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RUSH: I want to go to the audio sound bites ’cause last night on Fox, Greta Van Susteren interviewed one of the Martin family attorneys, Jasmine Rand. This woman kind of let it all out of the bag for everybody on the left. She’s a lawyer. But then she let it out of the bag (translated), “I’m not really a lawyer. I’m a social engineer! Everything I do is about social justice,” and Greta, who is a lawyer — and very serious lawyer, who has a deep and profound appreciation for the law — took this woman to task.

We’ve got three sound bites.

Here’s the first question from Greta. “The whole point of the jury is that we assign the job to weigh the facts. We draft them. We make them sit there. Lot of times, they don’t want to be there. We then present the evidence, and the judge then says, ‘Here’s the evidence. Here’s the law,’ instructs them on the law, ‘and it’s your duty.’ It’s not mine, it’s not yours, it’s not anybody else’s in the community, but it’s the jury’s duty to weigh them. And all of a sudden, suddenly, afterwards, you say they can’t do their job?”

RAND: I have a greater duty beyond being an attorney and that’s to be a social engineer. And when the law doesn’t get it right, I believe that we have the right to peacefully and morally — conscientiously — object to the decision of the jury. There are millions of people out there who don’t agree with that decision. So it’s not just the legal team.

RUSH: So here’s a woman, when it doesn’t… What did I tell you yesterday? I hate to keep saying, “See, I told you so,” but the left was upset. Yes, it is ’cause they didn’t get their way. They’re a bunch of little kids, and they have been getting their way for the last five years. Everything they want they’ve gotten except gun control, and there’s one other thing that they’re still trying on, amnesty. But everything else they got.

They got gay marriage. They’re on the way to getting it. They got the Supreme Court to find that something constitutional isn’t, Obamacare. They got Obama. They’ve got government growing like it’s never grown before, and the private sector shrinking like it’s never shrank before. They’ve got more people on welfare than ever before, got more people on unemployment than ever before. They’re getting everything they want, these little kids.

But then they didn’t get this verdict, and it’s (crying). They start crying like a bunch of little impertinent kids, spoiled brats. Nobody convinces me otherwise. These people were not personally invested in Trayvon Martin. So when it didn’t go her way, then all of a sudden she stops being a lawyer, and she’s a “social engineer,” and she is out to make sure that what happened that didn’t go her way does go her way by hook or by crook, and this is what Greta said to her.

VAN SUSTEREN: That’s deeply disturbing that you say millions are out there who didn’t see it. You know and I know that millions of people who may not like the verdict, whether it’s for or against this case or another, they didn’t watch the case, didn’t sit in the courtroom, didn’t weigh the evidence, didn’t listen to the jury instructions. That’s just noise. That’s why we have court systems is so that people — so that both sides — have an opportunity to be heard. This “social engineering,” I don’t know if that’s more like social manipulation than social engineering. I don’t know what “social engineering” is but, actually, justice is presented in the courtroom with a jury deciding it and both sides having an opportunity. That’s justice, and the jury deciding it.

RUSH: Boy, she’s so right.

There’s no “social engineering” here.

This is social imposition, social manipulation, but actually it’s imposition. This woman wants to impose on everybody what she didn’t get her way on. And everybody who disagrees with what happened in court is warranted and justified, even though they have no clue what happened. As far as the left is concerned, anybody who loses anything is automatically a victim, is automatically in the minority — and then automatically qualifies for having the decision reversed, ’cause they’re not happy, ’cause they’re victims.

This is like journalism.

Journalism schools don’t teach journalism anymore. If they do, there’s nobody practicing it. Journalism schools simply indoctrinate these young skulls full of mush with the left-wing agenda. They tell them they’re teaching journalism, but that’s not what they’re teaching. They’re indoctrinating them with left-wing agenda. This woman went to law school, but she’s not a lawyer. She’s using the law to bend, flake, and form and shape the society.

I’ll give you a great example.

This Angela Corey, the prosecuting attorney. I just saw a picture of her on Fox. I meant to tell you all this yesterday. I watched when the verdict came in. It was late at night on Saturday, and I had not had the TV on all day. I’d been reading or been out doing something. Anyway, I turned it on, and it wasn’t long before the networks all cut away to the prosecution press conference. And this state attorney, Angela Corey, is acting like she just won an award.

She’s up there as though, in her mind, she’s accepting accolades for doing a great job. I’m thinking, “Madam Prosecutor, you just lost. You just got your butt kicked,” and she’s up there accepting praise! Her attitude is that she has just won some giant award, and she’s there to accept it and talk about how wonderful it all was. It was one of the biggest disconnects I’ve ever seen. Now, who is this woman?

This woman, Angela Corey, has demanded that Harvard fire Dershowitz because of what Dershowitz has said about her. This woman wants anybody who criticizes her to be punished, fired, dismissed, penalized somehow. She actually has asked Harvard to fire Dershowitz because Dershowitz has said that if anybody here needs to be prosecuted, it’s her, for prosecutorial misconduct and so forth. She is a classic illustration.

