objective was to be able to call people racists, because it does matter.

If somebody calls you a racist and it sticks, you have a problem, particularly if you’re in politics and are seeking people’s votes. So that’s why I think the next thing the Democrats are gonna do is try to find another first. The first female president. See, any criticism will be sexist. It will allow them to continue the War on Women, or maybe they’ll find an Hispanic to run on their side that they think could be elected.

So then we have the first Hispanic president, and every criticism will be anti-Latino, and that’s how they set it up. So it’s twofold. It’s to silence any criticism, but that criticism that actually survives will be characterized as racist or sexist or bigoted or what have you. And it’s just a way… The overall purpose of this is for the left to silence and do away with any opposition, because that’s their objective.

I was told that yesterday on MSNBC, they had a panel discussion, and the people on the show were literally having cows over my interpretation of them and their reaction to the Zimmerman verdict on Saturday. I approached the Golden EIB Microphone on Monday and I told you that their reaction was really not about Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

It was just they are a bunch of children that didn’t get their way.

They’ve been getting their way on everything. In the last five, 5-1/2 years, they’ve gotten 99% of what they want. They didn’t get this, and they were bellyaching. I accused them of having a temper tantrum. You would not believe how that was purposely misinterpreted and then mis-analyzed, which is something they always do. They limit all of the crucial context of any critic that they launch into. So what it became was… Folks, I don’t remember. It was so insane, I don’t remember how they interpreted it.

But I am a premier communicator. I say what I mean. I don’t leave it up to chance. If somebody asks me a question, I answer it. I don’t speak in riddles, and I said that what really had ’em ticked off about this verdict was that they didn’t get their way. Somebody didn’t let ’em have what they wanted. They wanted a guilty verdict. For whatever reasons, they wanted a guilty verdict. They didn’t get it. (crying)

And then they launched into, “The country’s racist,” just ’cause they didn’t get their way. Well, it… Eileen, I’ve not forgotten your question. This is all sort of a setup for my answer to your question, because she has observed and she’s read that it’s not so much that the Hispanics are not assimilating. It’s actually blacks who are not only not assimilating, they appear to be regressing. There’s actually an opinion piece about this at PJ Media.


RUSH: My friends, I can’t tell you the number of people — recently and over the course of my sterling professional career — who’ve said to me, “You know, Rush, it’s a lose-lose proposition to talk about race, even seriously, the way you try. You can’t win. All you’re gonna do is get yourself in trouble, and it isn’t worth it. You ought to just leave it alone. Just make it one of these things where, when something comes up, you just discipline yourself to ignore it don’t go there.”

I’ve been told this… Gee, I don’t know. Since probably the first time I mentioned Jesse Jackson’s name on the radio back in 1983 in Kansas City. I hear it from close friends, people who say, “Rush, there’s nothing to be gained.” You know, my reaction to that’s always been, “Why isn’t there?” They may be right. There isn’t there anything to be gained? Why is it a lose-lose proposition to discuss race?

I think it would be said not just of me but a lot of people who probably would be advised the same way. “Just leave it alone.” The problem with that is that when you surrender it, you’re surrendering it to who? Who are we letting discuss it and therefore shape opinion about it? In my mind, the answer to that question is: The people who have made a mess of this country and this culture for way too long, and that is leftists.

Of all races, creeds, stripes, religions. I don’t care.


There is an ideology that has slowly been eating away at the foundational fabric of this country. I don’t know whether it’s race or whether it is any issue. I don’t care what. I can’t let it go. I care too much about the country, and I care too much about everybody that lives here. And I’m cursed. I am. I think I’m cursed. I’m cursed with a… Well, I have a hope, a desire that everybody in this country love it, that everybody in this country enjoy the life they’ve been given and the opportunity they’ve been given to live that life in this country.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I feel when I run across people that don’t and can’t enjoy their life, and I think that’s what this really comes down to. I mean, folks, the kind of anger and angst and tension on this and practically everything else that the American left cares about does nothing but make people miserable and nervous, and in some cases unhappy. Even the people they claim they’re looking out for.

