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RUSH: This is John King. This is this morning on CNN’s New Day. What was this other show? “Self-defense or murder, the George Zimmerman trial.” Now CNN’s New Day. They got so many — CNN’s yesterday, CNN’s tomorrow, CNN’s all over the map with the names of their shows here. Anyway, this is their new morning show with Chris Cuomo, the brother of Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario “The Pious.” And the new co-host, Kate Bolduan. They’re speaking with the CNN national correspondent, John King, about the decision by the regime to delay the requirement that businesses with 50 or more employees carry health insurance. The employee mandate’s been shelved for a year.

So Kate Bolduan said to John King, “Right away, people are crying foul, saying that this is all politics. Do you think, John, that this has to do with the implementation, or do you think, John, there’s also a little bit of play that this will possibly help spare Democrats from facing up to some trouble in the polls come the midterms in 2014?” That is a lot of syllables for a question, and here’s what John King said.

KING: Pick up the phone, call any Republican strategist anywhere in the country, ask them what they thought the single biggest factor would be in creating an intensity gap in 2014 and getting the Republican base fired up. Obamacare. This was their central turnout strategy. Republicans were basing their turn out strategy on implementation of Obamacare in 2014. Now it’s pushed past the midterms into 2015, so the administration says businesses were complaining this is all about policy, this also will have huge political impact.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, see? That’s really all it’s about to the media. They don’t care about the nuts and bolts of the bill. They don’t care if it’s gonna be damaging to the country or whether it’s gonna help the country. All they care about is whether it’s gonna help or hurt Obama and how. Their real, primary desire that it not help Republicans. You could either say it that way, or you could say their primary desire is that it hurt Republicans.

Now, you heard him say here, “Yeah, these Republican consultants! Yeah, these Republican strategists! M’yeah, they’ve been looking for Obamacare as the number one thing to turn people out 2004, the election, and now it’s off the table. That’s why it’s a brilliant move ’cause Obama just taken away from Republican strategists their number one tool to get out the vote. I am… (groans) I’m sure you are, too.

I mean, if King is actually right about the thinking of Republican strategists, the entire Obama administration is worthy of a get out the vote drive. I don’t care if it’s IRS, sequester, stimulus, Obamacare, amnesty — the list goes on and on — Benghazi, overall incompetence, no jobs, no prospect for jobs, plummeting dollar, plummeting economy. There are all kinds of opportunities here to gin up Republican turnout!

Now, it’s true that Obamacare was the route of all turnout in 2010, and it is true that the Democrats are trying to limit that turnout being replicated in 2014, but there’s also amnesty over here. There are any number of things. Do you know what the Republicans ought to be doing right now, in my humble opinion? I realize I’m not a trained professional political strategerist, nor am I a trained political consultant like the ones in the last election were.

But here’s what I think I would be doing. This is what I would be advising the party. If Obama is admitting, by virtue of delaying implementation of the employer mandate, that doing so is harmful, can we just repeal the whole thing? Just go for the whole enchilada! Go for the whole banana, whatever! Go for the whole thing. The president of the United States, the Democrat Party is admitting that this thing is harmful.

They’re admitting they didn’t tell the truth about it. They’re admitting that other things they’ve said about this law are not true. If they are having to delay implementation of one of the key ingredients that was gonna be keep premiums down — if they’re having to delay that because it would harm them politically — then what about the rest of this? This is the time to make the case to repeal the entire thing!

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