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RUSH: You know what’s going on over in Egypt is just stunning. Seventeen million people are protesting what they did. How many years ago was it they installed the Muslim Brotherhood? Was it this last year, two years ago? I forgot. It seems like it was last year, but, my gosh, time is flying by. The Arab Spring, whatever it was, 17 million Egyptians. I mean, it is huge, folks. At Breitbart media… You’ve gotta love this. It was 2010, three years ago, the Arab Spring.

The same people who went to the streets to demand change are now in the streets demanding to get rid of what they demand in the first place. The Breitbart.com story on this: “As huge protests against the Muslim Brotherhood-backed government in Egypt have gone on for several days, the crowds have now swelled to an estimated 17,000,000. That’s ‘Seventeen Million’, for those of you in Rio Linda.”

It says that right here in the Breitbart story. So “for those of you in Rio Linda” is now part of the official lexicon on the right. It was the spring of 2010 when it all took place in Egypt, and before it’s all said and done, we’re gonna learn that the CIA started the whole thing and got it going and it was a giant destabilizing operation. You wait; that’s what we’ll hear. I just finished reading a novel all about that, so that’s how I know it’s true.

Well, you people see it in movies.

I read about it in novels.

I just read a novel about this. Well, uh, it’s Brad Thor’s book that comes out in a week, July 9th. It’s Brad Thor’s book. Ah, I’m having a mental block on the title. I’ll get the title in just a second. It’s his book. Basically it’s a great, great thriller about the Federal Reserve. I’m not gonna give the plot away. But in novel, it alleges the CIA did the Arab Spring to destabilize all these Middle Eastern governments.

Because we wanted to basically take a big chunk out of their terrorist machine in the Middle East. I read about it in the book so it’s obviously true. Well, the low-information crowd says they saw it in a movie so it has to be true. I read it in a book; it has to be true. Well, I just read it. Hidden Order! Hidden Order, that’s right. They sent me a PDF. They didn’t even have the electronic book ready yet, so Thor sent me a PDF of Hidden Order, and I just finished reading it.

Now, the Arab Spring’s an ancillary part of it. It’s really a novel, a thriller about the Federal Reserve. It’s got historical data about the Fed and the plot line involves a conspiracy, many conspiracies of the Fed. So, anyway, I’m looking at all these people, 17 million people protesting in Egypt — and essentially they’re protesting what they got! (interruption) July 9th. Yeah, that’s what I said. Why are you writing me a note that reminds me of what I just said? (interruption)

Oh, he didn’t hear me say that? (interruption) You didn’t hear it the part where I said July 9th? Yeah, it’s Hidden Order by Brad Thor. T-h-o-r, for those of you in Rio Linda. Like the Vikings. Now, I’m trying to make a point here about what’s going on in Egypt. They’re protesting Morsi. Morsi is Obama’s guy! Obama loves Morsi. Morsi’s a front for the militant Islamists. He’s a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Which is taking over the Middle East, by the way, in conjunction with Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, and it’s all related to Syria. I mean, this is amazing to watch this. Remember our old buddy Nic Robertson at CNN was over there in the original Arab Spring asking these Egyptians if they had anything wonderful to say and thanks to give to Obama for making all this happen.

He talked to Mustafa, he talked to Achmed, and they’re some of my all-time favorite sound bites. Cookie, grab those bites for me. No hurry. We have the rest of the show. But they’re two or three of my all-time favorite audio sound bites. I just absolutely love them. The Muslim Brotherhood were elected to power almost exactly one year ago, and here now is this giant protest against them.

It’s classic.

Here are the Egyptian people protesting what they advocated for or agitated for, at least that’s the picture.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier, ladies and gentlemen, one of my all-time favorite sound bites: CNN reporter Nic Robertson in Cairo during the Arab Spring in Egypt. This is back in February of 2011. It’s February 11th, to be exact, and I’ve gotta set the stage. The Egyptians have had it with Mubarak, and they want Mubarak out of there. The people of Egypt have taken it upon themselves to do it, and the people of Egypt are in Tahrir Square in great numbers.

They’re protesting, and they’re demanding change, and they’re demanding that Mubarak be sent packing, and they want elections. Now, in the midst of all this — and, remember, the people of Egypt got this started. In the midst of all this, Obama speaks up in favor of it, and in response to questions from journalists Obama says, “Yeah, well, we would really hope that what would take place is new job opportunities for young people, that people get manifest control over their destiny” and so forth and so on.

Obama was a bystander — at least on the surface. Now, it has been alleged in some circles that the Arab Spring was actually a US intel operation. It might have even predated Obama, but it was an intel operation that was designed to sweep aside terrorist regimes and spread democracy. In fact, the learned foreign policy experts in the conservative media were singing the praises of this when it happened, if you recall. I’m not going to mention any names, but they’re called the neocons.

The neocons, oh, they were loving this! They were eating this up. They were loving this. And people like me and others, were very concerned about what was happening. We were warning you, “This is not what it seems,” that this was a play being made by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an extremist group. They are a terrorist group that has managed to manufacture a public image of peace and moderation and all that garbage.

But, in fact, they’re every bit the terrorist group as anybody else is over there. They’re just a front. We were warning everybody. So in the midst of all this, CNN dispatches a reporter named Nic Robertson, and the purpose is to go over to Cairo into Tahrir Square and interview people there and ask them questions so as to be able to do a report that made it look like the whole thing was inspired by Obama.

