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RUSH: The media is sorta unbalanced today. They are panicking that the prosecution of George Zimmerman is imploding.

The media is totally invested in George Zimmerman being convicted as a racist “white Hispanic.” They are totally invested, and it looks like the prosecution’s case is just imploding — and, as such, there’s panic now. So much so, ladies and gentlemen, so much so that there is now talk and agitating for race riots. Grab audio sound bite number 12. This is last night on ABC News Nightline. The anchor, Dan Abrams, is interviewing Sanford, Florida, police chief Cecil Smith. The question from Dan Abrams: “If Zimmerman is found not guilty, is your office ready for that?”

SMITH: I believe we have plans that will be able to deal with issues as they arise.

ABRAMS: I assume the worst-case scenario, then, would be riots?

SMITH: Yeah, and I will say it again: You know, we are not talking about riots. We’re talking about rallies. If people choose to come to Sanford and voice their opinions or if they want to come and rally, we welcome that. We want people to have the opportunity to express themselves.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, come on in!

The media guy says (summarized exchange), “Well, obviously you’re talking about riots then?” and the police chief said, “No, no! We’re not talking about riots. We’re talking about rallies. If you want to come in and rally here in Sanford, Florida, why, we’d love to have you! Come on in for the rallies if Zimmerman’s acquitted.” Dan Abrams said, “Well, I mean, worst-case scenario is riots, right?” “Ah, we’re not talking about riots. We’re talking about rallies.” They’re agitating for riots already. The media sees it imploding. So they’re looking for any positive news they can and they’re finding it in Obama delaying the implementation of the best piece of legislation the world has ever known.


RUSH: You know, folks, I’m sitting here, once again, I have been so dumb. I’ve been so gullible and just too trusting. I really thought that one of the reasons that we elected and then reelected Barack Obama was so that there would not be anymore race riots. I thought the election of the first black president would end racial strife, and so did millions of Americans who voted for Obama on that basis. I mean, millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama because they hoped that it meant the end of racism. That if enough people voted for Obama, the conclusion would be there are no racists in America anymore. We have cleansed our souls and we have been absolved of our sins that stem from slavery. And, by golly, you know, it just seems to have gotten worse out there. Isn’t it a shame?

Now we actually have media people agitating for race riots in regard to the George Zimmerman trial because the prosecution in this trial is imploding. We have a media that is totally invested in Zimmerman being found guilty and handing and then electrocuted and then drowned and then shot and then cremated for whatever happened to Trayvon Martin who, if Obama had a son, that’s what he would look like. But I thought that electing Obama and reelecting Obama, none of this was gonna happen anymore. I’m kind of sad, a little letdown. Major disappointment. Such high hopes. I really thought it was gonna be the end to all this.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. We have montage here of media and others sort of realizing that they’re gonna lose the Zimmerman case. So in addition to agitating for riots, the media is suggesting here that maybe get a conviction on a lesser charge. This guy’s gonna get convicted of something, by God, if it’s jaywalking with a racial intent.

PIERS MORGAN: What about manslaughter? What about the possibility that they could convict on a lesser charge?

JUDGE ALEX FERRER: If he gets convicted of manslaughter, it’s actually as bad for him as second degree murder.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: They have a lesser charge there. Manslaughter.

J. CHENEY MASON: A compromise verdict for manslaughter.

TUCKER CARLSON: Why not manslaughter?

CHRISTOPHER DARDEN: Manslaughter. A compromise verdict.

ANDERSON COOPER: Is it possible for the jury to on their own say, “Well we don’t think it’s second degree murder, but manslaughter”?

SUNNY HOSTIN: A lesser included charge which would be manslaughter.

WOLF BLITZER: Maybe better off with manslaughter.

LIS WIEHL: Negligence, a negligent homicide, manslaughter, assault. Something!

RUSH: Isn’t it amazing? Here comes the media begging, “Can we at least do manslaughter? Oh, my God, we’re not gonna get murder one, can we get manslaughter?” This guy’s gotta get convicted of something. We’re too invested in this. And short of a conviction, the media is saying, “Oh, it would be so, so sad if we had riots.” You can see what’s being stoked out there.

Here is Mark Geragos. You may remember the name. He’s been a lawyer on TV for a long time. He’s represented a lot of TMZ type people. He’s represented a lot of people low-information voters follow and know who they are. I don’t remember him. Was Geragos involved in the Michael Jackson trial? You know, I get Geragos confused with Gloria Allred and that whole LA legal bunch out there. Anyway, it’s last night on CNN, self-defense or murder, the George Zimmerman trial. Yes, a CNN special, because the prosecution is imploding. And the legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin and criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos, during a panel discussion about the prosecution strategy, Jeffrey Toobin says, “Why, as a prosecutor, would you call the defendant’s best friend? Why would you do this? Why give the defendant’s best friend a forum to say what a great guy George Zimmerman is? Why would the prosecution do that?”

GERAGOS: They’re throwing the case!

TOOBIN: The interview – Mark, Mark. Oh, stop.