And maybe not just “even,” but especially the people they claim to be helping. They claim to be the sole representatives. They claim to be the guardians. Those people that are under their wing are miserable, and that misery and angst and unhappiness is exacerbated by the left. It’s amplified. Anything other than that isn’t permitted. That just… Well, it bothers me, and in some ways, it honestly does break my heart. I have such a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of life.

We each only have one, and most people… Well, maybe not most. Way too many people don’t even think about that for whatever reasons. They’re too busy, too absorbed in things. But I’ve always kind of been in awe of it, and the fact that there’s only one, and the fact that all we have on the other side of it is faith that there’s more? Nobody can prove that. That’s just faith, and so this is it. I’ve been very lucky with mine.

I’ve been extremely fortunate. I don’t think that I’m anything special or unique. I think it’s possible for everybody. But then I look around, and I see so many people that basically look like they’re just unhappy to be alive. They’re just miserable and angry all the time, and I looked at people making them feel that way because they are the same way. It infuriates me, so I just want to help.

I would like to be able to change attitudes and thinking in a positive way that would cause some people to reflect a little bit more deeply than they do, on the really rare opportunity that life in this country affords people. So this latest racial thing, this Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case and all the actors in it, Rachel Jeantel, people say, “Rush, don’t go there! Rush, they’re not gonna understand when you’re trying to be lighthearted and funny about it.

“They’re wound too tight. Everybody’s just waiting to be offended and they’re just waiting to be mad ’cause they want to shut you up, and you shouldn’t give ’em ammo.” I know all that. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I just can’t not talk about it. Now, our caller, Eileen, said that she saw something recently, and I found out what she saw. It’s a Wall Street Journal editorial called, “America’s Assimilating Hispanics.”

The Journal claims that they have seen evidence that showed that Hispanics are following the path of earlier immigrants and are assimilating into a singular American culture. Now, Eileen believed it. She read it. She believed it. It’s a 2007 editorial that is being re-circulated. You have to keep in mind when you read it, though, that the Wall Street Journal is very much a pro-amnesty organization. Not just the editorial page, but the entire newspaper is what I call “open borders.”

They want this influx of people. They want the opportunity for cheap labor for whatever reason. “Can’t find Americans to do the work. Too many are unemployed and not suffering from it so they don’t want to work. They need the laborer labor pool.” That’s the Journal’s constituency, and so that’s who they serve. At the same time as this the article, there was another article then points out that while Hispanics are assimilating, African-Americans born in this country aren’t.

In fact they’re not only not assimilating, they’re regressing. They are Balkanizing, if you will. Now, both of those assertions are fascinating. In the case of the first one, the Journal and the Hispanic assimilation, you do have to read that knowing full well that the Journal’s in favor of amnesty and open borders. If all that assimilating is taking place, then why do we hear even more often in our society, “Press 1 for English”? Why is the audience for Telemundo and Univision, both those networks, growing?

Now, as to the other side, that African-Americans are regressing. Oh, yeah, yeah. I heard Eric Holder say we have to have the courage to talk about race. Nobody has the courage to talk about race. Everybody gets beat up for doing it, particularly if you happen to be effective or persuasive in changing people’s attitudes that the left does not want them to have. If you are able to talk people out of the mind-set the left wants them to have, then you are really a target.

Most people don’t like being targets. So Obama and Eric Holder are the first black president and first black attorney general. You know, it’s interesting what’s going on right now. The Congressional Black Caucus is having its convention. I think NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucasians are having conventions either at the same time or back-to-back, and in both places Holder and Obama are being pressured to do something about this Zimmerman thing and the travesty of justice.

Now, you would think that President Obama would try to rise above this and do what everybody thought that he was automatically going to do by virtue of being the first African-American — and that’s unite everybody. But he’s not doing that. He’s got this constituency to serve. He’s got the CBC, the Congressional Black Caucasians. He’s got the NAACP. Holder, the same thing. They’re out there, and they’re dangling a carrot in front of these people.

“Don’t worry, Zimmerman’s not off the hook yet.”

We just had a jury trial, and we just had a verdict, and we just had everybody involved say race wasn’t part of it. But because it didn’t turn out the way the left wants, that’s not the end of it. “No, we’re not gonna stop until we get what we want. If we have to put pressure on Obama,” and I don’t know how much it will really take. “If we have to put pressure on Obama or Holder to get what they want, what are Obama and Holder gonna do?”

