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RUSH: Outside the Department of Justice today, a press conference to announce scores of “Justice for Trayvon” vigils outside federal buildings across the country this weekend. The Reverend Sharpton had comments about President Obama.

SHARPTON: I’m putting pressure on the legal authorities at the Justice Department and the legislative authorities in Florida. We do not want to be… I think the president has made the statement of consolation. We don’t consolation. We need legislation, and we need some federal prosecution.

RUSH: Reverend Al is not happy with the stance of President Obama, made a statement of consolation. No, Reverend Al. It’s just Obama’s focusing on the guns. (sigh) Reverend Al hasn’t… Nobody has told him yet that this really wasn’t about race. That doesn’t matter. They’re gonna make it about race no matter what.


What’s quick question? What?


Reverend Al?


Yeah, he has a show on NBC, but he’s not doing that as a show host on NBC. He’s a community activist.

They can go back and back and forth, those people can.


RUSH: I tell you what’s really going on out there right now. Reverend Sharpton and whoever else are desperately looking for a way to blame all of this on the Republicans. That’s one of the objectives. Somebody will come up with a way to do it.

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