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RUSH: From the Philadelphia Inquirer: Former Florida governor, and touted potential Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, is to present the Liberty Medal to Hillary Rodham Clinton. “Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the 2013 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Jeb Bush, the chairman of the Constitution Center, will present the award to Clinton at a ceremony scheduled for September 10.” By the way, that is the day before the one-year anniversary of Benghazi.

Now, you see a story like this and you say, “What in the name of Sam Hill…?” It’s bad enough the woman is getting this award. The Liberty Medal? She’s getting this award because she’s a good liberal, and then to find out that someone who is touted as a Republican presidential candidate is going to be presenting it to her because he runs this organization? (sigh) “Well, of course, this will make the Democrats like us! You know, women will have a greater appreciation for Republicans now that Jeb’s in the news!”

That’s the thinking.

“Both Clinton and Bush are potential contenders in the 2016 presidential elections, for opposing parties. But in a statement, the GOP’s Bush only accentuated the positive. ‘Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to'” defending her president from bimbo eruptions after… Oops! Wrong one. “Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to” covering up what really happened in Benghazi where four Americans are dead in a night of anguish brought about by the total incompetence of the State Department…

No, no. I’m still reading the wrong thing. Here it is: “Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to” attempting to take over one-sixth of the US economy and nationalize health care, resulting in rising prices and less coverage and… Ahem. Still the wrong one. “Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to” making sure that her husband was never damaged by any of the many affairs and disrespectful behaviors he engaged in to her… Sorry. I’m having trouble getting to the… (sigh)

Let’s see. “‘Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,’ said Bush… ‘These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this yearÂ’s Liberty Medal.'” This is the kind of stuff that causes my friend I was talking about in the first hour to think the Republican Party has been infiltrated. “Tickets for the general public,” who can’t wait to attend this awards ceremony, “will be made available in August.

“Details will be released next month, a Constitution Center spokeswoman said. The Liberty Medal was established in 1988 to commemorate the bicentennial of the US Constitution. Previous recipients include former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, U2 frontman Bono, filmmaker Steven Spielberg and Nelson Mandela.” Of course there are other winners of the medals. Muhammad Ali won last year. The first one was Lech Walesa, then Jimmy Carter.

Also Thurogood Marshall, Nelson Mandela & F.W. de Klerk, then Vaclav Havel, Sadako Ogata, King Hussein & Shimon Peres. Then CNN International got it, a network. George Mitchell in 1998, Kim Dae-jung in 1999, James Watson & Francis Crick in 2000, Kofi Annan in 2001, Colin Powell in 2002, Sandra Day O’Connor in 2003, Hamid Harzai in 2004, Viktor Yushchenko in 2005… Viktor Yushchenko? Viktor? (interruption) The who revolution? (interruption) The Orange Revolution? Viktor Yushchenko?

Was this the guy poisoned by Putin in London with Plutonium 238 who died in the hospital, or am I confusing him with a different guy? That might have been Alexander Litvinenko, a different guy. I was right! That was another guy. This is the former Ukrainian president. This is the guy with the sandpaper face. Yep. Viktor Yushchenko. George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton got it in 2006. Bono and DATA (whoever they are) in 2007. Gorbachev? (Singing the Darth Vader theme) Gorbachev got it in 2008.

(interruption) There are no conservatives on this list.

Well, Lech Walesa, the first one, was a foreign conservative. I don’t see a conservative. (interruption) Viktor Yushchenko? No, no. (interruption) George H. W. Bush? No, I wouldn’t call him a conservative. There isn’t one on here. There isn’t one on there. (interruption) Well, it’s not that conservatives hate liberty. It’s just that they don’t deserve any awards for anything. Okay. So Jeb is going to give it to Hillary — and if you’re interested, tickets will be going on sale in August.

I don’t know how much they are going to cost.

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