I find it funny that Obama and Holder are being portrayed as just innocent bystanders here, but they’re really under a lot of pressure. The civil rights coalition makes a big move, a lot of pressure, to get Obama and Holder. I have to laugh at that because Obama and Holder lead that movement. They’re not innocent bystanders waiting around to be influenced. But, see, even saying that is risky. Yeah, but Holder’s out there saying we need courage to talk about race.

Let anybody try and see what happens.

They’re lied about, taken out of context, mischaracterized, and people are set out to try to destroy them. So everybody’s afraid. It may not be number one, but certainly one of the top three reasons the Republicans don’t exist in Washington is because they don’t want to be called racists. So the Republicans are caving on practically everything where Obama’s involved ’cause otherwise they’re gonna be called racists and the media’s gonna pick up on it.

The lie will be spread far and wide, and the Republicans probably rightfully think there’s nothing they can do about it. They can’t stop it. They can’t change anybody’s thinking, particularly in the black community. The black community believes every Republican is racist, sexist, all that stuff — and that’s what’s so frustrating. Not true. Nowhere near the truth. In fact, I would venture to say that most of the racism in this country’s on the left.

Most of the oppression in this country stems and originates from people on the left. They’re the ones that demand you think right. They’re the ones that demand you behave the way they require. They’re the ones who demand you live the way they tell you to live. They’re the oppressors, if you will.


RUSH: “What Do You Do When the Oppressed are Their Own Worst Oppressors?” PJ Media, David Goldman. He starts this way: “My earliest memory is looking up at a circle of black and white faces. I was seated in the living room of the family home in Edison Township, NJ, and the group I saw was the local chapter of the NAACP. My association with the civil rights movement goes back to the age of two. The year would have been 1953 or 1954, and my parents were left-wing activists, among the very few white people involved at the time.

“Their activism was deep. In 1950, my father drove from New York with a group of Columbia University students to protest the impending execution of Willie McGee, a black man convicted and eventually electrocuted for the alleged rape of a white woman in Mississippi. I followed my parents’ example: in my senior year of high school I organized and led a student civil rights demonstration and marched next to Andrew Young. You can look it up. I believe in civil rights as much now as I did then.

“That’s why it’s painful to watch the degeneration of the NAACP with its silly petition to persuade the Justice Department to bring a civil rights case against George Zimmerman. The leaders of what used to be a civil rights movement want to talk about everything but the main problem afflicting black people in the United States. That is the breakdown of the black family. Just 29% of black women over the age of 15 were married in 2010, according to the Census Bureau’s comprehensive Current Population Survey.

“That compares to 54% of white women. At all ages, black women were about half as likely to be married as white women. That is an astonishing number,” he writes. “The percentage of out-of-wedlock births has risen from 18% in 1980 to 40% in 2010. Twenty-nine percent of white births were non-marital, against 73% for black births. That’s nearly three-quarters of all black births,” occur outside of marriage.

“Young black men without a high school diploma are more likely to be in jail than to be employed, reports the Pew Institute,” which did the scholarly research. So Mr. Goldman gets to his real point here in the lead sentence of the next paragraph. “The worst oppressors of young black men are older black men who abandon their children. And the second-worst oppressors of young black men are other young black men — 94% of black murder victims are killed by blacks.

“The accelerating decline of the black family portends a much worse situation in the future. Why have civil rights organizations and black clergy wagered their reputations on the Zimmerman case? It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the issues that really concern African-Americans simply are too painful to discuss,” and there it is. You just can’t talk about it, Rush. “Five years after the ultimate boost to self-esteem — the election of the first black president — things are getting worse faster.

“If black leaders — from Barack Obama and Eric Holder on down — can’t talk about the real problems, the prospects for the future are frightening indeed,” and he has a postscript here where he says, “Conservatives should view African-AmericansÂ’ emotional response to the death of Trayvon Martin with empathy. What makes the incident so hard to bear is that so many young black men die every day through involvement in violent crime.” However, it’s 94% black-on-black crime.

Anyway, I read this, and, again: This has stuff that you’re not supposed to say.

You’re supposed to leave this alone.

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