GERAGOS: They’re throwing the case!

TOOBIN: Mark, stop it.

GERAGOS: I know you donÂ’t believe this. (crosstalk)

COOPER: Why would they be throwing the case?

GERAGOS: I honestly believe at this point, after watching the cops do payback and everything else, I really think, and watching the prosecution sit there when Mark OÂ’Mara asks questions that are beyond a reasonable doubt objectionable and they don’t object, they wait until the following day, I think they’ve just decided they’re just going to phone this in. They’re going to lose this and say, “Okay, you guys wanted us to file this case; we filed it.”

RUSH: Can I translate that for you? What Mark Geragos is saying is there never has been a case. Mark Geragos is saying that the prosecution was forced into this by the media, national media, local media, societal pressures, even local media, local law enforcement — well, not so much local law enforcement. But the first state attorney on this case. And Geragos is saying these prosecutors, they don’t have a case, they don’t have a case, so what they’re doing here, they’re phoning it in. They’re gonna lose it, and they’re gonna say, “Look, we didn’t have a case. You wanted us to file a case. There wasn’t a case. We didn’t have a guilty plea here, but you people demanded it, so we’re giving it to you.” And he’s sincere.

Because what’s happening in this case — this witness is just one example. There have been two prosecution witnesses who have been better for Zimmerman than any of the defense witnesses that have been called. It really has been remarkable. There have been two witnesses called by the prosecution which destroyed the prosecution’s case. I’m having a mental block — I can’t remember off the top of my head. So Geragos is saying, look, these guys are not this bad, you know, even small-town prosecutors in Florida are not this bad. They’re phoning it in, they’re doing the best they have because they don’t have a case. They just did this because of the societal pressure and the media pressure. And when it’s all over they’re gonna say, “Hey, look, you wanted us to file it, we filed it. You wanted us to prosecute it, we prosecuted it. But that’s the best we had.”


RUSH: We go to Hanover, Pennsylvania. Amber! Amber, it’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet!

CALLER: It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Amber is one of my all-time, top ten favorite female names.

CALLER: Oh, really?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Wow. Well, I wanted to comment on the George Zimmerman trial. Racism will never die because people won’t let it. The media spins it, our politicians use it, and I think that this trial is a perfect example of that. The prosecution is relying on the racial issue to win this case, because without it they probably will not win the case. And if the jury doesn’t make their decision based on fact and testimony, it’ll just be ridiculous.

RUSH: Let me ask you what you think here. Your assessment here is pretty right on the money, that everybody that made this trial happen did so because they want a statement on race made. They’re willing to have a guy convicted, whether he’s guilty or not, just to make that statement on race.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You’ve got a local sheriff alluding to rallies that people are interpreting as riots. You’ve got the media asking the sheriff about possible riots. So you’ve got agitating for riots. You have an all-white female jury. The case, as it is… Now, nobody can predict a jury, but if you just watch this case, it is abundantly clear that in a sane world, the prosecution doesn’t have a case. The media is even signaling they know this, by asking for lesser charges now to get a conviction.

The media says, “Well, maybe we go to manslaughter, maybe not murder.” They don’t think they’re anywhere near a conviction on murder one here, much less a racial hate crime. If anybody had a crime committed against ’em that got this thing started it was Zimmerman. So you’ve got a six-woman jury. Five of ’em are white, one of them is a “white Hispanic.” She’s the second “white Hispanic” in the country, Zimmerman being the first. Can you imagine the pressures on that jury?

CALLER: Yeah. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.


RUSH: Can you imagine them sitting around there thinking, “What do we do if we acquit? The town’s gonna burn down. People are gonna be bussed in here. Al Sharpton’s gonna ride in on black horse and get everybody all worked up.” I don’t know. You’re right, ’cause the focus of this is race. The media and the American left is invested in a guilty verdict with racial intent. They are totally invested in it. That was the narrative associated with this crime when it was first discovered that Trayvon Martin was black. It’s no different, Amber, than Duke.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You remember the Duke Lacrosse case? You had a black dancer, female dancer, and the rich white lacrosse jocks, and she made these allegations. Faculty at Duke signed this letter demanding these kids be found guilty and get thrown out of school. It turns out the woman was lying about everything, and these young guys had their reputations impugned and destroyed. Nobody cared because the case represented an opportunity for the American left to prove what they claim still exists, that this country is essentially still a slave state.

So that’s what this case represents.

It’s another opportunity to convince people of that, and they’re totally invested in it. You’re absolutely right: It ought to have nothing to do with this, and it didn’t have anything to do with it, according to Zimmerman and according to the cops who were originally there on the scene. The original investigating officers didn’t even charge him with anything, and then the pressure was brought on the local state attorney. She was the first to feel the pressure, she reacted to it, and then the racial ball started rolling, and that was it.

You hit the nail on the head: The race industry never wants a solution.


It’s depressing stuff to think about it, and I don’t blame you.

Amber, thanks for the call.

I really appreciate it.

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