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RUSH: Here is audio of Moochelle Obama in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. You know what this used to be? Dar es Salaam used to be the capital of what? Let’s check your geographic. (interruption) Tanzania, Tanzania. It’s a relatively new country. Dar es Salaam. Do you want to take a shot at it? (interruption) You don’t know what Tanzania used to be? (interruption) No, no. Not Tanganyika. That’s somebody’s daughter. (interruption) No, that’s Zimbabwe is Rhodesia.

Zimbabwe is the former Rhodesia.

Dar es Salaam.

Well, I’ll let people look it up. I can’t be the answer to everything. They have to figure it out on their own at some point. All right, let me ask you a different question. In what African country will you find the city Khartoum? (interruption) Anyway, here is Moochelle Obama. She is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, at the African First Ladies Summit, which is being moderated by Cokie Roberts of ABC News. She’s talking to both First Lady Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, and they were talking about life in the White House.

MICHELLE: There are prison elements to it.

WOMEN: (guffawing)

MICHELLE: But it’s a really nice prison.

LAURA: With a chef.

MICHELLE: You know, you can’t complain.

RUSH: It’s prison, “a really nice prison with a chef…. You really can’t complain.” You know what I think? I think we need a T-shirt perhaps as part of our Club Gitmo line. The “Free Michelle” T-shirt. We need a “Free Michelle” T-shirt within the Club Gitmo line. Consider it early parole. She’s living in a prison, so let’s free her.

Let’s get her out of there on an “early parole.”

That’s what we’ll do. So “Free Michelle” with her picture on the front, if we can legally do that, and then “early parole” on the back. Picture of the White House. That’s what it is. Let’s have a picture of the White House behind bars. The White House behind bars, and Michelle on the top waving with the che — and on the back, “early parole.”

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