Do you know what The Peter Principle is?

That’s where you rise and rise and finally you’re promoted to a point where you’re not qualified to do the gig. That happened to her at age eight, I think. But most people like that have no clue that they’re not competent. They have no clue that they’re not qualified. They instead have this inflated self-image of greatness and unassailability. That was one of the biggest disconnects. I’m sitting here and my mouth is half open watching this, ’cause as I’m watching her.

I know that the jury came back with “not guilty,” but this woman’s acting like she won. She’s got that attitude, and the things she said praising the lawyers? They just got skunked, and she’s thanking the lawyers! “Great job! Best lawyers! The best lawyers I have ever worked with.” They just got creamed, and this woman’s acting like she just the Prosecutor of the Year Award from the ABA. I thought, “Maybe I heard wrong. Maybe they did win.”

Those are the kinds of people now that are running journalism schools, and they’re running news divisions. I mean, we are faced with people in positions of power and prominence who are totally unqualified and unfit. (sees TV) There she is! Speak of the devil! On Fox, for some reason — maybe they can hear me — they’re now replaying the interview. Look at it. That was Saturday night. Oh, they bumped away from it now. Poor Martha MacCallum. She’s over in London waiting for the birth of a human baby.

She’s doing Megyn Kelly’s show ’cause Megyn is on maternity leave or whatever. They’re waiting for this baby to pop over there. So they sent a Fox anchor over there to wait for the baby to pop. What a gig. Anyway… There, she’s back. There she is. She’s accepting, or she’s acting like she’s just accomplishing a great thing. Folks, it’s wherever you turn. Schools, all of these institutions that everybody thinks we can rely on have been populated by a bunch of left-wing type people who are not qualified but who, at the same time, think they are the most brilliant people around.

They think they are the best in the world, and they don’t have a clue, and it’s having a profound effect! We don’t have special people teaching in schools, anymore. Well, we do, but sadly, not everywhere, and journalism students are not being taught journalism. They’re being indoctrinated with left-wing agenda, and the same thing in a number of so-called professions. So this lawyer that Greta’s talking to… No, I haven’t lost my place.

This lawyer that Greta’s talking to is a classic example. She’s not a lawyer. She’s got a law degree, she might have passed the bar, but that’s not what she’s doing. She’s trying to impose her agenda on everybody (interruption) What? (interruption) Mmm-hmm. (interruption) Go ahead. I’m just trying to make sure there’s no dead air. (interruption) “Some of these lawyers can barely speak English themselves”? Oh. Well, you know, that…

Snerdley’s asking me if I’ve noticed that some of these lawyers use the same kind of Ebonics that Rachel Jeantel does. Yeah, that’s “new school.” That’s “new generation.” That’s now, Snerdley. You’re old school and old generation. This is my point. This is… (interruption) Snerdley’s asking me, “How do you get out of law school if you can’t speak the language?” This is my point. How do you get a college degree when you can’t read the diploma, when you’re illiterate?

There are a number of NFL players who graduated from their universities and they were illiterate. How can that be? We’ve lowered standards to the point now that there may as well not be any. We’ve lowered standards so much that losers and the incompetent are now the objects of sympathy. They’re victims and we orient everything in our culture around them, not the achievers. The achievers are the bad guys.

The achievers are evidence of how unfair our society is. The achievers are evidence of how stacked the deck is against the underachievers, low achievers. Non-achievers are felt sorry for and are made victims of and everything’s focused on protecting their feelings or what have you. But how does…? It’s not any one group of people. I’ve noticed that the use of the language in certain sectors is just… It’s why I asked at the beginning of the program:

“Is it still okay to speak English without being looked down on?” You know, speak correct English and somebody will get on you for bragging or trying to show people up. I don’t know. One more here with Greta. After Greta said (summarized), “You know, you’re not doing justice. You’re not. You’re doing social engineering. You’re doing social manipulation. You don’t even know what you’re talking about,” this is what Jasmine Rand finished with.

RAND: When I’m talking about being a “social engineer,” George Zimmerman never would have been arrested if it wasn’t for the outcry from black people, brown people, white people, Republicans, Democrats, Christians and Muslims in this nation who demanded his arrest. He was then arrested and he was tried by a jury of his peers. I do not believe that the jury got it right, and the federal government has every right to bring the claim. That’s why we have federal preemption.

RUSH: They do not have the right to bring charges again. She couldn’t be more wrong, and yet she passed the bar. The federal government does not have “every right to bring the claim” here. There was nothing federal about the crime. Zimmerman “never would have been arrested if it wasn’t for the outcry”? What does that tell you? It means that there wasn’t a reason to arrest him.

The only reason he was arrested is because a bunch of people started bellyaching, and intimidated law enforcement. They had to fire the police chief in order to get the charges, and then Angela Corey starts running around hiding evidence and so forth, not presenting exculpatory evidence. The left doesn’t care, folks. There’s no such thing as cheating or playing fair. It’s whatever it takes to get what they want — and then even after they get what they want, it’s never enough.

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