CNN’s purpose (i.e., Obama’s purpose) was for the audience of CNN to think that the people of Egypt were inspired by Obama. They were inspired by Obama’s campaign. They were inspired by his victory, and they were inspired by his presidency, and they were inspired by him — and they, too, now wanted hope and change, just as Americans had it! So CNN dutifully sends their reporter over, Nic Robertson, and it blew up in his face.

The whole thing… It’s one of the best bites ever. It’s so funny, I love it. It blew up in his face, and yet old Nic — the trooper for Obama that he is, the trooper for CNN that he is — in the face of it blowing up, Nic tells the CNN audience that what they just heard, they didn’t really hear. Here we go with the first sound bite. It’s Nic Robertson speaking with a man named Achmed, talking about the Egyptian anti-government protests and Obama.

ROBERTSON: Achmed, you’ve been here, down here on the Square for many days. The United States and the international community. You’ve just listened to President Obama saying that America will support Egypt if it wants help and assistance, and hopes that there will be a good transition for jobs for the young people. What would be your message for President Obama?

ACHMED: We don’t know, actually, who he supports. He serves for his own purposes, and the Egyptian people serve for our freedom and democracy. Any democratic country should see for the people, not for its own purposes.

RUSH: Okay, I just love it. So here’s the old Nic; he’s down there amongst the protestors at Tahrir Square. They are, in their own minds, protesting for their freedom. They hate Mubarak. They want him gone. The job of CNN is to make it look like all of this has been inspired by Obama. So he goes down there, he goes, “Achmed, what would be your message for President Obama and his stated desire for jobs for the young people? What would your message be for President Obama?

“Achmed, would you like to thank President Obama?” That’s what his really question was: “Achmed, would you like to thank President Obama for your freedom? Would you like to appropriately thank Obama?” and Achmed said, ” We don’t know, actually, who he supports. He serves for his own purposes, and the Egyptian people serve for our freedom and democracy.” So that blew up in Nic’s face. So then he went out, Nic did, and found Mustafa.

ROBERTSON: Mustafa is joining me now. We just heard President Obama say that he wants to extend, eh, support and assistance to Egypt and Egyptians if they want any, and he hopes that there are more jobs for the young people in the future. What’s your message for President Obama?

MUSTAFA: Well, my message to President Obama is just, “We started this revolution without any outside help, and we are going to finish it also without any outside help.”

RUSH: So after Achmed blew up in Nic’s face, he walks down the street, finds Mustafa. “Mustafa, your protesting for your freedom. What would you like to say to President Obama to thank him for your freedom? What would you like to say to President Obama to thank him for the idea here that you have in protesting?” And Mustafa bombs out. “Well, my message to President Obama is just, ‘We started this revolution without any outside help, and we are going to finish it also without any outside help.'” We don’t need Obama.

But Nic was undeterred! He stuck with Mustafa. I think Nic realized that no matter who he talked to, he wasn’t gonna find anybody that was gonna end up praising Obama for this. So he stuck with Mustafa, giving it one more chance.

ROBERTSON: Are you pleased that President Obama has come out, however, now and said he supports this change and supports the people and supports the young people and — and what they’ve done?

MUSTAFA: Well, actually President Obama’s views were kind of conflicting during the last week, but now he’s saying that he’s supporting the change.

RUSH: Well, actually we don’t know what the hell Obama’s thinking. He’s saying everything differently every day, Nic. Now, as far as everybody knows, here are these people, and they are in the tens of thousands at Tahrir Square, and they’re protesting their own government and they’re demanding their freedom — and here’s a reporter from CNN, just determined to make it about Barack Obama. He’s just determined, as though these people wouldn’t be risking anything were it not for Obama.

So Nic, you’ve heard him now with Achmed, and you’ve heard him with Mustafa, and you’ve heard both of them basically tell him he’s full of it. Now it’s time for Nic, in State-Run Media fashion, to sum up what the viewers of CNN just saw…

ROBERTSON: The view from here is one of very happy to now hear that President Obama has swung behind the people.

RUSH: No, Nic reports, “The view from here is one of very happy to now hear that President Obama has swung behind the people.” No, the view there is that Obama was irrelevant to all of it! So even after Achmed and Mustafa blew up on Nic Robertson, Nic still had to point out that, “The view from here is one of very happy to now hear that President Obama has swung behind the people.”

And, of course, that was a big concession because that report was supposed to be about how the people had swung behind Obama. Those remain some of my all-time favorite sound bites, folks. Those sound bites are, in their own way, like the Ron Brown memorial video and Bill Clinton, where Clinton’s walking along, laughing it up with Tony Campolo, a preacher from Pennsylvania. They’re walking into the Ron Brown memorial, a former Clinton administration figure killed in Bosnia somewhere, a plane crash.

They’re laughing it up, and Campolo’s telling Clinton a joke, and Clinton’s laughing. But then Clinton sees the camera, and in a half a step starts faking crying and wiping away a tear. Inn half a step! Campolo doesn’t see the camera. He keeps laughing and yukking it up, while Clinton fakes crying, in half a step. Well, Nic Robertson is my own version. It’s Nic Robertson’s version of the Clinton at the Ron Brown memorial.

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