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RUSH: Here’s Jeff in Coldwater, Michigan. Jeff, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you doing? It’s nice to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, I’ve been soaking up an EIB education like a sponge for going on 20 years.

RUSH: Well!

CALLER: And, you know, I gotta tell you: I’ve learned something. I’ve learned a thing or two about these liberals, and I think I know where this gay marriage issue is going in America. I know it sounds horrifying but I believe this is what’s gonna happen: We’re gonna have radical states, like Massachusetts or whatever, and their legislature is going to enact legislation which says that they will not recognize heterosexual marriage from some other state who does not recognize homosexual marriage.

RUSH: Yeah. Good. Good. Good student.

CALLER: I honestly believe this is gonna happen.

RUSH: This is a great institute, the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. This is indeed possible. A radical state, in order to illustrate something and to facilitate something, says, “Okay, fine. We’re not gonna recognize the heterosexual marriages of people outside of Massachusetts from a state that will not approve gay marriage.”

CALLER: I believe it because they are totally intolerant of any dissent. Politics is a blood sport to these people. The issues are a blood sport. I mean, I know that’s where we’re going.

RUSH: You’re right. I saw a poll. I don’t remember where I saw it. I didn’t print it out. It was just in my scattershot reading today. I don’t remember the name of the poll, but I read it. It seemed like it was something that I would trust. Twenty-six percent of Democrats in this poll identified conservatives as the number one terror threat facing America. I was surprised it was that low, because I believe that most liberals actually look at Republicans and conservatives as full-fledged, real — not just political, but real — enemies.

Enemies of what they want. Enemies of what they think is right. Real enemies. Not opponents. Not people that are to be defeated in debate. We’re not supposed to be defeated and have people persuaded that we’re wrong. We are to be eliminated as a legitimate opposition. That’s Obama’s modus operandi. Obama doesn’t want to debate anybody. Obama doesn’t want to triumph in a contest of ideas.

He just doesn’t want there to be any opposing ideas.

If there are opposing ideas, he wants the people who hold them to be totally discredited and impugned to the point they’re all thought of as kooks and crazies and hayseeds that nobody’s gonna believe, anyway. That’s how the left operates. You know it and I know it. That’s why we’re so frustrated with a Republican Party trying to make peace, trying to be bipartisan, trying to go along with Democrats, trying to make them understand and like us, trying to make them understand that we’re not what they say we are.

There is no area of commonality. There’s no overlap of anything in common here. So the idea bipartisanship I don’t even think it’s possible because we don’t have anything in common or very little on things that matter. The radical extremists of American liberalism are running the show and are defining what is the mainstream of the American left. The radical extremists have become the mainstream, and they run the Democrat Party and everything else.

They’re not interested in winning a debate.

They’re not interested in persuading other people that they’re right.

Their whole modus operandi is to one of two things: Get rid of all opposition, or so impugn and mischaracterize people who oppose them that they’re all thought of as racists, sexists, bigots, kooks, freaks (you name it) that nobody would take seriously anyway. They want to ban programs they don’t like. They lead boycotts, all kinds of things. They’re not interested bipartisanship; they’re not interested in cooperation, not interested in coming to a common agreement on issue after issue after issue.

And since Obama was elected, the pretense of that is gone. There used to be a pretense that they were of that stripe, that they were interested in having civil debates and persuading people who disagreed with them that they’re right and winning mandates in that regard. Ever since Obama’s victory, that’s all out the window. That doesn’t matter. Now it’s just eliminate — and I don’t mean kill. I’m just talking about eliminate, as a viable opposition, anything to do or anyone that threatens them. They are threatened — I mean, really threatened — by people that disagree with ’em.

That constitutes a major threat to them, not a problem.

We’re not something to be overcome. It is a real threat. So when I see a poll that says 26% of Democrats consider conservatives to be the number one terror threat facing the country, I actually am surprised it’s not higher than that.


RUSH: It was a Rasmussen Reports telephone survey and it was that 26% of Obama supporters view the Tea Party as the nation’s top terror threat. Honestly. Rasmussen. I’m surprised it’s not higher than that. Twenty-six percent of Obama supporters view the Tea Party as the top terror threat.

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