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RUSH: Mr. Snerdley tells me that everybody calling today is very upset, very angry, and talking about a story in the New York Daily News. “Mother, Aunt of Georgia Baby-Slaying Suspect Arrested for Lying to the Police.” We have the Zimmerman case in reverse, essentially, right? (interruption) Horrific. (interruption) Yeah, we have a 17-year-old shooting a one-year-old baby, race involved. The New York Daily News has a story.

The Drive-Bys don’t care.

The national media doesn’t care.

I’ve got another story from the Marietta, Georgia, Daily Journal. “Why is Joshua Chellew Less Important Than Trayvon Martin?” Who is he? Here’s the story, and this is from July 3rd of this year. “Four south Cobb [County] teenagers are in custody in connection with the beating death of a 36-year-old Mableton man on Mableton Parkway early Sunday morning. … According to the warrant, the four teenagers are accused of starting a fight with Chellew at a Chevron gas station … at about 1:20 a.m. Sunday.

“They repeatedly punched and kicked him, according to police. While attempting to escape, Chellew backed into the center five-lane highway and was pushed to the ground and knocked unconscious, the warrant states. They then walked away from Chellew, ‘leaving him helpless,’ and he was eventually hit by a car, the warrant states.” They left him in the middle of the highway. Now, it’s a horrible and senseless murder.

Why hasn’t it received wider attention?

The story is in the Marietta Daily Journal. Oh, well, this might be why. They published a picture of Joshua Chellew, and he’s a redheaded white guy. And then they published pictures of the four people that beat him up, killed him, and they are black. And so these stories… I don’t understand everybody’s rage. They just don’t get reported. Black-on-white crime like this, or black-on-black crime, doesn’t get reported. Like in Chicago.

All the massive shooting deaths?

No big deal.

Folks, I know why you’re upset and angry out there, but you know why this is the case. The narrative is, “This is a slave country.” The narrative is, “Black people are routinely victimized by white people. They’re either killed or other horrific crimes are committed, but nothing ever happens to the perpetrators. They always get away with it. They’re always acquitted,” and so it’s made to order. The media has a narrative or a view of what the country is, and whenever a story comes along that lets them promulgate that narrative, they do it.

The Duke lacrosse case is a classic example.

There wasn’t one shred of fact in that story as originally reported. There wasn’t one iota of truth. That didn’t matter. It was what the media and the American left think this country is, and so that’s what was reported. The Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, same thing. It was an opportunity for the media to perpetuate that narrative. They’re always gonna ignore things to the contrary. They’re not gonna let the narrative be changed.

And, you know, this is what interests me about this. If you can see it in crimes like this, why can’t people see it in everyday political circumstances? That remains, to me, the objective. It is to somehow… I don’t know how to do it, other than keep plugging away at it. The objective is to get people to see that any time an event like this pops up, it’s always political, and it’s always being pushed by liberals, and you can learn everything you need to know about something (including whether it’s true or false) by virtue of who’s pushing it.

It’s easy, and it works almost every time you apply it, because liberalism is what it is. It’s not something we don’t understand. It’s not something that is inconsistent. Liberalism is exactly what it is, and liberals are who they are. And they do what they do every time they do it whatever it is. So I don’t care whether it’s crime, whether it’s global warming, whether it’s gun control. If liberals are behind it, there are certain things about it that you can be confident are true.

I just know that if more people can learn this, if more people could be made comfortable with looking at the political angle of everything in the media — ’cause the media is liberal — then the veil of secrecy, the mask of camouflage would be lifted, and they wouldn’t be able to get away with it to the extent that they do. That’s what it’s gonna take, but people are nervous, ’cause everything is being politicized.

They don’t like the arguments and the partisanship and so forth. It remains a daunting challenge, but it’s so simple. It’s almost axiomatic who liberals are and what they do. So my point is this: Take the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. The moment it’s first reported, all you have to know to know what the likely truth is, is who’s pushing it. If CNN, MSNBC, or anybody in the Big Media is pushing this thing, then you know that they’re not concerned about the nature of the evidence.

You know they are trying to advance a political perspective because they want to change the country and empower government so that it can’t be stopped. Their objective is to limit individual liberty and freedom. There are so many objectives I could list, but this is the explanation. All these crimes where black thugs kill or beat up white people that don’t get reported? Why? You know it as well as I do. It doesn’t advance liberalism. Not only does it not advance liberalism, it exposes it for the fraud that it is.

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