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RUSH: “National Football League Says ‘No’ to Promoting Obamacare.” We had a story last week that the Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was gonna lean on the NFL to help them promote Obamacare. Now, the first question is, what do they need help promoting Obamacare for? It’s the law of the land. Well, what that meant was, they wanted the NFL to run TV ads and do whatever else to make you think it’s wonderful, because polling data on Obamacare’s at an all-time low.

We’re down to the forties, maybe the mid-thirties in some polls in the number of people who support it. The opposition to Obamacare is at an all-time high, but it is in the process of being implemented. The regime wants to counter the polling data. They want the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball, anybody they can find to devote time to running commercial broadcast ads on the wonders of Obamacare and how great it’s gonna be for you and how to go to your exchange and how to sign up and how to start saving money and all that blah, blah, blah.

Because even though it’s being implemented, people are right to be highly suspicious of it. And the regime, hey, they have egos. They want you to love what they’re doing. They’re perfectly satisfied that you have to. They are perfectly satisfied that you have been forced into this, but they want you to love it, too, and they want you to love Obama. They want you to believe things that aren’t true in order that you will love them and it.

So they went to the NFL, others asking for help.

“On Friday, Republican leaders in the Senate issued a stern warning to sports organizations not to partner with the White House on an issue marked by such ‘divisiveness and persistent unpopularity.'” Well, the long and short of this is, the NFL finally said (paraphrased), “We’re not gonna do this. We never were gonna do this. We never were gonna respond to Ms. Sebelius.” Now, that’s as of today.

Anything can happen, but as of today, the NFL is saying, “No mas! We’re not gonna be involved.” AP story: “The nation’s librarians will be recruited to help people get signed up for insurance under Obamacare. Up to 17,000 US libraries,” that’s “liberries” for those of you in Rio Linda, “will be part of the effort to get information, crucial computer time to the millions of uninsured Americans who need to get coverage under the law or pay a fine.” So what have we learned lately?

Well, we have learned that the Obamacare exchanges in the states (where everybody is gonna have to go to get insurance if they don’t get it at work) are gonna be run by Democrat operatives. They have been converted into Democrat get-out-the-vote and Democrat voter-registration drives, essentially. That’s what the exchanges provide, in addition to getting your health insurance there.

These places, these exchanges are gonna be run by people from the NAALCP, the Service Employees International Union, the AFL-CIO — and now librarians. Seventeen thousand “liberries” are gonna be part of the effort, the undertaking. Let’s see, what’s the date of this? “The undertaking was announced Sunday in Chicago at the annual conference of the American Library Association, according to federal officials who released the information early to The Associated Press.”

So, in addition to the exchanges, the regime is using public libraries in order to propagandize people and sign ’em up at the exchanges.

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